Link-Building Software: Roundup Review

June 7, 2011 , 68 Comments

Take a look around at a few blogs and discussion forums about SEO and you’ll quickly find many recommendations for some backlink building automation tool or another. It’s clear that if you’re looking to get websites ranked systematically, you should be using either software automation or outsourcing to help along the way. While many link-building tools have been discussed an recommended in great detail, individually, the question that remains is: how do they actually compare to each other? Out of all the options, which product is the best one to use?

In this roundup review, that’s the very question we shall aim to answer. Read on to see a complete comparison of Article Marketing Robot, Magic Submitter, Rank Builder 2.0, SEnuke X, SEOLinkRobot, SERPAssist and Sick Submitter.


Name: Price: Link Targets: Custom Links? Ease of Use:
Article Marketing Robot Image Article Marketing Robot $87 3758 LIMITED Fairly Easy
Magic Submitter Magic Submitter $67/month 1555 YES Fairly Easy
Rank Builder 2.0 Rank Builder 2.0 $77/month 1385 LIMITED A Bit Messy
SEnuke X SEnuke X $147/month 1113 LIMITED Very Easy
SEOLinkRobot Pic SEOLinkRobot $57/month 79 NO Easy
SERPAssist Pic SERPAssist $77/month ??? NO Very Easy
Sick Submitter - Sick Marketing Sick Submitter $20/month Custom YES Rather Difficult

Note that “Link Targets” (the number of sites the software can submit to, to get a backlink) should be treated as a ballpark guesstimate, because these numbers are subject to change. Also, no software will ever get a 100% success rate with the submissions. Finally, most of the tools let you add your own link targets, so the numbers are fluid anyway (“limited” means that only one type of link target, forum profiles or article directories in the case of ARM, can be custom-added).


The following are brief summaries highlighting some of the unique features and characteristics of each of the tools in this roundup. I have written extensive reviews on each one of them (and also made separate videos for each one), so I won’t go into too much detail. If you want to know more about any one of the tools, there’s a link to the full review at the end of each summary.

Article Marketing Robot

Article Marketing Robot
Article Marketing Robot is actually the odd one out in this roundup. All of the other tools submit to various kinds of sites like social bookmarking sites, forums, free blogging sites, article directories etc. Article Marketing Robot, on the other hand, focuses fully on Article Submissions and nothing else.

ARM is highly automated, pretty easy to use and can submit to massive amounts of sites. Granted, the success rates tend to be low, but even after you clean up the target list by dumping all of the sites where submissions failed, you’re still left with a heck of a lot of links. Add to that the fact that you get in-content anchor-text links and it’s clear that ARM is a serious contender. Plus, the second way in which it’s the odd one out is that it’s the only program to come with a one-off price. Very nice!

More information: Article Marketing Robot Review

Magic Submitter

Magic Submitter UI
Magic Submitter is a real “everything-submitter”, from articles to bookmarks to videos and press releases, if there’s a way to get a backlink from a site, Magic Submitter can probably automate it.

It comes with a lot of link targets right out the box and also lets you add your own custom lists of link targets. Some aspects of the user interface take a bit of getting used to, but once you’ve gotten the hang of it, Magic Submitter is pleasantand easy to work with.

Automatic submissions to PDF sharing sites and statusnet-micro-blogs as well as automatic video submissions set Magic Submitter apart from most other tools and it’s nice to have the option to get some links from these less-trodden paths.

More information: Magic Submitter Review

Rank Builder 2.0

One of Six Rank Builder Modules
Rank Builder 2.0 means well, but can’t quite keep up with the crowd. The product comes in the form of six separate programs that do various types of link building. You can add your own custom lists of forum profiles, but the other modules (web 2.0 sites, press releases, articles,…) aren’t customizable.

Rank Builder is unnecessarily complicated, stating with a convoluted sign-up process for the software and ending with the less-than-intuitive user interface which is slightly different for each of the six modules.

