Rank Builder 2.0 Review

Welcome to this Rank Builder 2.0 review. Rank Builder is a Windows-based desktop program that builds various types of backlinks automatically. It does so, as many similar tools, by automating submissions of articles to article directories and free blogs, automatically creating social bookmarking links and much more.

In this review, we’ll take a look at exactly what this software is capable of and test how well it does what it’s supposed to do.


Rank Builder 2.0 Overview

Name: Rank Builder 2.0
Creator: Malauna T. & Alex Goad
Medium: Backlink Building Software
Price: $77/month

Once you’ve made it past a rather arduous purchasing- and signup-process, it’s a bit of a surprise to see that Rank Builder installs as six separate programs, rather than a single one. The six programs or modules are: an article submitter, a link wheel builder, a press release submitter, a profile link builder a social bookmarking tool and a video submitter.

Here are the available link targets in a bit more detail:

  • 24 Article Directories
  • 43 Web 2.0/Linkwheel sites
  • 21 Press Release sites
  • 1250 Forum Profiles
  • 40 Bookmarking sites
  • 7 Video sites
  • 10 RSS Directories (part of the Link Wheel Builder)

Total number of link targets: 1385

It’s possible to add your own list of forums to build profile links from as well.


Rank Builder 2.0 Video

Here’s a video showing the software in action. It wouldn’t make much sense to demonstrate all of the modules separately, but you’ll get a good idea of how the software works and what it does from this brief demonstration:


Rank Builder IconsRank Builder 2.0 has a few rough edges that didn't leave a very good impression with me. For one thing, the fact that it's split up into six seperate programs is really just an un-welcome complication from the user's standpoint. You have to log in to each of the modules separately and add your configuration details (email account information, decaptcha/deathbycaptcha login) to each module separately. It also limits the capabilities of the software since there is no component stringing all of the modules together, which means that you can't do a full run where you build all types of links all at once, without manual intervention. Rank Builder doesn't come with a scheduling feature and it likely never will have such a feature, because it's split up into different software components. The user interface is not particularly complicated, but neither is it appealing or intuitive. The fact that each of the modules has a slightly different UI is an added annoyance. Finally, I also saw some difficulties when running submissions in multiple threads. For some reason, sometimes some of the browser windows Rank Builder opens fail to initialize, which leads to an extremely low success rate for submissions. The only solution I found was to run only one thread at the time, which slows the submission process to a crawl.


As you can probably tell, I wasn't particularly taken with Rank Builder 2.0. The product isn't terrible and it does build links for you, once you've got it all set up. However, from the purchase/signup process to the unintuitive member's area with minimal documentation (either there aren't many tutorials or I just can't find them) to the small issues with the software itself, the whole thing just seems unfinished and rough around the edges. With alternatives such as Magic Submitter and SEnuke X available, there's no reason to put up with this kind of mediocrity. If you have any questions or want to share your thoughts, please leave a comment!

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