Article Marketing Robot Review

Article Marketing Robot

Article directory submissions are one of the first link-building techniques I ever used and did some testing with. I have tried many different automation solutions and most of them have been at least slightly disappointing. The problem usually lies in part with automation software but also in a large part with article directories themselves.

There are thousands upon thousands of article directories and they can be easily found through common footprints. The problem is that most of them are broken, abandoned, hacked or completely worthless (no PageRank, no backlinks etc.). So if you have a tool that can submit articles to lots of directories, you may find that you get far fewer backlinks then expected and that those backlinks are not very useful at all.

Today, I’m reviewing Article Marketing Robot. Read on to see if it could change my mind about article directory submissions.

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Article Marketing Robot Overview

Name: Article Marketing Robot
Creator: Vince Severson
Medium: Article Submission Software
Price: $80

Article Marketing Robot is actually more than just an article submitter. It comes with:

  • Article directory account creator
  • Automatic e-mail verifier
  • Complete article spinning tool
  • Decaptcher integration
  • Backlink checking and reporting

Link Volume and Link Quality

As mentioned in the intro to this article, my main concern with article directory submissions is that, in my extensive experience, the failure rates tend to be very high and the link quality tends to be very low. So, how does AMR hold up in this regard?

At the time of writing, you start out with a database of 3758(!) directories. The first step is to create accounts for all of these directories. To do this, you set up an e-mail account and give Article Marketing Robot access to this account. You should also sign up with Decaptcher or DeathByCaptcha (recommended) and link the account to AMR, otherwise you’ll be manually solving captchas all day.

The robot then goes out and starts creating accounts. This worked flawlessly on the majority of directories. Next up, you set it to go through your e-mail inbox and confirm all the auto-confirmation messages sent out after registering to most of these directories. In my test, it successfully confirmed 2152 accounts. So, even though there is naturally a certain failure rate in the signup process, we’re left with more than 2000 directories we can submit to. That is still A LOT.

The next step is to add a spun article to Article Marketing Robot. It has a complete, fully functional spinner built in. It seems to be decent enough, but I didn’t spend too much time with it, as I’m a satisfied user of the Best Spinner. When you add your article, you also set tags and categories and, of course, include a resource box with links back to the sites you want to promote.

Once that’s done, you hit “submit” and choose whether you want to submit to all of the directories on one go, or spread it out over a longer period of time (AMR needs to be running in the background for the latter function). Article Marketing Robot is a multi-threaded application and given enough processing power and bandwidth, it can zip through a thousand submissions in just a few minutes.

In my most recent test, 1380 of the submissions were successful. If you look at how many of those submissions go to directories that have any PageRank at all, there are 283 left and if you look for PR3 and higher, you’re left with 77 sites.


This illustrates my point about article directories. Out of a pool of a whopping 3758 directories, you end up with only about 77 submissions where the backlink can be expected to pass a good amount of link-juice. That’s 2.05% out of the original list of directories.


The above numbers were updated on January 28. 2011.

For the total count of articles, I only counted those with more than 5% “health”. Health is an indication of how likely a signup and submission is going to succeed to a particular directory. I don’t even bother with directories below 5% health, because it basicall means: It ain’t gonna happen.

So it’s Rubbish?

No. Not at all, actually. Article Marketing Robot is easily the best article submitter I have ever seen and there are several reasons for that.

It Does Build a Lot of Links

Those links are mostly not very valuable, but there’s merit in volume as well. While the failure rate is significant, it’s not nearly as high as the failure rates of some other submitters and the total number of directories in the system to begin with means that you still end up getting a big old load of backlinks for any run you do with this software.

The one thing to keep in mind is that you’re looking at one single set of directories, here. This means that if you submit two articles with links to the same URL, the second round of submissions will have limited link-value since the links will be coming from the same sources as the ones in the first round. The best way to use it is to do one round of submissions for every new page on your money sites, as well as for every major page linking back to your money site (i.e. use it for link reinforcement)

It Saves Lots of Time

Many automation tools aren’t all that automatic. They require lots of setup and maintenance and you need to constantly be around while they’re working and intervene yourself from time to time. Article Marketing Robot is not like that at all, fortunately. It does require a bit of setup time, but once that’s done, it is as close to a fully automatic solution as anything can get.