While this product is not downright bad, it makes a bit of an unfinished impression and compared to the likes of Magic Submitter and SEnuke X, it’s hard to find a good reason why you’d want to bother with Rank Builder 2.0.

More information: Rank Builder 2.0 Review

SEnuke X

SEnuke X Diagram
SEnuke was the grandaddy of all link-building software and accordingly, SEnuke X has some big shoes to fill. It does so rather adequately with a strong emphasis on ease of use and “hands-off-ness”. The campaign-setup wizard and the simple diagram drawing tool for mapping out your backlink network make SEnuke X very easy and straight-forward to use.

Unfortunately, the forum profile builder is the only component where you can add your own link targets and the diagram builder has a few limitations (not every type of submission can be linked to from all others), but the bottom line is still that SEnuke X can build a lot of links for you, with very little human intervention required and scheduling link campaigns over longer periods of time could not be any easier.

The big downside to SEnuke X is the price: at $147/month, it’s by far the most expensive software in this roundup.

More information: SEnuke X Review


SEOLinkRobot Main Menu
SEOLinkRobot is like a smaller brother to Magic Submitter or SEnuke: it has fewer features, isn’t as highly automated or sophisticated, but at heart, it’s the same kind of thing. Plus, it comes at a lower price than most tools represented here.

SEOLinkRobot is a solid piece of software and one feature I particularly like about it is that it lets you build open link-wheels with web 2.0 properties as well as more advanced, interlinked mini-nets (including automatic bookmarking) very easily. The downfall of SEOLinkRobot is that it only submits to about 80 sites in total. That’s just way too few link targets, compared to the competing products.

More information: SEOLinkRobot Review


SERPAssist Diagram
Using SEnuke X it seems like nothing could possibly be even more “hands off” short of just outsourcing all of your link building to a service provider. SERPAssist proves this assumption wrong. With SERPAssist, the actual submission processes aren’t even done from your local machine or through your Internet connection, instead all you do is define how you want your backlinks built, using a very nice diagramming tool. The resulting link-building tasks are then uploaded and done for you, in the cloud.

Unfortunately, SERPAssist is severely limited in the amount of different types of links it can build as well as in the total number of sites it can submit to. Much like SEOLinkRobot, there’s nothing wrong with the software itself, but it’s just too “weak” because of a lack of link targets.

DISCLAIMER: I assume that the situation with SERPAssist hasn’t changed since I last used it (which is a few months ago). According to their official site, the number of links the software can build has actually shrunk since then and I am awaiting confirmation of this.

More information: SERPAssist Review

Sick Submitter

Sick Submitter Profile Submitter
Sick Submitter is a fairly complex and ultra-customizable link building tool that has a strong emphasis on automating profile links. Sick Submitter can be customized to do almost any kind of link building and in fact it needs to be customized by you, the user, since it does almost nothing in it’s out-of-the-box state.

With Sick Submitter, after you’ve gotten accustomed to use the tool, it will either cost you a lot of time (scraping your own link targets, building custom packets and custom submission templates) or a lot of money (buying pre-made link packets and submission templates provided by the user community). Given that you spend one or the other, Sick Submitter does turn into a very powerful link-builder, though.

More information: Sick Submitter Review

Roundup Video 1

For my conclusion to all this and to see which of the products comes out on top, watch this video:
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Roundup Video 2: What Really Matters

Here’s a second video, to clarify some important points, talk about what really matters and also a tip on how to use backlink building software for the fastest and best results possible:
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Download Video 1
Download Video 2


Watch video one for the real conclusion, but just to have something in writing: SEnuke X is the best of the bunch in terms of automation and I recommend it. Magic Submitter is the best value for your money and I also recommend it. Pick one and start using it to get your stuff ranked!

All the best,

P.S.: I’d appreciate it if you would help spread the word by clicking on the “Like” button. :)

About ​Shane Melaugh

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  • Great overview, Shane. Like you, I much prefer tools that automate everything with not too much fiddling, although I can ‘fiddle’ if I need to. Thanks for your insights.

