The Audience Building Hamster Wheel & Customer First Business Examples

Last week, as a closure of the ActiveGrowth Podcast launch day, we held a live webinar to answer your questions about the podcast and the topic that we choose for our first three episodes: why you should quit chasing traffic and focus on getting your first customer instead.

Based on all the questions and feedback we got, we decided to record a 4th episode as part of the "Forget Traffic!" series.

We noticed that there's some resistance to the idea of going customer first (even though "get paid sooner!" should be pretty appealing) and we address that in today's episode.

We also walk through several practical examples and case studies on how the customer first approach can work even for the less typical business models. 


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In This Episode, You'll Discover:

  • ​What video games and chasing traffic have in common
  • Why the customer first approach can be unattractive at first glance
  • The "selfie-problem" or why we shy away from building a real business in a world of Instagram and YouTube starlets.
  • How to quit feeling resistant and procrastinating for the wrong reason
  • How starting with simple coaching sessions can help you create your e-course
  • If you have a legitimate reason to not go after your first customer - or if it's just fear... 
  • Business examples that go beyond the typical online info product selling
  • How even a vegan chef, a newbie tattoo artist or a martial arts sensei can get their first customer without trying to drive traffic to their websites first. 
  • How to launch a podcast and start earning money with it before you spend too much time on recording episodes.


Here are a few resources mentioned in the podcast and stories related to the topic:

    Is The Customer First Approach For You?

    We would love to hear your opinion about this topic! Share with us what kind of business you have and whether you think the customer first approach is going to work for your business. What would you like to learn about in upcoming episodes?

    Please let us know by joining the conversation in the comments section below or leaving an audio message here:​ 

    Thanks for listening in - see you in the next episode! 

    About the Author Alexandra Kozma

    Alexandra is a traveling marketer. When she is not editing podcast calls or writing blog posts, she's out there exploring a new city. She helps Hungarians become digital nomads.