Link Reports

A very special feature that AMR boasts is that you can set it go check on all the articles it’s submitted for you and it will return a report of all the live links it finds. This is particularly useful if you want to feed a list of all your linking URLs into a backlink boosting system.

One-Time Price

Article Marketing Robot is available for a one-time fee of 80 bucks. That is a really good deal and it would not have been surprising to see a recurring fee attached to a product like this. That’s a big plus, since you can potentially get a lot of bang for your buck, if you use AMR often.

Stellar Support

I only had slight difficulties with the program once and contacted Vince, the creator of AMR, with a question. I could hardly believe how quickly he replied. He was incredibly helpful and offered absolutely stellar support. I honestly don’t know how he does it, with all the customers he already has. In any case, I think it’s really worth mentioning, as it shows that Vince cares about his customers and goes out of his way to help them. Big thumbs-up for that!


Normally, I’d make a video showing the process of setting up accounts and doing submissions etc. However, you can find videos detailing all these steps on the sales-page for AMR, so it would feel redundant if I made such videos as well.

Article Marketing Robot is without a doubt the best article directory submitter I’ve ever used. It works swiftly and efficiently and is a useful link-building tool, despite the failure rates and the fact that many of the directories provide only limited link value. You can’t expect any SEO miracles from doing a few AMR submissions, but used as a bulk link builder and link-hub builder in conjunction with a few other techniques and tools, it’s very useful. Couple that with the one-time price and you’ve got yourelf a very good deal. In other words: It’s not necessarily the first tool I’d spend my money on, but as a part of my SEO arsenal, I’m very happy to have Article Marketing Robot.

If you buy through my link, you can now get a discount on your purchase of Article Marketing Robot! Simply click the button below or any of the links to AMR in this article and you’ll be taken to the special discount page!

Click Here to Get the AMR Discount


I’ve added this video to clarify why Article Marketing Robot is different from the vast majority of article submission software and why I recommend it even though I recommend staying away from article submitters in general… I know, it’s a bit confusing. Watch the video below to see what I mean.

[divider] [note title="2nd UPDATE:"]

The effectiveness of Article Marketing Robot has suffered somewhat from heavy use. Many of the original article directories have been shut down or lost value, because they were flooded with low-quality articles by AMR users. It still works, but adding custom directory lists is becoming more important.


About the Author Shane Melaugh

I'm the founder of ActiveGrowth and Thrive Themes and over the last years, I've created and marketed a dozen different software, information and SaaS products. Apart from running my business, I spend most of my time reading, learning, developing skills and helping other people develop theirs. On ActiveGrowth, I want to help you become a better entrepreneur and product creator. Read more about my story here.

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  • D Baker says:

    Great review Shane…

    Did you do any testing on the effect AMR submissions make on one of your sites?


    • Shane says:

      An AMR blast is practically always followed by a bump in rankings, but that’s for pages that I’m also building other links to.
      I haven’t done any isolated testing with AMR only and I’m not sure it’s even feasible. Since there’s only one set of link sources, you can’t just keep blasting articles with the same target URL and expect a lot of movement after maybe two or three blasts.

      But yes: On pages where I’m doing other SEO stuff as well, I’ve seen jumps of a few positions (on the first page) that clearly correlated to an AMR blast.

  • I’ve been using AMR for the last month and on the whole I’ve been very impressed with it.

    I was able to easily bump an old site of mine sitting around #15 up to #7 with just one round of submissions.

    AMR certainly doesn’t have the most attractive or intuitive interface, but it is pretty flexible.

    The email sign up and confirmation features almost makes it worth the $80 on its own.

    Shane, like you, I haven’t used its own inbuilt spinning function as it’s easier for me to copy/paste from The Best Spinner.

  • Neil says:

    How does this compare in terms of results to the suggested short list used within ashelper?

