Magic Submitter Review

Magic Submitter is an all-in-one backlink building tool that was built to automate the majority of off-page SEO tasks many Internet marketers usually do manually. In this review, let’s take a closer look at what exactly Magic Submitter does, how user-friendly it is and whether it’s worth an investment or not.

Read on for all the details.

Magic Submitter Overview

Name: Magic Submitter
Creator: Alexandr Krulik
Medium: Backlink Building Software
Price: $67/month

Magic Submitter is a desktop software that you download and run from your local machine (compatible with Windows only). In it’s function, it’s an “everything submitter” meaning that it submits various forms of content like articles, videos, bookmarks etc. to a large range of websites. Magic Submitter can open up to 16 instances of Internet Explorer at the same time and simulate the various signup and submission actions for the sites in it’s database.

Magic Submitter Link Targets

Here’s a quick overview of the number of sites that you can theoretically get backlinks from, using this software:

  • 50 Article Directories
  • 156 Social Bookmarking Sites
  • 31 Free Web 2.0 Blogs
  • 16 RSS Directories
  • 63 Video Sharing Sites
  • 878 Expression Engine Profiles
  • 18 Press Release Sites
  • 255 WordPress Article Directories
  • 80 Micro-Blogging Sites (basically twitter clones)
  • 8 PDF Sharing Sites

Total link targets: 1555 (as of April 2011)

Note that Magic Submitter also lets you add your own custom lists of sites. If you have ScrapeBox and enough patience in setting up and customizing profiles, there’s almost no limit to how many sites MS can submit to.

Magic Submitter Video

Here’s a video with an overview of how Magic Submitter works and what it’s like to use this software:

Scheduler and Designer

As you saw in the video, Magic Submitter features a scheduler that let's you set up a series of tasks in advance. The scheduler gives you very exact control over what the software will do at what times and this has advantages and disadvantages alike. I personally found it "easier" to just have the software run in the background and manually select the next task, whenever a run is finished, instead of setting up a schedule. A potentially even more powerful feature is the "Designer", which allows you to add your own sites to Magic Submitter. You can add your own article directories, bookmarking sites and so on to Magic Submitter, which means you can set up the software to build even more links for you. The designer is pretty intuitive to use and I could set up some custom sites without consulting the manual. There's almost no limit to what you could train Magic Submitter to post content to, except for the work involved in adding new sites and making sure the submission processes work.

Working With Magic Submitter

In practice, I found Magic Submitter to be mostly pleasant and intuitive. At first glance, the user interface might seem a bit overloaded with buttons and options and menus, but as soon as you understand the simple principles of how this tool functions, it becomes very easy to use. The hands-off factor is pretty decent as well. You can easily have MS running in the background while you are doing something else. At least, as long as you don't run too many threads in parallel. You can have it do anything between 1 and 16 submissions at a time and if you choose the maximum setting, you will notice some slow-down as MS eats at your system resources. I particularly like that Magic Submitter has a large collection of video sites it submits to, along with press-release sites and PDF sharing sites. Every auto-submitter submits to bookmarking sites and article directories, but press releases, videos and PDF docs are not  such common targets. This can potentially give you an edge over your competition.


Overall, Magic Submitter does what it's supposed to do and does it quite well. I am currently working on testing all of the major automated link-building tools and before I'm finished with all of them, I won't write more in conclusion of this review. Magic Submitter works, but the question is not "ist it any good?", the question is "is it better then the competing products?". That's what I will answer in an upcoming roundup review. Until then, stay tuned! And if you want to try Magic Submitter yourself, you can click the button below to get a trial for only $5. [button size="medium" align="center" link="" linkTarget="_blank" color="green"]Click Here to Get a Magic Submitter Trial![/button]

About the Author Shane Melaugh

I'm the founder of ActiveGrowth and Thrive Themes and over the last years, I've created and marketed a dozen different software, information and SaaS products. Apart from running my business, I spend most of my time reading, learning, developing skills and helping other people develop theirs. On ActiveGrowth, I want to help you become a better entrepreneur and product creator. Read more about my story here.

