It’s Time to Quit… IMP#30

There’s conflicting advice out there for an entrepreneur like you: on the one hand, we’re told to never give up, to pick ourselves up and keep going after each failure and scramble over any obstacle in our way.

On the other hand, we’re told to be smart and know when to quit, because you don’t want to be endlessly fighting a losing battle, right? And even if you’re not outright quitting, you should be flexible and “pivot” your business to make it better match the market.

But how do you know whether staying the course, pivoting or walking away is the right decision to make, in the moment? In today’s (short) podcast episode, I propose a simple answer to this question:

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  • How to Escape from Pivot Limbo – if you’re stuck in your business, this post helps you analyze your current situation and make the right decision to get un-stuck.
  • Stop the Premature Pivot (podcast) – more details about when you need to make a change and when you need to get more data, before making a change in your business.
  • The Impact System – my entire, detailed system for creating products, launching them and scaling them up (yes, all this is free content).

I hope you enjoyed this mini-episode. If you have any questions, thoughts or your own stories to share, please leave a comment below!

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