    $80 is not alot of money for something that appears to be so automated but does it clearly outperform the ashelper in terms of overall results?

    • Shane says:

      It does out-perform ASH. Not that much in terms of performance but very clearly in terms of how much time it saves you. With ASH, you need to take some time to run through the submissions and you need to do a few things by hand. With Article Marketing Robot, you set everything up once and then it’s full autopilot from there on out.

      • Oren says:

        Shane, is the directory list in ASH the same as AMR? If it’s not, are you going to be updating the Custom Directories File anytime soon?

      • Shane says:

        No, the two systems are completely different.
        The directory list in ASH is as good as it’s going to get, save for extra intervention from the creator himself. Remember that I’m not technically savvy enough to add my own list of sites to the ASH list.

        However, ASH with my custom list is still excellent, especially considering that it’s free. :)

  • Saiful says:

    Hi Shane,
    I have a question (might be out of topic)
    If I have 2 articles of same targeting keyword,
    which type of submission is better?

    1. Post those 2 articles in my blog, and submit again those 2 articles to article directories.


    2. Post 1 article to my blog, and submit another article to article directories. This make my blog content unique but get half less backlinks from article directories.

    • Shane says:

      Good question…
      If you submit two articles to your blog and then submit spun versions of them to directories, that’s perfect.
      If you submit the same, identical articles (without spinning) to directories, it could lead to a few directories rejecting them (not many, though), and it will make the backlinks you get from the articles slightly less powerful, because they’re all coming from identical content. Apart from that, there’s no problem with submitting the same articles.

  • I have been using AMR for a while and it is fantastic, if you spend a little time visiting the top directories you can quickly work out which are the most common categories for your niche. This will help in your successs rate.

    I have never used the spinning function as there is no need to do this for article marketing, Google does not penalise for the same article on different sites.

    I now stick to sites with a health of over 50% and am seeing a 75% submission success rate, which equates to about 500 sites for each article. I have verified the backlinking using Google analytics.

    • Neil says:

      I am now using AMR and have to say the setup was amazing. From around 1900 sites shown the programmes managed to get around 1250 accounts opened and around 610 articles published or pending from those.

      Just out of interest how long should you leave it before you should run a links report in order to see how many real links you have generated?
      Currently after 2 days the vast majority of the links remain at pending.


      • Shane says:

        Some directories can take weeks to approve your articles. And on some, the articles will just never be approved, because the directories have been abandoned by the owners.

        I’d say whatever you find after about four to five weeks will likely be close to the maximum of links you’ll get out of one run.

  • One aspect of using AMR that I found was a little tricky is adding the spun links in the resource box.

    This is done via the usual <a href… HTML tag, but using spintax for the URLs and anchor text.

    This can sometimes get a little confusing to make sure you get the syntax correct, so I created a simple tool called Spintaxer which allows you to paste a list of URLs and Keywords and hit the button to generate the spintax version.

    This is also useful if you use ArticleRanks.

  • Hi shane. thanks for posting this review. There are lots of article marketing applications and I’m sure most article marketers are already running out of options because of quality issues. you’ve introduced another option. great job

  • John says:

    Just bought this through your link. Noticed that the captcha link is no longer working and I have to manually enter the captcha. Is there a new work around or a new place I can sign up that will take care of this problem?

    Thanks for the great reviews! Love your site!

    • Shane says:

      The decapther problem is a temporary one, if that’s what you’re referring to.
      Or what do you mean by “the captcha link”?

      Hopefully, they’ll integrate with a few more anti-captcha services soon, but I don’t know anything of concrete plans for this.

  • Chris says:

    Hi Shane,

    Great review on the AMR, i have already got this software.. but i have a question regarding this and the methods you use for Backlinks Battle plan.

    Do you use this software as well as the article methods you mention in BBP?

    eg. do you also still use article ranks and FTS to submit to as well as using AMR?



