Rank Builder 2.0 Review

May 20, 2011 , 24 Comments

Welcome to this Rank Builder 2.0 review. Rank Builder is a Windows-based desktop program that builds various types of backlinks automatically. It does so, as many similar tools, by automating submissions of articles to article directories and free blogs, automatically creating social bookmarking links and much more.

In this review, we’ll take a look at exactly what this software is capable of and test how well it does what it’s supposed to do.


Rank Builder 2.0 Overview

Name: Rank Builder 2.0
Creator: Malauna T. & Alex Goad
Medium: Backlink Building Software
Price: $77/month

Once you’ve made it past a rather arduous purchasing- and signup-process, it’s a bit of a surprise to see that Rank Builder installs as six separate programs, rather than a single one. The six programs or modules are: an article submitter, a link wheel builder, a press release submitter, a profile link builder a social bookmarking tool and a video submitter.

Here are the available link targets in a bit more detail:

  • 24 Article Directories
  • 43 Web 2.0/Linkwheel sites
  • 21 Press Release sites
  • 1250 Forum Profiles
  • 40 Bookmarking sites
  • 7 Video sites
  • 10 RSS Directories (part of the Link Wheel Builder)

Total number of link targets: 1385

It’s possible to add your own list of forums to build profile links from as well.


Rank Builder 2.0 Video

Here’s a video showing the software in action. It wouldn’t make much sense to demonstrate all of the modules separately, but you’ll get a good idea of how the software works and what it does from this brief demonstration:


Rank Builder IconsRank Builder 2.0 has a few rough edges that didn't leave a very good impression with me. For one thing, the fact that it's split up into six seperate programs is really just an un-welcome complication from the user's standpoint. You have to log in to each of the modules separately and add your configuration details (email account information, decaptcha/deathbycaptcha login) to each module separately. It also limits the capabilities of the software since there is no component stringing all of the modules together, which means that you can't do a full run where you build all types of links all at once, without manual intervention. Rank Builder doesn't come with a scheduling feature and it likely never will have such a feature, because it's split up into different software components. The user interface is not particularly complicated, but neither is it appealing or intuitive. The fact that each of the modules has a slightly different UI is an added annoyance. Finally, I also saw some difficulties when running submissions in multiple threads. For some reason, sometimes some of the browser windows Rank Builder opens fail to initialize, which leads to an extremely low success rate for submissions. The only solution I found was to run only one thread at the time, which slows the submission process to a crawl.


As you can probably tell, I wasn't particularly taken with Rank Builder 2.0. The product isn't terrible and it does build links for you, once you've got it all set up. However, from the purchase/signup process to the unintuitive member's area with minimal documentation (either there aren't many tutorials or I just can't find them) to the small issues with the software itself, the whole thing just seems unfinished and rough around the edges. With alternatives such as Magic Submitter and SEnuke X available, there's no reason to put up with this kind of mediocrity. If you have any questions or want to share your thoughts, please leave a comment!

About ​Shane Melaugh

I'm the founder of ActiveGrowth and Thrive Themes and over the last years, I've created and marketed a dozen different software, information and SaaS products. Apart from running my business, I spend most of my time reading, learning, developing skills and helping other people develop theirs. On ActiveGrowth, I want to help you become a better entrepreneur and product creator. Read more about my story here.

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  • Hi Shane,

    This is one of the few that I haven’t tried yet as I was waiting for your review. I really appreciate you taking the time, trouble and spending the cash to try these programs out on our behalf.

    It’s a massive time & cash saver having someone that I know I can trust, to point me in the right direction.

    Thanks Shane,


    • Thanks for your comment, Hugh!
      I’m glad that I’m in a position where I can afford to do all these reviews. At least in monetary terms. Now if I only had more time…

  • I signed up to Rankbuilder when it was first released and I agree fully with your comments about its over-complication and the lack of integration of the different modules.

    It took me around two whole weeks to get the software working correctly as the support was virtually non-existent and took anywhere from 3 – 7 days to reply to my help ticket requests. And when I did manage to get a reply, the help desk guy was downright rude and the only way I managed to get anywhere was through the help of a wonderful member of an unrelated forum I belonged to. The rudeness of the help desk guy wasn’t just reserved for me either – many others experienced the same lack of courtesy and help too.

    I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have RankBuilder of you paid ME $77 a month. Give me SENuke anyday……

    • Thanks for your comment!
      I’ve heard several reports about Alex Goad’s support guy being exceptionally rude. Strange business. Rank Builder is definitely not worth such headaches, with many better alternatives available.

  • Hi Shane,

    I watched one of the presell webinars that Alex Goad gave on Rank builder 2 and was not very impressed. In fact, I had the same questions/issues that you detail in your analysis.

    It was ironic (and perhaps a poor business strategy) that he launched this new version on the exact same day as SENuke X.

    Anyway, your spot-on review is much appreciated.