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  • Andy says:

    That’s a great overview of the tool Shane. I have to admit it’s not one of the tools I’ve tried myself, but from what you’re showing in the video it certainly looks as if it could go head-to-head with SENukeX and SEO Link Robot. The big problem I have with SENukeX, well it’s not really a problem, it’s just a limitation, is that if you use the diagramming capability to draw out your link plan, there are serious limits when you come to linking aspects of your diagram. That means for me, I would actually not use the linking diagram but set up all of their tasks manually. since linking diagram is one of the major features of SENukeX, I think some of these are the tools actually are just as powerful, if not more so.


    • Shane says:

      That’s true, the SEnuke X diagram builder isn’t quite as flexible as I would have hoped for. Still a very nice way to build out a large campaign, though.

      Currently, I’m not yet sure whether I’ll end up using SEnuke X or Magic Submitter. I probably won’t use both, but we’ll see once the roundup is complete.

      If you aren’t using the SEnuke X diagram feature, I think you might really like Magic Submitter instead. IMO, the high level of “hands-off’ness” is the biggest selling-point for SEnuke X.

  • Abraham says:

    Hey Shane.

    One question: you mentioned the bandwidth we have at home, or wherever we’re using the software from, that it would take resources and all that. But I’ve also heard about running this, or Sick Submitter, or even SENuke from a server, a VPS server, dedicated server or whatever that is.

    Do you have any article that talks about that, and how that works?

    • Shane says:

      Running the tools on a Windows VPS is a great way to have them going 24/7 without it impacting your own bandwidth or performance at all. I have not done this myself yet, though.

      I’d recommend you check the backlinksforum for some info on this topic. I’ve seen at least a couple of threads there, discussing just that.

  • Abraham says:

    Also, you have a review of Sick Submitter coming soon as well right?

    • Shane says:

      Yes, I’ll include that in the roundup as well! :)

  • sandy says:

    looks very impressive Shane and a no brainer at the price.

    so where’s the catch?


    • Shane says:

      There’s not necessarily a catch. This program is good, the question is only how it stacks up against all the others.

  • Alex says:

    I don’t have great experiences (in terms of rankings) with these products unlike article submission networks which seem to just work very well for me. For me, magic submitter was better than the previous version of SEnuke because I was using it to submit to a large number of article directories (and adding my own which was quite a unique feature in 2010). Nowadays I use AMR for that so it’s been hard to justify using MS. Looking forward to your roundtable conclusion :).

    • Shane says:

      AMR is definitely a killer product for article submissions.
      With Magic Submitter, I really love the PDF-submissions and video-submissions, though. Those are the modules I’ve used the most.

  • Rich says:

    Hi Shane

    I have been using MS for some time. Having tried others including Web2Mayhem and SENuke1 & 2 it is definitely my tool of choice.

    SENuke is too restrictive in features and Web2Mayhem was good but very hands on.

    I like MS because it works well and they are always adding new features.

    The one thing it lacks is a clear strategy for ranking a web page. This could be a bit daunting for someone who is new to all this. However, it is great for implementing parts of your Backlinking Battle Plan.


    • Shane says:

      Thanks for your input, Rich!

      The one thing it lacks is a clear strategy for ranking a web page.

      Opportunity knocks! :D

  • Robbeh says:

    Shane great review of what is behind the scenes of the product! The thorn to my comment is… how well does it actually work in terms of link juice? I understand every site will react differently based on many factors but have you used it and seen an increase in your rankings at all?


    • Shane says:

      That’s an important question, of course. Since I’m testing a whole series of these tools, I am not doing any isolated ranking tests. I’d have to build too many new sites just for testing purposes and I don’t think it’s really worth it.