    • Shane says:

      Hi Chris,
      I don’t use FTS anymore, simply because the interface is so clumsy.
      But apart from that: Yes, I use all the resources in BBP in conjunction with paid tools such as AMR. The more the merrier. :)

  • Hi Shane, with Article Marketing Robot, would you use the same spinning method as in BBP or would you get more involved with spinning individual words/phrases – I am just wondering how ‘spun’ it has to be as it takes me ages to do anything other than the sentence spinning method you teach in BBP!

    • Shane says:

      I only ever spin sentence-by-sentence. Anything else drives me crazy.

      Correction: I hardly do any spinning myself, anymore. I have other people write my link-fodder for me.
      I honestly don’t know how well Google can detect spun content and devalue links from it and all that, all I can say is: The “simple” sentence-by-sentence spinning is what I’ve been doing for a long time and it’s served me very well (i.e. my sites keep moving up in the SERP).

  • Latha says:

    Hi Shane,

    What do you think of Rewrite Rocket? Also, what does sentence by sentence spinning mean?

    • Shane says:

      Hi Latha, I haven’t tested Rewrite Rocket yet, although I probably should, to compare it to the Best Spinner.
      Sentence-by-sentence spinning simply means that you re-write and spin entire sentences instead of individual words. Spinning words often leads to unreadable garbage articles, while spinning sentences usually leaves the articles more or less intact and readable.

  • Latha says:

    So I just write multiple versions of each sentence {sentenc ver 1| sentence ver 2} etc?

    I am considering article marketing robot vs rocket vs best spinner

    There are too many choices…

    • Shane says:

      Yes, exactly.

      Keep in mind that Best Spinner and Rewrite Rocket “only” do the spinning. Article Marketing Robot has an article spinning component, but it also submits those articles so you get backlinks from them.

  • Rosen says:

    Thanks for all the responses above (ie. AMR comments). It’s nice to be on a blog where someone actually responds.

    In your Review you said “The best way to use it is to do one round of submissions for every new page on your money sites, as well as for every major page linking back to your money site (i.e. use it for link reinforcement)”

    What is ‘every major page linking …’ are these my own sites from a totally different url or someone elses sites. Where do I list them, do you just submit an article to those thru AMR?

    Also (sorry, I’m hitting you with all my questions at once)…

    In the comment above dated Oct. 23rd from Igor Griffiths, he says “I now stick to sites with a health of over 50% and am seeing a 75% submission success rate, which equates to about 500 sites for each article.”

    This seems very important. How or where do you determine the “health” of sites? Especially, when you have so many to evaluate. And is it easy to specify submission to only those links.

    Thanks, Rosen

    • Shane says:

      With “major page linking back to your money site” what I mean is: Every site containing a backlink to your site, that is also “worth” promoting.
      For example, if it’s a blog post on a blog with high PR, that would be a major page linking back to your site.
      If it’s a crappy little bookmark, that would not be a major page.

      Hope that makes sense.

      As for the health of the directories, this is something AMR calculates and displays for you. So, you can simply look at the list of directories and see a health value, which I assume is based on how many successful submissions that site gets from all of the AMR users.

  • Alex says:

    Shane this seriously looks like it compares and competes with ArticleRanks and UAW!

    All 3 are about article distribution and AMR is a one time fee!

    Does it come down to the quality of the sites the articles get published on?

    Is the average blog in Articleranks and UAW better for SEO than the article directories used by AMR?

    With buildmyrank still closed I need to choose something else soon!

    Happy New Year!


    • Shane says:

      Hi Alex,

      Here’s the main difference between AMR and a blog network: in AMR you have a finite, limited number of target sites that you can submit to, all at once. You get tons of (mostly low quality) links on your first submission, but all consecutive submissions linking to the same page of yours are going to be of diminished value, because the links are all coming from the same sources again. To be fair, you get A LOT of targets with AMR and the list is still growing.

      With a blog network, on the other hand, you get your articles submitted to a few dozen or maybe 100 or so sites out of a pool of potentially thousands. This means you can keep submitting articles for the same target URL and (hopefully) get fresh links from new locations. The problem with blog networks is that you never know exactly how large they are, so there may be more targets in total or less, compared to AMR. You’ll never know.

