Free Traffic: The Hero Outreach Method

December 13, 2018 - 4 Comments

In our previous ActiveGrowth podcast episode, we had a chat with Tim Soulo from Ahrefs about the importance of SEO and knowing your potential customers to increase your website traffic without spending much on it. 

You learned that SEO doesn't exclusively happen on your own website: to get quality backlinks and reach more people, you should get featured on other channels. And to make it happen, you need to start doing outreach.

Today, we brought to you Colin Shipp, networking, PR and outreach expert, to dive deeper into effective targeting and outreach. You'll learn how to do your research, reach out to the right people and get the "yes" you need to get more traffic, customers and quality relationships that will help you level up your business. 

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Episode Transcript

What You'll Discover in this Episode:

  • What a hero list is and why you need to put one together before you start reaching out to anyone. 
  • Why you need a hundred items on this list and how exactly you can find quality candidates.
  • Not everyone responds to emails. How to find the right person to contact and their preferred way to communicate?
  • Avoid generic, copy-paste outreach emails. Colin will share his method for making his emails personal and specific
  • How to apply your copywriting skills to your outreach emails and what to say in the first email.
  • How to follow up when nobody gets back to your first email? 
  • Why most outreach emails suck and never get opened.
  • How to write an email even busy people will have time to read? 
  • How to build mutually beneficial relationships and provide value to the people you reach out to.
  • Why it doesn't matter if you get features and nobody cares


Are You Doing Outreach?

What's your experience with reaching out to other websites and influencers? Have you been doing it? Do you normally hear back from people? What are your experiences and thoughts about this topic?

Let us know in the comments below!

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  • I’ve heard a lot about this type of outreach over the past year or so and it’s definitely a lot of work, as Colin says.

    I get lots of these emails trying to “stroke my ego” and none has ever succeeded because I think “right, they’re just trying to follow this formula …

    The problem, I think, is that there is so much more involved here than people realise:
    – You need *great* copywriting skills. Cold emailing is almost a whole industry in itself.
    – You need to really find the right person
    – You need to find what really, really makes them tick. So, for example, finding someone who “does WordPress maintenance” will not work (on me). It would have to be “someone who does WordPress maintenance for non-techie green or conscious business owners and who hates conventional manipulative marketing.” That’s a huge difference and involves a huge amount of extra work that most just won’t do.
    – You need to give a *lot*! It’s not a simple task to prove to someone that you aren’t just after something like a link or other exposure.

    For these reasons I can see this strategy will be used more and more but mostly by people who fail to go as far as they need with it to make it work.

  • On two different strategies…

    Would it help SEO if I hire a blogger with good reputation in my area to write about and link to my on-line course page?

    And what about if we agree on both writing and linking to each others sites?

    I believe these would be quite fast ways to get quality links and also build partnerships.

    • Hi Regis,

      Yes, I think that could work. I have to say, though: in my experience, someone who’s really good at writing content and has some understanding of SEO as well will be pretty damn expensive. Good writers for hire are rare.

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