  • Hey guys, stay tunned for the next month where Shane will make a full review of: Xrumer, scrapebox and all other 100’s forum/blogs posting softwares!!!!!!!

    • Ummm… can I avoid doing that? :D
      Let me tell ya, making a roundup like this is a lot of work!

  • Magic Submitter is my favorite. It’s going to have a diagram wizard like SEnukeX soon as well.

    • Oh, nice! I didn’t know that. Looking forward to that feature. :)

  • Thanks Shane,
    Ive recent got hold of Sick Submitter and Magic Submitter and so far Magic Submitter has been used more times because of the two it is much easier to pick up and run with as you suggested. SeNukeX is just way too pricey for me

    Would have been interesting to see ScrapeBox in there but I guess ther eonly so much you can test

  • Pearson Brown says:

    Excellent work, as I’ve come to expect from you.

  • I was wondering how on earth you were going to pull all these backlink builders together and I must say you did it brilliantly.

    Giving such a clear guide with reasons is very helpful – thanks a ton Shane.

  • So many decisions.. I personally like AMR for mass submission of article directories and I use magic submitter for submitting articles to custom directories that have high PR (ezine, go articles, buzzle when it used to accept external links etc). Besides creating accounts elsewhere, I don’t use it for posting to web 2.0s or profile links.

    I also use sick submitter but I don’t have much luck with profile links these days however sick has a lot of potential if you want to put the time in it to add new templates, which I might do in the future since profile links seem meaningless to me (at least for direct linking to money sites.

    I really want to try senukeX, I guess the trial might be worth giving a shot but from listening to your review it doesn’t seem like senukex will be as customizable as I would want so I probably won’t be amazed since I’m fine with less automation but more control :).

    • Yeah, if you really like the customizability of Sick Submitter, you might feel tied down with SEnuke.
      On the other hand: no harm in getting the trial and blasting a few more links at a site or two.

  • Thanks for putting this together Shane. That was one marathon project! I’m sure that you are correct that there is no other impartial ‘side-by-side’ review of all this software. I’m sure this will help a lot of people make an informed decision on which is the best backlinking solution for their own situation… Cheers, Neil

    • Yeah, one of the reasons for a lack of side-by-side comparisons: you generally get much better conversions if you just talk about one single product and promote it.

  • Excellent review Shane! It really helps when you compare those tools the way you do.
    FYI, SEO Link Robot is really quite similar with SERobot…wonder why…maybe you could do a review/analysis between them too? ^_^

    • Is SERobot released already? I only heard a few rumors, so far.

  • You really nailed it in the second video, talking about how the effectiveness of these automating tools depends on what WE do. I appreciated the comparison of the programs too, and think I will try MAS one of these days. Thanks!

  • I liked the reviews and agree with most everything you said. I’m not as high on Magic Submitter as a lot of people. My problem with it is the infrequent updates. Because you can “train” it yourself, a lot of times when sites start to fail the response given in their forums or from their support staff is to “just fix it yourself”. That was why I cancelled with them. If I’m paying $67/month, you fix it.

    • Thanks for your comment!
      That’s a valid point. SEnuke X, for example, gets updated very frequently – usually several times a week. MS doesn’t get updated that often.

  • Hi Shane!

    Fine review-round up! I tried out almost all of these tools myself and find myself confirmed in my final choice or combination, using AMR and Magic Submitter. At this stage these two tools match best with my personal skills and usage. I didn’t like most of the other tools, either because they don’t offer enough training at the start or you cannot control processes, once they are on their way.

    Thanks again for putting so much time and testing into this review cycle and the big round-up, it is very helpful for a lot of people and will save them a lot of time, frustration and money.

  • Good stuff – no fluff.
    Great tools if you follow golden rules.
    Make things right and rank your site.
    I am a SEO poet and I don’t even know it :)

    Thank you Shane

  • Shane,

    I have never become familiar with tools like these because I’ve been influenced by people who criticize them. I’m sure you’re familiar with the people who say that spamming duplicate articles with links to your site to numerous locations produces links of limited value.