      Overall, AMR is better because it has a one-time price and you can submit to all sites, every time (no random factor, apart from failed submissions).
      However, if you can have both AMR and a blog-network, that’s even better of course.

      To make a long answer short: Yes, AMR is recommended because it packs a lot of punch for a one-time fee, but it’s not 1:1 comparable with a blog network.

      Hope that helps. :)

  • Alex says:

    Very helpful Shane, thanks a lot!



  • Glenn says:

    I’d say this was a very accurate review. I recently bought AMR in mid-December 2010 and it’s been useful. It easy to learn and does the job. While it’s not a magic bullet, it is a great tool to have as part of one’s arsenal in building links.

    Thanks much,

    • Shane says:

      Thanks for the comment! Glad to see that it’s been working for you as well. :)

  • Tantan says:

    Nice review Shane, I think the link reports feature is one of its best, since other article submission tools don’t have such feature.

    • Shane says:

      Hi Tantan,
      Yes, I agree. This is an awesome feature for anyone using backlink indexing/boosting tools!

  • Chris says:

    Hi Shane,

    Great review.. I have had AMR for some time now and i LOVE IT.. It is great for many easy links as well as also being able to backlink my backlinks. I add a spun resource box onto AMR which allows me to have random links generated from the round of submissions. Mixes it up too.

    Anybody serious about backlinking and on the fence about this product shoul try the trial to see the power in the software.

  • Lorenzo says:

    Hi Shane,
    Thanks for the great review! I always learn something new from your reviews.

    You said: “if you submit two articles with links to the same URL, the second round of submissions will have limited link-value since the links will be coming from the same sources as the ones in the first round.” Does that mean that you only ever do one round of article submissions to URLs you target? And that there really isn’t much value in writing a new article and submitting it to the same directories linking back to the previous URLs? Does this also hold true for the top directories?
    Just want to get that clear in my head.

    PS: Looks like the price increased to $97. :(

    • Shane says:

      Hi Lorenzo,

      I can’t tell you exact numbers, but it’s clear that multiple links from the same site hold a lot less value than multiple links from multiple sites. I don’t know if additional links have zero value or just reduced value.

      With AMR, I usually do two rounds of submissions for any given URL (not all will be successful and not all will be discovered by Google, so two increases the odds) and then start blasting articles at second-tier sites.

      • John says:

        Does this include subpages? Would you submit an article, get links to the home page and 1 subpage and then submit again an article and target other subpages on the same domain? Or are you saying it really doesn’t matter after a few submissions even though you are targeting different subpages of the same url?

        I know this seems to be kinda confusing. Obviously you wouldn’t submit 50 articles to the same directories that link back to the same page.. Im just saying does it help to spread out the submissions to all your subpages.

        Thanks Shane!

      • Shane says:

        Yep, I treat sub-pages separately. There, you at least get the benefit of anchor-text, so even if the links don’t carry weight anymore because they’re from the same domain to the same domain, they help signal what the page is about, via anchor text.

        And with AMR, the submissions are so fast and easy that you can really just blast anything you want with it.

  • Mike says:

    Hi, I’m thinking about purchasing AMR and using it alongside your backlinkbattleplan.

    I’m also currently using BuildMyRank and outsourcing to them about 30 150 word posts a month. Each posts costs $2.50, but I’m going to outsource the writing to freelancer for about $1.00 a post.

    I was thinking about taking the 3 of the BMR posts, spin them, and then submit them to ArticleRanks, AuthorityLinkNetwork, and AMR. The posts that I submit would link back to the original BMR posts. I would then try to index as much of the links as possible.

    Do you think this would be effective in increasing the value of the BMR posts?

    • Shane says:

      Hey Mike,

      That sounds like a solid plan. If you do this consistently, I think you’d be looking at a ton of link-juice going to your site.

  • Al says:

    Hi Shane,

    Awesome review and I really appreciate you taking the time to do this.

    I was just wondering what backlink booster software and tools you use to get 2nd tier links?

    Thanks again

  • Mike says:

    Hi, I was just wondering, did you send out your Sunday update video yesterday? For some reason, I didn’t receive it.

