Podcast Mixup Episode: Why Ego is Bad for Business

Today's episode is the first one that isn't part of the "Forget Traffic!" series. Instead, we discuss a problem that can undermine a business in subversive ways.

Simply put, that problem is: ego.

We've all got it, but the more you succumb to your ego, the lower your chances of success.

Listen in to discover the 5 ways in which ego will hurt your business and the strategies we've employed to outmaneuver our egos in these situations.


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Episode transcript

What is a Mixup Episode?

If you've listened to our episode introducing the ActiveGrowth Podcast, you already know that we do a few things differently, around here. One of the things that sets our podcast apart is that we do deep dives into specific topics, instead of talking about something different each episode. An example of this is the Forget Traffic! series.

A mixup episode is the exception to this rule: every once in a while, we will cover a topic that has a scope suitable for one single episode, instead of a whole series.

In other words, we sometimes mix things up by publishing an episode that sits outside of the regular content series we produce.

In this Episode, Discover:

  • How the corporate world creates an ego problem (and why what works to advance your career in corporate is often the exact opposite of what works for an entrepreneur).
  • The HiPPO problem that arises when a boss is afraid of losing respect or has a need to validate their existence.
  • Our 5 ego-based stumbling blocks in an entrepreneur's journey and the systems we've put in place to avoid them.
  • If you're afraid that someone will steal your business idea and you don't tell anyone about it, because of that, that's an ego problem.
  • Why you must decouple your sense of self-worth from your product and business ideas, to solve this ego problem.
  • How being too proud to publish something that isn't perfect is an ego problem. This relates to the quantity over quality topic that we've recently covered in detail.
  • Why negative feedback from customers and people in your audience can be extremely valuable (if you can get over the emotional pain of receiving it).
  • Why you have to be comfortable with hiring people who are better than you and giving them real responsibility (and this will go against your "entrepreneur ego").
  • The quadrant feedback method that we use to get honest, constructive feedback from people we work with.


Here are a few resources mentioned in the podcast and stories related to the topic:

Negative Feedback Welcome ;)

As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts, questions and feedback about this episode. And in the spirit of what we talked about, let me emphasize that we also invite critical feedback, because it ultimately helps us create a better podcast and help more people.

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