      These tools largely build links from the same sources (web2.0 sites/free blogs, article directories, bookmarking sites, etc.). As long as they actually succeed in submitting the content which gains you the backlink, the answer is: yes, this will increase your search engine rankings. As you say, this also depends a lot on your choice of keywords, your on-page content and other factors besides backlinks. But given that those factors are covered, getting these types of links definitely leads to higher rankings. The question is now which tool to use to get those backlinks.

      That’s how I see it, anyway.
      I think, after the roundup, I’ll try to find the time to make some kind of video or article about HOW I recommend using whichever tool comes out on top, for best results.

  • Brad says:

    What about Content Buzz? Ever heard of it. It’s not as extensive i think and half the price.


    • Shane says:

      I have heard of it. It looks a tad outdated, though. Not sure what the current status is, with that tool.

  • Brad says:

    The only major hang up for most people using CB is that part of the program runs on your desktop. That’s why I’m getting a separate computer to run it.

    • Shane says:

      For heavy use, it’s a good idea to get either a VPS or a separate system to run these auto-tools on.
      I personally still run them from my main machine as I don’t have them going all the time. That’s at least in part due to the fact that I don’t have 100s of mini-sites that I promote, but rather just a handful of medium-sized sites.

  • I’ve bought SEO Link Robot about a month ago but haven’t used it much yet as I was waiting for a few bugs to be fixed. Additionally, I find the SEO Link Robot interface to be really ugly and not very inuitive. I know that doesn’t make it a functionally bad tool, but compared to MS and SeNUKE2, it looks very primitive.

    I recall that you use SEO Link Robot. Do you have a gut feel as to whether MS is a better tool that SLR (in terms of pure functionality)?

    • Shane says:

      Yeah, SEOLR has a face only it’s creator could love. :D

      When I launch it, I also get the feeling that I need to wait before I can fully use it, as several modules are still “coming soon…”.
      So far, I’ve found it useful for building a small web 2.0 link-network. You can build out the properties, interlink them, bookmark them and feed them with content. That’s pretty cool, but overall SEOLR doesn’t quite stack up to something like MS or SEnX.

      With my roundup, I want to keep SEOLR for last. If the new features are implemented by then, it could be a very serious contender.

  • Gordon says:

    HI Shane,

    Again a well balanced report and thank you for the effort. Given how close the two programs are it would seem that the price for MS makes it the winner. From your initial look do you see senukeX as being better than MS and then is it twice the program given that it is twice the price?

    • Shane says:

      My impression is that SEnukeX is not twice as good as Magic Submitter, so the price isn’t really warranted, in comparison to this.
      However, SEnuke X does have the advantage that it can save you more time than Magic Submitter, because you can literally set up a huge campaign and then leave it running for a few days or even weeks and never have to touch it again.

      With Magic Submitter, even if you use the scheduler, automation isn’t possible to quite the same extent. MS is more of a tool that you’d fire up and spend a little time using every day.

      But given the prices, I think Magic Submitter is the better choice. I want to reserve final judgement for when I’ve finished my roundup review, though.

  • Norm says:

    Hello Shane,
    Excellent review, as usual. I guess everybody pounced on SENuke, but I’m an AMR kinda guy. The thing still flabbergasts me. And I have seen results. There is a trick to it, I think.

    Being a former SEO Linkviner for a good long time, I don’t mind spending the $$ if it pays for itself. I did ok by Linkvine ($47 a month) until Article Marketing Robot came along.

    However, with Magic Submitter, the normal user won’t get their money’s worth at $67 a month. A major big time power submitter, probably, but that’s a heap of submittin’. That’s my main hangup. It prices itself out of the mainstream average user market.


    • Shane says:

      That’s an interesting point.
      AMR is definitely a beast for submitting articles. With MS, SEnuke or any tool really, it depends a lot on how you use it and how consistent you are with it. No matter how automated and gadgety the tool is, it’s useless unless you really put it to use.