  • Darrell says:

    Hi Shane, I have bit of a problem at the moment that I thought you might be able to help with.

    I have recently had a page on my adsense site “the only page I had good rankings for” de-indexed. The site is fairly new I only bought the domain in December, have been following the 100k strategy and building links with article ranks, build my rank, free traffic system, bookmarks, posting to web 2.0 properties, article marketing and a few profile links.

    The page is the only one de-indexed and it’s the one I have been building the most links to. Oh yeah I’m also using backlink energizer to index the profile and blog network links.

    The page is for sure deindexed I searched, and even put the full url in google search and it doesn’t show up.

    So I was wondering if you knew why this might have happen, should I be worried or should I just wait it out.

    Many thanks


    • Shane says:

      Hi Darrell,

      That’s concerning… I have to say that something like this has never happened to me. I have quite a few sites and pages that I’ve been “abusing” with heavy link building and that have extremely low quality content on them, but they are all doing fine. Was the content on this page original?
      Google made an announcement that they may now finally actually go after duplicate content, in some cases. They did roll out an algo-change and maybe your page was a victim to that. But I reall can’t say for sure.

  • John says:

    I just did an article blast using AMR to our main site. We were ranking number 3 for a very competitive term (12M) competing results and now a day after the blast our site has lost most of its rankings. That term is now on the 3rd page of google when we were number 3 for it. Why is this? We build links using many different methods, even guest post, in-content links, expired domains, legit blog comments and article marketing. This only happened after the blast to AMR. Was sent out to 2000+ sites, but our success rate was just over 900 sites.


    • Shane says:

      Hello John,

      That’s a good sign, if anything. Pages dropping heavily in rankings is a very common reaction to strong link building. Just keep building links and what usually happens is that the page will pop back up into a higher place than previously. Usually after a few days.

      I’ve been using AMR heavily for a while now and it’s never done any harm. This rankings drop is a very common thing thoug and I see it all the time.

      • John says:

        Hey Shane,

        Wouldn’t that only be for the terms or pages that were targeted? It caused the rankings of almost all our terms in google to drop.. everything. Normal traffic on a Thursday would be 1200/uniques.. we ended with just over 500, Google traffic we second behind Yahoo.

        We did come back last night.. Was back to number 3 for our main keyword, but this morning has since dropped to 6-7.

        This just makes me leery of using AMR on this site ever again.

      • Shane says:

        Yeah, it should only affect the page you were blasting with links.
        I can understand that this makes you nervous, but it really can’t be a link building problem. And if it is, the solution is easy: Do a few AMR runs for your competitor’s sites to even the odds.

  • Grateful Al says:

    I just can’t help myself, that’s some of the funniest advice I’ve heard in a long time, And if it is, the solution is easy: Do a few AMR runs for your competitor’s sites to even the odds. and maybe just possibly a little bit scary true?! (Hope John sees the irony.)

    Also, Shane, you don’t have a bunch of free stuff and bribes to get AMR via your link? Some marketing maverick you’ve turned out to be!

    • Shane says:

      It is actually serious, to a certain degree. If Google should ever punish you for any type of link building, take good note of it and repeat that for any site ranking ahead of yours. I don’t see it ever happening, but you never know.

      I’ve never done the “buy through my link to get tons of crap you don’t need!” thing. I’m sure it would increase conversions, but it would also hurt the credibility of my reviews.

      • Grateful Al says:


        I hope you realize, I’ve known for along time what you’re marketing principles are and that’s why you are on my (very) short list of those still hitting my inbox. As it is for so many others that have made the same evaluation and commented along the way to that effect.

        I just wanted you to understand I was just having some fun since I just got a “review” notice about AMR and their promise of the hugely-motivating-obligatory- bonus package they’ll offer up next week when their “testing”, and review, is done. The contrast tickled me, again.

        As far as using certain SEO techniques to ‘bomb’ the competition: That was something I came across long ago in a response to what I believe was a forum debate between some pseudo experts (complete with tin-foil hats) that saw all the evasive gremlins dwelling in the machines of Google that were eagerly waiting to ambush those that tried certain legitimate, and proven tactics.

