Introducing the ActiveGrowth Podcast: Not Just Another Internet Marketing Podcast

June 26, 2017 - 55 Comments

Welcome to the intro episode of our new ActiveGrowth podcast!

We've been hard at work this year creating a totally different kind of internet marketing podcast to go along with the new ActiveGrowth brand.

You see, podcasts are great, but we're fed up with how they all follow the same passive consumption formula. Interview a different expert each week, ask the same questions, have the expert give a short pitch for their new book or whatever.

Rinse and repeat, forever, across more podcasts than you can shake a stick at.

So we asked ourselves: can we do something completely different and still succeed?

Well, that's what we're going to find out...


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Podcast Transcript

Enter the ActiveGrowth Podcast Launch Experiment

Here at ActiveGrowth, we love using challenges as a way to learn important lessons for our followers and businesses so we decided to turn our podcast launch into an experiment.

As you might imagine, we're shamelessly trying to vault the podcast into the New & Noteworthy section of iTunes against much larger players in the internet marketing space. The experiment is to see if we can actually do it!

As a supporter of ActiveGrowth, you can join our team by signing up here for the Podcast Launch Party and AMA webinar with Shane on the podcast launch day – Monday, June 26th.

If you're reading this post launch party, you can still help us out by downloading all of our available iTunes podcast episodes, giving them a listen, leaving an honest review and sharing it with your friends...but only if you want to ;-)

Setting the Stage for a New Kind of Podcast

In Episode 0, we introduce what's behind our drive to create a new type of internet marketing podcast along with our goals for what we want to achieve with it:

  • Can podcast consumption transition from passive, morning commute entertainment to action focused content?
  • Can we start an immediate 2-way feedback loop with you, the ActiveGrowth audience? Creating great products – including podcasts – is all about gaining valuable insights from customers as quickly as possible.
  • Can we identify the subjects most crucial to entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs and internet marketers in order deep dive into those topics with multi-episode series? The last thing we want to produce is another surface level podcast that addresses the why to do something, but never the how.

Do you have any comments, ideas or feedback about the podcast and what you'd like to discuss in upcoming episodes?

If so, let us know by leaving a comment below!​

See you in the next episode,

The ActiveGrowth Team​

P.S.: If you want to get started listening to our first podcast mini-series called Forget Traffic!, check out the show notes page for it here!

About ​Matt Totten

Matt's a geologist turned online marketer and digital nomad. He's a Modern Manimal on a mission to cultivate a high-tech, hunter-gatherer lifestyle within our exceedingly domesticated world. When away from his tech, you can find him studying complex human movement through random play or practices like Aikido, AcroYoga and Barefoot Running.

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  • Good luck with your new podcast! I love you guys and will listen to every episode.

  • Been looking forward to this for ages, but link doesn’t work for Overcast on IOS.

    Can’t find you in the directory?

    Any chance you could check please, as want to get on this ASAP

    Cheers& good luck!

  • Sweet. Looking forward to this developing. I already subscribed on iTunes and plopped a 5-star review on there!

    So far, I like the podcast trajectory.

    • Ach so! I forgot to ask: why SoundCloud (as opposed to self host or libsyn)?

      • We’re using Libsyn to host the podcast. I’m using the SoundCloud player because I think it’s quite a nice player and it has an integrated download feature.

        I’m not married to it, though. We may replace it with something else in the future.

  • Great to see the new ActiveGrowth and looking forward to a breath of fresh air in podcasts! I’m sure it’ll be up to your usual high standards! Best of luck with the experiment!

  • Congrats! The new brand podcast is looking great so far!

  • Do you have any suggestions and /or strategies for organizing all of the landing pages and offers and email drip campaigns, when one starts creating the smart links and lots of pages… I just get overwhelmed. Soo overwhelmed… do you name your offers? And name your Pages so they are easily managed?? Thanks soo much!

    • That’s a great question, Samantha.

      So, I have somewhat of a system for organizing all that stuff, but I have to admit that it’s far from perfect. It is indeed difficult to stay on top of all that stuff, as you build our your site and offers etc.

      Something I’ll have to think about some more.