    Because I’ve never investigated products like these I find it difficult to understand the reviews. It’s a “curse of knowledge” problem. You are so familiar with these products that it seems unnecessary to briefly explain what they actually do, because it seems to you that everyone would already know that.

    I don’t.

    It would be helpful to add a little introduction that explains what a user of one of these products would do. For example, must I first write an article that includes a link to my site? Then, what are a few examples of places where my article would appear? Then, what are your thoughts on people who would criticize these tools – for example Rand Fishkin recently said that mass submission of articles all over the web is sort of a garbage technique, yet you say that used consistently these tools will help with rankings and bring in additional visitors. This is a genuine conflict and it would be helpful if you would address it. Last, what other uses do these tools have, for example social bookmarking. I’ve heard of a product called Bookmarking Deamon and some of these products might do that too, so I wonder if that is true.

    Because of the criticism of tools like this I’ve never taken time to discover how they work and what they do, and I imagine others are in the same boat, so it would be helpful to take a minute to do a couple of things: present the basics of what they do and address the criticisms.

    Even a quick reply in these comments would be quite helpful.

    Thanks very much.

    • Good point! I really did assume that everyone’s familiar with the basics of how these tools work, which is a mistake.

      Basically, you create content (usually conent that is “spun”, i.e. that produces different versions of an article for each submission) and you submit that content to various websites. For example, articles to article directories and free blogs, videos to video-sharing sites, bookmarks to social bookmarking sites etc.
      The automation tools simply take your content and log into all of the various sites, create accounts, submit the content etc. All stuff you’d normally have to do manually, one by one.

      As for criticism: yes, this is a mildly spammy way of building backlinks. The most spammy type of links that these tools build are forum profile links. That’s when they automatically sign up to various forums, just to create an account with a backlink in the “URL” field or the signature field. Sick Submitter can also be used for blog comment spamming, with is probably the most invasive type of spamming for backlinks.
      Submissions to web 2.0 sites, free blogs etc. isn’t really very spammy though. Remember that these sites are there for the sole purpose to accept articles and videos etc. and we’re just providing that at an accelerated rate. It’s up to the user whether they want to submit low-quality content or good content.

      The links often don’t carry very much value, but they still definitely help to get sites ranked.

  • Keep your eye out for Linkwheel Bandit in the future. Just about the easiest, compared to the ones you reviewed as well. It’s still very new so not too many targets at the moment but may be one to watch!

  • Hi Shane,

    I appreciate your reviews on these products. I use SENukeX but personally, I find it hard to get the campaigns done. We have many sites and I have put 100% faith in my VPA in the Philippines to do this. She considers it her favorite toy and we are getting more traffic and more revenue from doing it this way.

    I have a very busy life and this way it gets done. I expect it to make net positive revenue for me soon.

    It is a cool tool!

    Paul Grimm

    • Nice! Having someone else doing the work for you is always best, isn’t it? :)

  • Great post Shane!

    I had switched from Rankbuilder to Magic Submitter already after your previous review of them both.

    What I think is also worth to mention as an additional benefit for Magic Submitter is the enormous amount of training that comes included with the program. Training not only of how to use the software and in link-building, but also very high quality stuff for general Internet Marketing. Only that is worth the monthly fee by itself!

    And the availability of the creator himself is superb (how many programmers actually give out their Skype-address to their users?!)

    • Hi Karl,
      I agree, the training with Magic Submitter is really good. They also do webinars from time to time and they do a good job of keeping the training material up to date. They definitely have far better training than any of the other tools!
      Thanks for bringing that up!

  • Here’s what I found at the “Magic Submitter” website.

    1. A video starts to play automatically. Immediately I consider this a bad sign, something a cheap rip off site would do.

    2. The first thing out of the guy’s mouth is a statement that his product will help me “hack my way to the top of Google.” Again, I’m thinking cheap rip off site.

