Shane’s Recommended Online Marketing Tools

I love technology and gadgets, so tools for creating, running and growing an online business have long been an obsession of mine. Below, you'll find my recommended stacks for various purposes and stages of your business. What is a stack? It's a set of tools that you need, all for the same purpose and all chosen to work well with each other.

Basic Website Stack

This is everything you need to even be admitted to the game of online business. Before you've got this set up, don't even think of doing anything else.

Conversion Stack

Once you have a website set up, one of the most important steps is to put some lead generation in place. Here's what you need to start building an audience in the form of a mailing list. Plus, further tools that will help you create a conversion focused website.

Marketing Stack

Tools that make you and your marketing team better at research and at creating effective marketing material.

Productivity Stack

These are the tools you need to get work done online, efficiently and effectively.

Digital Product Stack (Work in Progress)

These tools will help you set up a value based business, in which you sell digital products, services or memberships to your customers.

Note: this section is a work in progress. All the tools listed below are competent, but "best in class" recommendations may change in the near future.

Teamwork Stack

Here are some indispensably useful tools for when you start working with a small team (whether remote or on location). What stays the same is my recommendation for Trello - it's equally useful for small teams and for solo work.

Books That Will Make You a Better Entrepreneur

Books aren't as sexy as the latest new app that promises to run your business for you. In practice, though, I've gotten far more value out of the books I've read than out of all the tools I've ever used, combined. It's insane how much value you can get for a fistful of dollars, from books. Here are what I consider the cream of the crop, when it comes to books that will make you a more effective entrepreneur and leader:

Books That Will Make You a Better Person

The following books aren't directly about entrepreneurship, but they will help you cultivate the mindset, habits and character traits that will make you more effective, more productive and better overall.