      When I’m working on a new product, I often have no time or focus left for my SEO campaigns. The hundreds (thousands?) of dollars worth of tools and services I have don’t do squat when I’m not focusing on SEO and actually using them…

  • Stanley says:

    Thanks for the review !


  • G’day Shane ,

    Thanks for the review.

    In your “round up” will you be including “SERPAssist” ?

    Cheers ,

    Norman Holden

    • Shane says:

      I wasn’t planning to.
      I did review SERPassist a while ago, but haven’t used it since. It didn’t win me over and by the looks of it (at least if the official list of supported sites on the SERPassist homepage is to be trusted) it hasn’t improved since then.

  • Thanks for the prompt response – much appreciated.

    I have been subscribing to ” SERPAssist ” for a while now and I am also starting to believe I ought to be looking around for an alternative and perhaps ” Magic Submitter ” could be the answer and save me a few dollars at the same time.

    Cheers ,

    Norman Holden

  • Isabel says:

    Hi Shane,
    Thanks for this review, I am seriously contemplainting in getting the MS since I heard of how good it was… and then when SENuke 2 came out, I wanted to find a more detailed review on these submitters. The other one I had in mind… Ta… Ra… SERPassist…

    So that being said, I am looking forward to your reviews and hopefully I don’t get too excited and buy the one-of-the-three softwares before you finish – Hey! Who knows, you might lean me to another product in your list of reviews…

    Good work! and looking forward to the end result ;-)

  • Naveen Kapur says:

    After having a look at these software and your reviews, Shane I really believe you must do a review on Sick Submitter.

    Having tried SENUKE and Magic Submitter, I believe Sick Submitter is really the one for most IM’s.

    With their new update on Social Bookmarking, Blog Commenting, Article Marketing, API Integration and previously included Forum Profiling RSS Submissions and Proxy Detection with free list of proxies from Sick, Sick is really one long runner in the game.

    I guess all they are missing now is Diagramming.

    For a $19.99 Per month its a GO for IM’s.

    Working with Sick is much easier and the best part is that creating your own lists isn’t difficult at all.

    I was most impressed when I could add Angela’s and Paul’s Forum list for auto registration in minutes.

    Using Sick and Scrape Box are really working well in combination.

    Creating Link Wheels is still manual though…

    • Shane says:

      Hi Naveen,

      Yes, Sick Submitter is also on my list of products to test. I’ve actually owned it for several months already. With the price, it really is a very serious contender. :)

  • Gordon says:

    OK…Sick submitter looks great from a cost perspective…but do I detect that it does not submit video content like senukex and MS

    • Shane says:

      Not in it’s out-of-the-box form. However, it is possible that someone has programmed a video-submitter for it and if not, I’m sure it can be done, theoretically.
      There are numerous additional modules available from the community around Sick Submitter, that expand it’s features significantly.

      • Gordon says:

        Thanks for that Shane…are the additional modules easy to find…or are they in your review… which I am sure is only ‘hours’ away….lol

      • Shane says:

        they’re easy to find but not always easy to work with.
        Sick takes a lot of manual customizing and fiddling to really get the most out of it.

  • Graham says:

    Shane, Would you bundle Traffic Geyser in along with these softwares? Have you experience with it? Look forward to reading more comments as the week progresses.

    • Shane says:

      As far as I know, Traffic Geyser is almost exclusively about video, so I wouldn’t count it among the exact same kind of software as these “everything submitters”.

  • Thanks for your reviews Shane. I should point out that video submission is lacking in most of the auto submitters.. so it would be helpful if you could review video submitters as well, like Traffic Geyser.

    • Abraham says:

      Quoted from Shane himself on the previous comment:
      “As far as I know, Traffic Geyser is almost exclusively about video, so I wouldn’t count it among the exact same kind of software as these “everything submitters”.”