    3. There is no pause button on the video. Another indication of a cheap site designed to rip off clueless newbies.

    4. The page is a long sales letter, with headings in a large, red font and excessive use of yellow highlighting. This is the opposite of a professional professional site I can trust.

    5. Do sites like IBM, Apple and Hewlett Packard use “Magic Submitter”? Or is this mainly for churn and burn sites? Google consistently enhances their system, so if I have a stable business I’m concerned that using “Magic Submitter” may help today, but a year from now Google may come up with a way to detect and filter links like these and then suddenly traffic plunges and my business is out of business. Worse than simply loosing the value from these links would be some sort of automated penalty from Google, resulting in my site pretty much disappearing from the search results.

    It’s clear to me that Google uses links to measure how popular a site is, and “Magic Submitter” is a way to fool Google into thinking my site is more popular than it really is. The essence is deception. Is that something I really want to be involved with?

    • Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

      If you don’t want to deceive Google, I fully respect that.

      I just want to add one thing that, I think, is often forgotten: there will always be people who warn you against doing all sorts of stuff. Especially with SEO, there are many people who mainly complain about it, rather than actually doing anything.
      Are these kinds of links spammy? Yes, a bit. Will Google discount them in the future? Probably. Will Google punish me and all of my sites if I use these tools? Very unlikely, but it could happen.
      BUT: while some are complaining, others are using the tools and making money with them, right now. (hint: I’m one of them)
      A year from now, the complainers are still going to complain and the guys making money are still going to be making money (maybe through other means, maybe still doing the same thing).

      • Shane,

        Magic Submitter just like any other online tool could be used for spamming and could be used for posting useful content. Let’s not kid ourselves, tools are just tools.

        @GrAlsoeg – So, what’s your solution for link building?

      • Yes, I agree with that completely. Each of these tools can be used to build links based on good content or they can be used to blast crap all over the internet.

  • Hi Boris,

    >> So, what’s your solution for link building?

    A valid point.

    Eric Ward once gave this example. Suppose your site offers for sale books about the US Civil War, specializing in expensive antique books on this topic.

    You could get lots of links with article submission apps, spun articles, etc. The question is, how valuable are these links?

    Eric showed a site belonging to a university professor who is an expert on the US Civil War. He’s a leading expert on this topic. Eric said that a single link from a site like that would be far more valuable than hundreds of links obtained automatically.

    In Eric’s view, to rank for keywords that are competitive, automatically obtain hundreds of links would usually not get you to the top of the search results. He thinks a few links from better sites would help a lot more.

    Admittedly, Eric Ward tends to work for established companies that are competing for high volume, high competition keywords. He’s not “Mr. Exact Match Domain” who would be happy to rank for just that one keyword, or for keywords that have lower search volume and less competition.

    I heard a famous story about a guy at a conference who asked why his site would not rank, even though he had 1,000 links. Matt Cutts was on the panel and logged into his account at Google. Yes, Matt said, you do have more than 1,000 links, but 997 of them are filtered out and are giving you no credit at all, and that’s why you are not ranking.

    I believe it when people say they use “Magic” whatever to get lots of links, and you make the valid point that tools are neutral and can be used wisely. I just don’t think the guy who sells books about the US Civil War is going to get links from any of the most respected experts, on sites that Google considers authoritative and trusted, by using these applications.

    There seems to be two “alternate universes” in online marketing. It’s amazing to me how they are separate and most people in these universes seem to have no awareness of the other.

    The “Affiliate Universe” likes the “Magic” whatever product and their website.

    The “We Have a Real Business with Lots of Employees Universe” is instantly offended by the “Magic” whatever website because it is instantly offensive to them, appearing to be a cheap rip off.

    Obviously I come from the “Real Business” camp, so I’m tentative about tricks that phony up a bunch of links and I find the “Magic” site offensive. Still, I’m only just learning about Affiliate Marketing and am more than impressed with Swiss Marketing’s new keyword research tool.