  • karl feneiche says:

    Amidst all the regular internet marketing “mumbo-jumbo”, please do not forget to make it a fun and gratifying experience to follow along.
    Looking forward…. #ActiveGrowth

    • Are you saying I’m not naturally fun and charming? :P

      Joking aside, we’ll do our best to keep the podcast interesting and worthwhile to listen to. :)

  • Hey, Shane and Hanne
    This is great! I think you hit the nail i.e. normal podcasts are one way…
    Love the ability and choice to comment, rant, rave, whatever…
    AND know it will be read, unlike many others…

    Listening to #1…ATM

    • Hanne Vervaeck says:

      We’re all about ranting and raving, Sherwood :)

  • Excited to see how #ActiveGrowth is going to evolve – have already listened to the first couple of podcasts, subscribed and left a review. You are keeping it real – Keeping it practical and Giving Value – Thank you :)

  • I forgot to ask – we are working primarily with charities and community projects in the UK and our aim is to get them to take action to add their details to an ‘Interactive Community Map’ (for free) – I am struggling with getting the steps right to get them to take action – any suggestions, thoughts, etc?

    We would be happy to be a case study if you would like :)

    In Gratitude – Jaki :)

    • You describe an interesting problem. What comes to mind right away is that you need a better elevator pitch. If I was one of your prospects, I wouldn’t get excited about “adding my details to an interactive community map”. I don’t know what that’s for or what’s in it for me.

      So, I think on the podcast, we need to talk about how to sell/pitch intangible products at some point and hopefully, those lessons will apply for you as well.

  • I am used to both your voices from ThriveThemes videos, so it is pleasant to have a podcast where I feel I know the speakers. Personally I like the ‘passive’ podcast because I am often doing boring stuff on my site and am not looking to be challenged. I prefer to be challenged on a video because my attention is totally focused then.
    But let’s see how it goes. You have both already taught me so much that I am game to try whatever you suggest.

    • Thank you for your comment, Sheila!

      You make a fair point. I can see the use for this kind of passive/distraction podcast as well. But I hope we can make something that’s more useful on a practical level, too. I’d love to get feedback from you on this, once you’ve heard a few of our episodes. :)

  • Hello
    Great idea ! I am at the beginning of my journey with online business and hope this podcast will be very useful for me.
    Best regards

    • czesz, Wojtek! I misheard Shane during the webinar and thought he was trying to say Wojczech… I told him Voy-check….


      Shane — it’s voy-tech sorry I told you wrong on the webinar comments!!!

      • Haha, no worries at all, John! I think my pronunciation was beyond saving, anyway. :)

    • Thank you, Wojtek! Super happy to have you on board.

      Also, sorry for repeatedly mangling your name during the webinar…

  • AWesome. I totally agree about the fomulaic podcasts in the internet marketing realm. I stopped listening as they got boring, full of pitches and all around not really of any use. Thank you for treating the subjects we request and doing so in a way that makes sense and steps we can apply.

    • Thanks for your comment, Ali. I hope we can really provide something different with the ActiveGrowth podcast. We’re certainly not about to do any formulaic pitch-fests. :D

  • As usual you have an excellent “nose” for what needs to be talked about. In my case that would be actually getting products out there. So I will be looking forward to upcoming podcasts.

    • Thank you, Paul. We will definitely have a lot to say about getting products out there. :)

  • I stopped listening to most podcasts for the same reasons.

    Really looking forward to listening to the first few episodes guys.

    Shane and Hannah – when we get a chance to meet, I’ll definitely buy you a green smoothie or a beer :P

    • Thank you, Tung! We’ll definitely keep away from the “guest of the week” formula and I hope you’ll find our podcast more interesting and useful.

  • Great first start Shane and Hanne, looking forward to listening to the other casts. We love your thrive products! :)

  • Hi Shane,
    I’m a user of Thrive products and I’m so glad someone has the guts to produce a podcast of a different format. I’ve listened to the first episode and I’m thrill to listen to the rest and follow all your future episodes.
    Thank you and looking for to interact with your podcast.

    • Thank you, Wiki! It’s great to know that our idea resonates with you (and that it’s not just us who are fed up with the same old podcast format). :)

  • I think you nailed it! I loved the zero podcast and am looking forward to hearing more. You wanted feedback? Getting launched doing online classes can be overwhelming. How about a podcast on identifying priorities for the structure that needs to be in place before you go live? What those steps or items should be so nothing serious falls through the cracks. Thanks.