      Cheers =)

  • atticus says:

    Great review:)…If you were focused on distributing articles and videos only is there an ideal solution? magic submitter does it all..article robot…articles only…content buzz video distribution which recently has some synnd features.

  • felipe says:

    hi Shano
    Ill try this software next week…ill definitely look after the “round up table” discussion.

  • shannon says:

    This definitely looks worthy of having as a tool. thaks for the great review Shane. You say you are working on testing all of the major automated link-building tools have you reviewed scrape box? I would love to know if it helps build links.

  • Smauel says:

    Hi Shane,

    I’ve tried MS and had a really big problem… I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, however, My sites were ranking around #15 and than I tired MS and you know what happened? My sites’ rankings are #125 and #138… What happened? Any help please? Thanks…

    • Shane says:

      That’s probably nothing to worry about. It’s not unusual for a site to start bouncing around in the rankings, once you push more links to it.
      Just keep going, keep building links and keep watching your rankings. After the drop, the site usually comes back up to a higher position than before.

  • Steve says:


    Thank you for the great input. I stumbled upon you and your review as I was researching Rank Builder (which I am thankful you confirmed my thoughts!) So now I am on to MS, due to your positive review, I am looking at signing up. I have been using Traffic Geyser, for video submission, article and bookmarking.
    1. Have you compared MS to Traffic Geyser, Article Geyser, Video Geyser…etc.
    2. I would be interested in hiring you to do a backlinking campaign are you available and interested? If so please contact me

    • Shane says:

      Hi Steve,
      Thanks for stopping by!
      I have not used Traffic Geyser and the other Geyser tools, so I can’t make that comparison, unfortunately.
      I’m not available for doing backlinking campaigns. I’ll send you an email with some more info on that.

  • Mark says:

    Hi Shane. I tried out SEnukeX as well as Sick. You were spot-on in your round up, Sick is a little “geeky” and takes a bit of patience and practice to really get the swing of it. SEnukeX is slick, but lacks the necessary customization features that Sick has. I’m definitely going to give MS a shot this week based off your review (keep them coming by the way, your reviews are money dude!).

    One question though. What are your thoughts on link indexing services like or the various backlinkbooster programs that exist? I don’t mind spending the time or money on tools as long as the tools ultimately generate the intended result. When messing with SEnukeX as well as Sick, only a handful of my backlinks were indexed (without using an indexer). With that said, do you have any recommendations for backlink indexing?

    • Shane says:

      Hi Mark,
      Thanks for your comment!

      I have not been able to do any proper testing of link indexation services, but I’ve heard that is pretty good. Linklicious I’m not so sure about. They’re really only about getting the links crawled, not getting them indexed. Not exactly comparable to a “proper” indexation service in my eyes.

  • bna says:

    Awesome review of products, much needed on for IMs. Thanks Shane, appreciated.

  • Prodigal Sun says:

    Are there any good SEO apps that work with Mac’s? If so, will you review any of them?

  • firdaus says:

    hi shane, few days ago l saw MS in the Recommended Product list, but now MS is not in there. my question is, is MS still good to use to get best result in ranking ?
    Sorry, I’m newbie thanks.

  • John says:

    Hi Shane,

    Nice review of magic submitter. I want to buy a backlink software but i am confused with ultimate demon and magic submitter. Which one you think i should go for.

    • Paul says:

      Hi John, I’m pretty sure that Shane would not recommend any of the backlink tools any more simply because of the recent changes to the Google algorithm. It’s not to say that the tools don’t work, but it’s more of a case of we haven’t tested if the tools still work so we can’t really recommend them for you. I’ll ask Shane to reply when he gets a minute.

  • Srdjan says:

    Hello Shane and Paul,
    did you have a chance to find out is it working after all these changes, as it is still being recommended by some marketars as a good tool.

    Best regards

  • jamez says:

    can you please tell me how much backlinks you got after using this software?

  • >