    So live and learn. Thank you all for the impressive points you make. Seriously, I’m learning a lot.

    • Dear GrAlsoeg,

      Automated submitters are tools that take away the burden of doing manual chores of link building. That’s all they are. You can set them up to spit out spam by millisecond or you can use them to build links that actually have value.
      Most what is being taught by Eric Ward can be integrated into Magic Submitter.

      In his second video Shane pointed out that it is the usage of these tools that will help the user in rankings.

      Whatever path you will choose in your online marketing is up to you. One thing though, what is being said by Matt Cutts I would take with a grain of salt.

      From my humble experience, it is not the quantity of links but the quality that makes a difference.

      My position is that what many people call ‘link spam’ is harmless if the target money page has something good to offer in terms of content or products.

      The format of Magic Submitter marketing is what works for many online marketers, I have no problem with it as long as software works and it does. I don’t see big business models as being a great example of ethics, they sure got good PR people working for them but that’s about it.

      Oh yeah, about Google penalties for “over-linking” or “bad links”. I have heard all kinds of stories but yet haven’t seen one real example. Yes, there are some sand boxing going on but its a temporary action in all cases that I have seen, yes there is a “Google dance” but again, it’s just a temporary and is a part of the game.

      People who keep perpetuating the myth about “link penalty” don’t get a simple fact about what I call “adversarial link building”, some people call it “link bombing”. And the fact is that it is much easier to build a crappy link than to build a good one. So, if I want to sink someone’s website, I could spend five minutes with any link automation tool and clear my way to higher rankings by building links to my competitor’s sites which would result in complete obliteration of Google’s value as a search engine. And the whole SEO industry would most likely cease to exist.

      Google engineers understand that and only penalize websites if they can determine that the owner of the website has committed the action which is against their policies.

    • I think that’s a very fitting analogy with the “two worlds”. I’ve experienced the same thing.
      To me, if you’re the leading expert on the US Civil War, you entire website, your conversion goals (or purpose of the website) and your marketing, from the ground up, is going to be completely different than if you’re someone wanting to make a bit of extra money with affiliate marketing.

      These tools are made mainly for the second scenario. It’s for an efficient way to get a website ranked that has the sole purpose of putting some money in your pocket. That doesn’t mean the website needs to be low quality, mind you. And neither does it mean that the content you use to build links needs to be low quality. But “cyclone vacuum cleaners” might not be my life’s passion and I might not be a leading expert on them, but I choose to build a site about them and get it ranked for a few keywords because there’s good money in it (just an example).

      Another point is that if you’re a respected expert in a field like history, that opens up completely different channels for publicity and also for getting backlinks that simply aren’t available to someone who runs a vacuum cleaner review site.
      Hence my statement that the entire approach would be different, from the ground up.

      • Shane,

        You are one of the rare people who bridges the gap between the two worlds.

        The new keyword research tool currently seems to reside more in the affiliate world:

        – The webinar compares it with Market Samurai, a tool mainly used by affiliates.

        – The new tool has a few features that would be appreciated most by affiliate marketers.

        Yet the product is so good I bet it will break out big into the other world too, as people at larger companies notice everything it can do.

      • Thanks!
        That’s what we’re hoping. We’re also developing a few new features that are more geared towards a non-IM-niche audience. :)

    • Valid linkbuilding solution is produce quality content everywhere.

    • You would be naïve to believe ‘real business’ marketers do not offer the college professor paid speaking engagements, sponsored research, and other in-kind payments in return for his endorsement. Look up the college textbook racket for an example. It even extends to local school board textbook selection as well. It’s all ‘offensive’ – just a matter of strategy.

  • Shane,

    This should clear things up for those undecided. I’m staying with SEO Link Robot; however, I appreciate your insight on Article Marketing Robot. Currently, I use ASHelper. AMR sound more powerfully automated, and it looks like a good buy at $80 dollars!


  • Hi Shane,

    Great round up.

