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In the online marketing space, there are hundreds of tools & apps. All of them promise to save you hours of time, automate your business processes and bring you more traffic and conversions than you can handle. Of course, the reality is usually quite disappointing, when compared to these grand promises. Here, you'll find the tools that have served me best in years of online marketing and my best advice for how to use them.

On ActiveGrowth, you'll discover reviews of the most important online marketing tools, tutorials on how to use them and articles that help you get more traffic & increase your conversions.

Online Marketing Tools: Blessing & Curse

Marketing tools are great to write about, on a website like this. Tools and software are "sexy" and everyone wants to learn about and use the best, most efficient or most bang-for-your-buck tools.

But while using the right tools is important, there's also a danger to all this: tools & apps can easily become a distraction. Buying a new piece of software, changing over from the old app to the new app, researching and comparing cutting edge tools - this can all feel like important work... without really moving the needle for our business.

I speak from experience, here: I love researching and testing marketing tools. I'm also a bit of a gadget-head and can spend unreasonable amounts of time comparing laptop models or reading up on new camera gear.

In other words: I have the bright-shiny-object syndrome as well and it's something I actively need to keep in check.

The What & The How

Because of this problem, you'll find that on ActiveGrowth, the topic of tools & software is handled unconventionally.

  1. In my reviews, I put a heavy emphasis on real-world use case testing. I'm not interested in just comparing features, I'm interested in how an app will help me do a high-leverage, real world task.
  2. I provide tutorials and recommendations for how to use marketing software. Often, how you use something makes more of a difference than what exactly you use.

It's not my goal to review all marketing software comprehensively. I focus mainly on tools that make the greatest difference in my own marketing work, such as email marketing tools, webinar software and anything related to video marketing.

Brutal Honesty

In my product reviews, I'm brutally honest. When I review something that has an affiliate program, I always use affiliate links, which means I can earn a commission whenever someone makes a purchase through my link.

BUT... that has not stopped me from being highly critical in my reviews. In fact, over the years, there have been far more tools that I didn't recommend than tools that I did. I have high standards and I'm a merciless critic.

Affiliate commissions are nice to get, but they aren't anywhere near my main income source. I'm a marketer and product creator first and a product reviewer second. This has given me the freedom to be totally honest and straightforward in all of my reviews, even if it means leaving $$$ on the table by warning people against a tool with juicy affiliate payouts.

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