    • Thanks for your comment, Barry.
      I suspect that the relaunch of RankBuilder on the same date as SEnuke X launched was on purpose. SEnuke X created a lot of buzz around auto backlink building and because of it’s price, many people were likely looking for cheaper alternatives…

  • Hi Shano
    I used to software and one of the reason of getting a refund is due the hype up sell I received telling that all the bonuses were something exclusive when it was available for anyone.
    The software isnt that smoother I had the impression of being something made with a lack of effort.


    • Hi Felipe,
      Yeah, RB is being sold with a lot of hype, along with the upsell. The actual product falls way short of the promises.

  • Correct me if I’m wrong someone, but hasn’t the recent Panda update been all about weeding out those who try to trick Google by using automated tools to run link building campaigns and the like?

    I thought the way forward was to work with the SE’s (with a little help in moderation), rather than trying to beat them with automated methods of getting high rankings purely by self promoting one’s own project?

    A good site with unique content that people find of value, is now, as it has always been, the sustainable way to gain web credibility in the long run and therefore have others linking to you because of it. This in turn puts the project on its own link-popularity campaign, i.e . linked by others, or organic linking if you like, through merit.

    The balance therefore would surely be a bit of manual link-building in order to kick start a new project or new pages on an established website, and not some massive automated link building tool that promises to do for webmasters what they are unable to, or can’t be arsed to, do for themselves?

    I’m a little surprised that we’re still looking at black-hat automation (if that’s not too strong a phrase?), in 2011.


    • Hi Andii,

      Thanks for your comment!
      What you describe is exactly what Google wants you to believe. Has been for years, too.

      Link building through various submissions still works. It’s still the most reliable way to get sites ranked for niche keywords.
      Will it keep working forever? Probably not. But sites that I’ve built around specific niche keywords and promoted with various “black hat” link building techniques are still making me a lot of money, so I don’t plan to stop doing that anytime soon.

  • Hi Shane,

    Thanks for the review on V2; I was one of the “saps” that felt like they got suckered in when V1 hit the market about a year ago. I tried to work it for a while, it was clunky, account creations failed often and the submissions never seemed to get approved. Fortunately the refund process went smoother.

    Jim H.

    • It’s definitely still clunky. I’m also not sure how much has changed since version 1, other than the name…

  • Shane,

    Have you looked at or ever considered SYNND? It sounds like a much better tool than some of the other automated tools because your bookmarks and other campaigns are being performed from other people’s computers from all over the world.

    I would be interested in your thoughts…



    • Hi Jim,

      I have heard of Synnd, yes. I’ve mainly heard of various problems with the service actually, but it does seem like a good concept.
      If I can, I’ll try to do a test of it at some point as well.

  • I love your honesty Shane. Your reviews just keep getting better and better. You have it down to an exact science now, I can tell.

    Thanks for doing what you do!

  • Sometimes, as a Mac user, I feel I’m ‘missing out’ on some of these Windows-Only software backlink building apps. But as I’ve watched your video reviews I can clearly see the HUGE time-pit involved in setting up any of these, architecting a link-flow, loading it up with spun titles/desc/content – et al ad infinitum.

    Shane, I’m sure even _dabbling_ with some of these has felt like falling into a BLACK-HOLE and time pit for you. Thanks for condensing and quickly pointing out where the notion of ‘Push-Button’ Ranking Miracles kinda works okay, and when it just falls flat.

    Reaffirms to me sometimes it _may_ be worth outsourcing a Fiverr gig or two to someone who already has one of these working systems In-Place – and spare myself the headaches…

    • Indeed, it can take some time to get these things to work and to get used to them.

      You’re absolutely right that hiring others to do link-building for you is always another option and as long as you can get a positive ROI, there’s no reason not to.
      In fact, your comment just gave me an idea for a post I should write. :)

  • Hi Shane

    I have just come across you site, and I would like to say a big thank you for you honesty, I am new to the world of SEO. I find i am spending to much time and money on snake oil products and services,without getting any real return, please keep up the good work.

  • Graham Nichols says:

    I just stick to your ‘Backlink Battleplan’ and plod though the task manually, leaving mothing to chance. It works.

    Whereas I’m open to the mercy of software failure somewhere down the line.

    I’d rather go for quality against quantity as I’m in this business for the long game, not a quick buck.

    There are no lasting short cuts. Although for only $997 I can shown you my fake Clickbank earnings screenshot and sell you a gizmo which will make you a kazillionaire in 5 monutes with no effort by you if you wish. :)

  • It would be great if you reviewed some of the hosted article distribution…contentcroo ner or submityourarticles…any chance of reviewing these?

  • Shane, thanks for this review, and thanks for being one of the “good guys” in IM.
    It is horrible how so many IM products sell the “ALLEGED” benefits, but one never knows what the product does, how it’s set up, etc.

    • Glad you found the review useful. :) Thanks for leaving a comment!

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