We’re About To Destroy Your Dreams (to Help You Build a Better Business)

Let's go for a hike! At the end of the hike, we'll get to the top of a beautiful mountain with breathtaking views of the crystal clear lake below and the pine forest that surrounds it.

Sound good? 

Well, we also want you to take your most durable boots, food for 3 days, a first aid kit and a rifle that can stop an angry bear. Then you might make it.

You see, coming up with a fantastic business idea is like imagining watching the sunset from the mountain top. It's fun to dream of the end goal but the road that leads there is way harder than you imagine. If you aren't prepared for a hard journey, you'll never get there. 

In this episode, we're giving you the best strategy we know to prevent you from losing all your time, money and self-respect by starting on a business or project that just won't work. 

We're about to destroy your dreams and wipe that enthusiastic smile off of your face... and you'll be grateful for it.


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What You'll Discover in this Episode:

  • Why having amazing ideas is not enough and how you can see things more realistically.
  • Positive thinking is not always the answer: Know in advance what might go wrong and you can save a lot of time, money and headache. We'll tell you how.
  • Calculate, estimate, project: What are the numbers that you can know before you get started and how to use them to your advantage to validate your business idea.
  • How to reverse engineer the exact number of customers, leads, visitors you will need to break even.
  • Planned pessimism can make you more creative - the sooner you figure out that your idea is not working, the easier it will be to modify that idea.
  • How to plan in order to know all the steps you need to take - including the one you need to take right now! 
  • Procrastination is your enemy: busting the myth of "catching up later" and waiting for the perfect idea to arrive. 
  • How to use this strategy for smaller projects, like writing a blog post or creating a new product.
  • Example on the spot: We're breaking down the numbers for you in the podcast.
  • Writing a business plan that will give you all the steps, numbers, deadlines and vision, can be done in a few minutes and has nothing to do with a corporate document.


Time to Plan

Whether you're about to start a whole new business, create a new product or just write a blog post, try to apply the advice we've given you and see how your idea changes.

Let us know in the comment section if it had made things clearer for you and gave you new ideas for the next step. 

We'd also love to hear your own experience, stories, suggestions and questions.

As always, we're happy to get any feedback, questions, tips and stories in the comments below or leave us a voice message by hitting the green button below:

See you next week with another episode!

About the Author Alexandra Kozma

Alexandra is a traveling marketer. When she is not editing podcast episodes or writing blog posts, she's out there exploring a new city. She's the creator of the Morning Mindset daily mindfulness journal.