    • Thank you for your encouraging feedback, Trish!

      A product launch can indeed be overwhelming. I like your topic suggestion and will add it to our project list. :)

  • It’d be great if you can submit the podcast to Google Play so I can subscribe there. It’s super easy and will probably get approved in a day or so (I did it for my podcast last week).

  • Karen McCamy says:

    Love the format & concept! Shane, everything you produce is so extemely valuable! I’m sure these wil be also! I started “backwards” and listened to the “mix-up” one first…so I just caught your introduction. ;-)

    2 comments more:

    #1: Shane, the “rehashed content” not only extends to podcasts, but also to website articles in general! I get the same topics from the few email newsletters I still receive (except Thrive & ActiveGrowth)! “How to write headlines,” “how to increase traffic,” “how to make your content go viral”… What you’ve said about not knowing which podcast you are listening to could be said about blog posts as well…and these are from BIG companies! They all just seem to copy each other! Same topics, slightly different verbiage…

    #2: Yours are the ONLY webinars I ever watch..and all the way through! I have the very same feeling about your podcasts! You never waste my time with 10-15 minutes of “intro” and useless conversation… You get right to the point and all the information is incredibly useful…

    The concept of “deep dives” is great… Only you could figure out a way to make podcasts a true “dialogue!” ;-) LoL!

    I have subscribed on SoundCloud because the UI was better… (Hate iTunes and Stitcher was difficult just to create a new account!)
    Huge fan of all things Thrive! Wish I had found you years ago!



    • Thank you for your comment, Karen!

      This is very encouraging feedback, thank you very much for this! It’s an interesting point you make about blog content. I don’t follow any blogs regularly anymore, I only check in every once in a while. I think it’s in part because of what you describe: content often feels generic and samey. Also, a lot of content that’s published simply doesn’t serve my business goals. I don’t give a hoot about how to grow my Instagram followers or how to get more traffic or many of the other typically trending topics, because I’ve built my business around different goals and KPIs.

      Anyway, I’m happy that you’ve enjoyed the content so far and I hope we’ll be able to continue to delight you with what we have coming, on the podcast.

      • Karen M McCamy says:

        I’m **sure** you will continue to delight and educate me, Shane!

        As I’ve said in comments on other threads (both here and on Thrive), your emails are the ones I rush to open immediately, knowing I will learn something useful! Like someone else wrote in their comments here, your emails (& now podcasts) are like Christmas presents every time I receive them! No exaggeration!

        I am a huge Thrive team / Shane fangirl! ;-) I’m even thinking of *requiring* my clients (I teach WordPress) to purchase the entire Thrive package of tools! ☺

      • Thank you very much, Karen. I appreciate your support very much.

  • Early listener. Love the podcast. We are a sourcing agency specializing in electronics, photonics and hardware sourced from China. Other than guides for customers on finding the best suppliers and avoiding scams (which we offer for free), I cannot come up with a “customer first” idea. Help!

    • Hello Florence,

      This sounds like a B2B product. If that’s the case, then “customer first” can be interpreted to mean “sales first”. Before you even full define your product, you need to know what problems you can solve and what businesses have those problems. What business is perfectly positioned to benefit from what you offer?

      Then, it’s time to get on the phone or hit the road. The first thing you need to do is have an effective sales process. You need to know whom to reach out to, how to reach them, how to get them to schedule a call with you, how to explain your offer to them, how to customize it to suit their needs etc. Through the sales process, you can refine your offer and when it starts working really well, you can start adding marketing to the mix.

  • Gotta say… Loving the podcast so far. I’ve always just thought of myself as someone who “doesn’t like podcasts,” for the very reasons you listed here, and have always leaned towards audiobooks as a consequence.

    But I’ve really enjoyed the few episodes I’ve listened to of yours so far — it’s been really great having actionable bits of information. I feel like I’ve already had some very tangible take-aways that I’m applying to my biz.

    Glad my gf kept encouraging me to listen ’til I finally broke and gave it a go. :P

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