    And, as ever, a review comparison sparks off the usual debate: what’s the best tool and what’s the best strategy? But I think you summed up the key message really well in your final clip. SEO based on the right keywords and done consistly will get you ranked. Period. Whether you use some tools, all tools, no tools at all. If you’re consistent, you’ll rank.

    So I wonder sometimes why so many internet marketers adopt such strident positions on one application or another. Not so much here at IMImpact, but we all know the forums I’m thinking of. Surely it’s like choosing a car: colour, price, engine may be important to an individual, but at the end of the day a Ford gets you from A to B and so does a (my!) Ferrari! The main thing is just go get any car and drive the damn thing!

    I have a preferred SEO strategy and toolbox that works well for me. And although I’m pretty sure that plenty of SEO ‘gurus’ could come along improve upon it massively in terms of tangible results, it works well enough for my requirements and, most importantly, fits nicely in a daily routine of running several online and offline businesses. And as time is by far the most precious resource of any business (it’s easy to come by more money, but no one can add even one more second to the time they have left) who can afford to waste any prevaricating on whether they have absolutely the best set up ever!?

    Hopefully your key message will help a few people get over the ‘decision’ stage and get on with making things happen for them.

    • “just go get any car and drive the damn thing!”

      I like that! That’s really what it comes down to. There are some cars that I can’t recommend, but they’ll still get you there, eventually.

  • Hi Shane

    “My personal thoughts on all this stuff above”

    Congratulations on a top job.

    Despite the fact you may be an affiliate for each of these pieces of software I am grateful you have completed this in depth comparison review because [at my current level of understanding] I would never have been able to interpret things about the various products as you have.

    Sure….many of your subscribers have their own opinions on what is good and works well for them but from my perspective, I was looking for some honest info to try and make a decision.

    Whilst I love BBP and have experienced good ranking results, I hate the manual task of building back links….who doesn’t.

    Your follow up video [above] is spot on in my opinion and I am guessing many more of your subscribers would concur.

    You have helped me decide what to try, and for me, that was the point of following your review, and whats more…..I am more than happy to buy through your link.

    In the end we have both achieved what we wanted from this review.

    Thanks again Shane.

  • Hi Shane,

    Good round up, and good conclusions. I’ve tested and used pretty much all of those products and usually abandoned them after 3-6 months (original senuke not senukex)the ones.

    I’ve actually found that using tools that do specific tasks in tandem tends to work better and also works out cheaper , for example socialadr to get social bookmarking links, ezarticlelinks to get backlinks from articles and links on blogs, articlemarketing robot for links from article directories etc.

    obviously it’s not as easy as pressing one button and having it all done for you BUT you do get more control

    Hit me up on skype and I’ll talk you through how I use them effectivly

  • Hello Shane and hello everyone in this forum.Can anyone suggest to me please to harvest the url’s from my own websites please? I have one site that sports about 3000 url’s I need to get them all. I used the mozila gopher but it does not do the job. I either don’t know how to use it or it is not a very good plugin. Anyone knows the best way to gather every one of the url’s that is present at my own website? please?
    kind regards

    • Hi Michael,

      What CMS is the site based on?
      With WordPress, you can get a plugin that automatically creates a sitemap for you, including all of the pages on your site. I imagine that there would be similar solutions for other CMS as well. You could try searching for something like “how to create a sitemap for a [WordPress] site” and replace [WordPress] with whatever your CMS is.

      You could also use ScrapeBox, to get all of the Google indexed URLs on your site.

      • Hello Shane, I am sorry I should have mentioned that the platform is Word Press.Do you have a video review of Scrapebox? It looks like a very difficult tool to comprehend.The sitemap I thought, would not have the url’s in txt format, would it? I am thinking to copy and paste the url’s into text editor like notepad.

      • Cool, with WordPress, just use the “Google XML Sitemap” plugin and you’ll have a list af all your URLs in xml format.

        I haven’t done any reviews or videos about ScrapeBox. It’s definitely not the easiest tool to use. There are quite a few videos about it on YouTube, though.