        I can’t remember which technique it was at the time and it doesn’t really matter the membership site or particular forum. The response to the critics was exactly the same. That was basically that if the idea being proposed would ‘punish’ webmasters, that rebuttal was based on quicksand. For if what they insisted was true, and as harmful as was being argued, then by all means do it to your competitors, before they do it to you. Logic that was hard to beat, especially when proven quite effective over time.

        In other words, it would be a more effective use of one’s time to invest in destroying the competition, than investing in building your own business using the techniques. It turned out this was kind of the first documentation of what later became commonly known as the “Google Bounce.” (And yes, there is Black Hat techniques and all that, but, the point is, even then would it be more productive to focus on attacking others or building your own solid presence?)

        So, all that considered, I was just having a little fun. Your response seemed to indicate it needed a little more background.

      • Shane says:

        No worries. I got that you weren’t being entirely serious. I guess I was just compelled to reply anyway. :)

  • Amberen says:

    Shane, I think there’s at least one affiliate who’s offering a discount on AMR. Are you able to do that, too, so that I can get it via your link?

    • Shane says:

      Thanks for the tip! I didn’t know about the discount before, but I got a discount link from the creator of AMR as well and have now changed all the links in the article to go to the discount page.

  • Amberen says:

    Not a problem. I installed the trial version, so it might be embedded with the link from the other affiliate, but since I heard about it from you first, I’ll try to be sure I purchase through your link.

  • Erick says:

    I tried the trial version and successfully submitted quite a few hundred over the course of five days, but not many if any at all of the links seems to be showing up. Do you have this problem? Would you just ping the pages?

    • Shane says:

      That depends on where you are looking for the backlinks? Note that most backlink analysis tools only find a small percentage of total backlinks. Especially Yahoo Site Explorer, which used to be a go-to solution, is becoming increasingly useless.

  • Kurt says:

    I’ve been a big fan of Article Marketing robot since it launched on the warrior forum for like $40.

    I’ve used pretty much every article submission software that’s been out there in the last few years, and this is without a doubt the best out there.

    However, interestingly enough, I’ve been checking results from an old standard, UAW, and to my surprise, for any given campaign I’ve started in the last few months….for the links that actually went live, the indexing rate was very high, more than 3-4x what it was for AMR submissions.

    Anyway, great site here with good, honest reviews.

  • Simon says:

    what is the cost of Capthas like runing this software – I reckon it will cost $10-15 per run which is steep considering the poor quality of the links – am I missing something?

  • Hi Shane,

    I’m going to buy AMR this week, but I wanted to ask first, have you had the chance to use Article Demon? If so how would you compare the two side by side? Both are available for a one time price which is fantastic. Article Demon is a bit pricier though but does allow for adding your own link targets. Your thoughts?

    • Shane says:

      I’ve not had the chance to test Article Demon myself, unfortunately. Because of that, I don’t want to make any recommendations for or against it.

  • Nikki says:

    I am considering buying AMR but I just learned about your Backlink Battleplan 2.0 program. Do you think that you need AMR and the Backlink Battleplan?

    • Shane says:

      Hi Nikki,
      Thanks for your comment.
      The two are completely different. AMR is a software tool and BBP is a strategy. You can use either individually or combine them both.

  • jason says:

    Hi Shane.

    Thanks for the review. In the video you show the quote (that you agree with) that says Magic Submitter is “useless”, unlike AMR. Yet the Magic Submitter is on your recommended list! Any comments? Am I missing something? Thanks

    • Shane says:

      Hi Jason,

      I assume that the quote was referring to specifically the article submission part of Magic Submitter, which I’d agree is pretty useless. However, the Web 2.0 posting, video posting, PDF posting etc. features in Magic Submitter are solid.

      Concerning AMR: please see the second update to the review. Because of heavy use, AMR is no longer as useful as it was at the time of testing.

  • Jason says:

    Thanks Shane. Like lots of people I’m now trying to find a good method to replace build my rank!

  • >