Huge Profit from a Free Product – Podcast Episode 22

The most beneficial product I ever created for my business was one I gave away for free.

In today’s podcast episode, you’ll discover what product this was and why it was such a great success (even though it was not monetized with upsells or other direct promotions).

Plus, we derive 3 important lessons from this case study, that you can apply to your own products or services. Check out the audio and video versions of the podcast below, to see what it’s all about:

Podcast Video


Podcast Audio

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Key Lessons:

  • Choosing a very narrow focus for the product paid off.
  • Digging deep/getting immersed in the topic and questioning what most people were teaching also paid off.
  • I made the product “packaging” as appealing as possible. Maximum production value.
  • Production value wasn’t actually that great because my budget was practically zero, but it’s still worth doing what you can. Also: just do significantly better than your competition.
  • If I would have put the same information into a poorly formatted PDF or just published a wall-of-text blog post, none of the positive consequences would have happened.
  • Even if not objectively better, being noticeably different from your competitors is an advantage.
  • Updated site and content several times. Didn’t only win partnerships, but also fans, respect, trust.

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