        Scrapebox does store the link list in .txt format.

    • Peter,
      have you tried Google XML sitemap generator? There are quite few options, may be one of them will do the job.

    • Xenu Link Sleuth will harvest your links for you, and it’s free.

      • Nice one! I’d completely forgotten about Xenu.

  • Shane, you just confirmed my own filling regarding Magic submitter – it is not the easiest to use but the good enough to go with. Though I don’t like monthly stuff because you cannot use it in full load every month for many different reasons but still have to pay full price.

    Thank you

  • I thought that AMR was $97 now?

    Or do you have a special discount code?


    • Oops, I must have missed a price increase there.
      Although you do get it for $10 off if you go through my affiliate link. :)

  • Shane,
    First of all , Thanks for your honest reviews ….

    I would like you to include few factors in your coming videos such as additional expenses and issues which any IMers would face once they opt for any of these tools such as

    1. Price for Proxies and problem with finding good proxy services and even a review of proxy sites which is now missing in internet

    2. Different captcha services which we need to opt for. price, good and bad about different servcies etc.

    May of the newbies who see this review would think that cost is limited to this alone but that is not the case there are few other cost which may be minor compared to the product cost , but still worth talking about that.

    You being honest in the review , i thought of letting you know about this.

  • Hi Shane,

    I’ve really enjoyed your reviews and the obvious professionalism conveyed through both the content and the aesthetics.

    I’ve been considering of getting Magic Submitter for a long time now, and I think I will finally take the plunge sometime soon. I just wanted to get your suggestion on how I should it such as how I should “teir” my link building effort, link velocity, and link diversity, especially post “Panda.”

    I actually got your Backlink Battleplan, but was thinking that maybe you would recommend a slightly different course of action post Panda and considering the fact that I’d be using an automation tool such as MS.

    Another problem for me seems to be getting the links indexed. How do you deal with this? I’m personally thinking of getting Backlink Energizer as I’ve heard some pretty good reviews overall.

    Anyhow, thanks for the great reviews and I hope to hear from you soon! :)

  • I feel you are missing one more tool. Have you reviewed or tried BruteforceSeo by Peter Drew? It’s also a backlink building tool I just wanted to know what you thought about it.

    • Thanks for your comment! I’ve never tested that, no. I remember reading some really bad things about it after the last launch and that’s probably why I kind of dismissed it in my mind. That’s not to say that the software is bad. Just that I read some negative feedback in a few forums…

  • Hi Shane,

    Great website and I had a great time reading through some of the posts and comments. Just curious… do you think that purchasing MS through my own link on Clickbank could get me into some trouble? I would obviously love a cheaper subscription but am not sure if this would break the Clickbank terms. I know many people are purchasing products through their own link but still…

  • Hi,
    you have two videos in this post, one that loads fast and other that is really slow
    what software do you use to post those two videos?
    i dont want to send my traffic to youtube anymore

    oh, and great post, like always

    • Hi Miron,

      The slower one is Easy Video Player plus Amazon S3 (probably the cheapest solution for self-hosted videos), the faster one is Bitsontherun (more expensive and not without it’s problems) and the new service I’m currently testing and liking quite a lot is Wistia.

  • Does magic submitter offer a MAC OS version??


      • Ok… Have you tried xgenseo? If so how well is that been working?

  • Hi Shane,

    Excellent as always. I’m using SENUKE X with excellent results but i felt is not enough to rank for high competitive keywords, so a few months ago i started to use blog networks. ALN, FBL and Article Ranks.

    As you know, BMR and ALN have been hit by google lately and i received a few messages from Google Webmaster tools about unnatural links. I lost my rankings and i don’t want to use any blog network again.

    Senuke is my first link building tool and i want to add AMR to my arsenal.
    The question is : What tool or service do you recommend to complete this arsenal. It will be productive to add for example Magic Submitter too when i know that is very similar to SENUKE?

    Please advice….Thanks

  • hi shane ,
    thanks for sharing your personal experience with us ..

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