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April 15, 2019 - 9 Comments

Entrepreneurs are all about growth, grinding and hustle. We want to get more done, faster. Work harder than anyone we know. We're inspired by mentors, gurus and influencers who "made it" and want to model exactly what they do to be even more productive and grow even faster.

It's pretty hard to get more than 24 hours in a day, so we look for ways to use even more of those 24 hours for hustling. Because that's what an entrepreneur does, right? No time for slacking off!

It's only natural that we're trying to save time on an activity that normally takes 7-8 hours every day: sleeping.

The less we sleep, the prouder we are of ourselves and feel superior to others who are so lazy that they spend 8 hours in bed and wake up after sunrise. We love complaining about being tired and needing coffee, as this is another way to prove to our peers that we're real grinders. We compensate with 20-minute power naps to get through the day, and we believe that it's worth as much as a good night's sleep.

But here's the thing: you can't 80/20 your sleep. 

In this episode, we explore why sleep is more important for entrepreneurs than most people think, how even mild sleep deprivation can affect your performance, why waking up early can be counterproductive and how to get a better quality, more restful sleep that's most ideal for your mind and body.

Listen in! 


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Episode Transcript

What You'll Discover in this Episode:

  • Why waking up earlier is a terrible advice for productivity and performance.
  • Less sleep, more time for work? How sleep affects every area of your life and why you should get more of it.
  • The real cost of long-term sleep deprivation: this is what you've been ignoring!
  • What are chronotypes and why they matter for your daily routine and productivity.
  • Tools to help you figure out how much sleep you actually need and what time you should wake up.
  • What happens to your brain while you're asleep?
  • The truth about power naps: can they make up for bad quality sleep?
  • How to fall asleep faster and get a deeper, more quality sleep at night. 


What's Your Excuse For Not Sleeping Enough?

Do you ever compromise on sleep to get more hours of work done? Do you treat sleep as a priority? What's your experience with sleep deprivation and productivity? 

Let us know in the comments below!

As always, we'd love your feedback, questions, tips and stories. You can leave them in the comments section or leave us a voice message by hitting the "Start recording" button below:

See you soon with another episode!

About ​Alexandra Kozma

Alexandra is a traveling marketer. When she is not editing podcast episodes or writing blog posts, she's out there exploring a new city. She's the creator of the Morning Mindset daily mindfulness journal.

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  • Totally see your point. I personally like to get up early to design my day because if I don’t other people’s agenda creeps into mine.

    BTW, NOT impressed with your Mac Lethal video. He is acting like a prick! Saying that Mac Lethal agrees with your point of view does NOT give you credibility. Poor choice in my opinion.

    • It’s nice to have undisturbed time, yes.

      Regarding Mac Lethal: do you mean in general or in this specific video? I don’t know much about him, but I think the song is amusing. I’m not quoting him as a credible source, if that’s what you mean. :D

    • Yes! I love waking up before the rest of the world wakes up. It is so peaceful. I also loved walking through NYC early in the morning to see the city wake up. There is something extremely precious about that time of day.

      And of course one can get a lot of uninterrupted work done, too. :-) I used to love being the first in the office and having that extra half hour to myself. Mute point now as I am working from home … but that used to be so nice.

  • I have MS and pain causes my sleep to be erratic, at best. I have problems with concentration and focus. On the nights I do get close to enough sleep my wife says I’m a different person. The brain lights up like a carnival on a summer night. You could not be more correct about the effects of sleep deprivation!

  • Hey Shane, once again a super interesting podcast. Quick question to you: In your research have you come across the impact of split sleep?

    What I mean is someone (ok. me :-) ) who gets up by alarm clock at 4:30, to feed the animals just before sunrise ( yes, I have a somewhat weird life :-) ). I go back to bed about 30 min later and sleep for another couple of hours until I wake up naturally.

    In sum I do get 7-8 hours of sleep. (if I sleep longer I wake up with nasty headaches … so too much sleep is not good either)

    I’d be very interested in your thoughts on this. :-)

    It just does not seem very practical – or enticing – to go to bed at 9 pm to get the whole 7-8 hours in one stretch …

    BTW my sleep schedule is only like that in the summer when it gets light this early. During the rest of the year when sunrise is later, I wake up without an alarm, because I am a natural early riser.

    Thanks, Ann.

    • Thanks for your comment, Ann!

      Biphasic sleep is very common in humans who aren’t in a 9-5 work culture. If you remove all artificial light and alarm clocks from people’s lives, many will fall into a biphasic sleep schedule, too. So in principle, there’s no downside to getting the sleep you need in more than one session.

      From what you describe, the only potential issue is the alarm. That could interrupt an important sleep phase. But if it’s a regular wake time, your body has probable adapted to it.

      • Thank you Shane. Biphasic sleep … like sleep plus Siesta …

        My wake-up time is moved forward/backward in 10 min intervals depending on sunrise over the course of the year. Maybe I should try keeping it static.

        Need to experiment with this …

        Off to take a nap (Power nap of course :-P) …

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