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May 6, 2012 , 18 Comments

In this post, you can watch the replay of our website clinic webinar, where we showed live examples of how to improve websites to make them better and more profitable.

In addition, you’ll also discover the easiest ways to replicate the tests we utilized during the webinar and you’ll find a list of all the sites and resources we mentioned during the call.

Read on to get everything you need, to start making more sales from your site as well.

Webinar Replay

Watch the video below to see the full website clinic webinar recording:
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You can also download the video recording here, if you prefer. Plus, if you can’t get enough, you can see a short “bonus footage” video, from the after-hours part of the webinar: bonus video.

How to Construct a Blur Test Using Free Online Tools

On the webinar, we did “blur tests” for each of the sites that we looked at. Blur tests are a great way of identifying the areas of high contrast on your site as these are the areas that naturally draw the eyes of your readers and therefore get their attention.

The idea is to take a screenshot of your web site, use an image editing tool to desaturate the colours and then run a Gaussian blur filter to the point where you can’t make out the text on the page.

If you’re not a graphics designer and you don’t really understand the terms that I’ve just mentioned – have a look at this very quick tutorial below where I show you how you can construct a blur test for your own site using only free tools that you can access online:

  1. Take a print screen of your landing page. To do this simply search for the “Prt Scr” button if you’re a PC user or Apple Key + Shift + 3 if you’re a Mac user. keyboardPrintScreen2
  2. Now you have an image of your web site saved to your clipboard that you can use. The next step is to navigate to a great little site called and create a new image:
  3. Click “Create a New Image” and then specify the height and width of the canvas.  You’ll need to make sure that the canvas size is at least as big as the resolution of your monitor so that your screen grab fits!
  4. Go to the “Edit” menu and then click “Paste”
  5. Now you should have an image of your web site in the online web editor.  The next step is to desaturate the colours in the image.  You can do that by going to “Adjustment” and then “Desaturate”
  6. Finally, you simply need to apply the Gaussian blur.  Simply head to the “filters” menu and then select “Gaussian Blur”.  You should change the level of the blur so that you can’t make out any of the text on the page.  I used a setting of 60:

  7. You now have the perfect blur test image  for your site!  You can also zoom out a little (view -> zoom out). This makes it easier to take in the whole page at a glance. Here’s an example blur test for the the very post you’re currently looking at:-

Further Resources

Another method we used on the webinar was the “five second test”. This is a test to determine how clear the purpose of your site is and how intuitive and easy to understand your navigation and site layout are.

You can do a five second test by showing and web page to someone you know (but who hasn’t seen the page yet) for five seconds and then asking them about it. For a more systematic approach, you can also check out the five second test service, which is a tool provided by Usability Hub.

The following tools and resources were also mentioned during the webinar:

Did you enjoy the webinar and this post? Do you want to see more content like this in the future? Please leave a comment below, to let us know!

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  • Hey Shane great webinar. I took a lot of notes from it and learned quite a bit.

    I’m wondering how did you get the “click to play” and “full-screen” text and arrows on your video still?


  • Hi Shane,

    Enjoyed the webinar even if I didn’t get to sleep until 5am (Thailand). I tried to ask this question but maybe it got missed or was off subject. However, as this webinar was about having a website that people engaged with I thought it was important.

    Here goes;

    The EU cookie law will force businesses to obtain consent for all forms of website tracking from users. Thereby asking them to agree to accept cookies from your website. This must be stated before they have even entered your website ($500,000 fine if not asked).

    Now, my question is this. How will you make this engaging/acceptable to potential visitors without losing them before they have even looked at you website?



    ps. Article in The Telegraph explains more:


    • This is a really interesting question – I’ve been reading into this as much as possible but the guidelines seem a little vague or unreasonably strict.

      We don’t actually drop any of our own cookies on this blog ourselves, however we do use tools like Google Analytics and their technology is based entirely on dropping cookies to log visitor activity. From what I understand, we STILL need to ask permission from the end user which is going to make user experience far more frustrating and make our stats far less complete given that a far smaller percentage will opt in to enable tracking.

      I’d imagine that the Analytics tools will innovate some slick and user friendly ways of getting permission to log stats. It’s definitely in their interests to look into this problem.

      I have to admit, I’m quite frustrated by this whole incentive – this seems to be a step too far.


      • Peter Gray says:

        I wonder if this is the simplest solution for now?

        It seems to cost about $33 per site. I don’t know if there are any other deals.

    • My gut reaction to the law is this: move your business away from countries that enforce the law (it’s pretty easy to incorporate in some countries).
      I’ll have to look into this, but I assume that if you have, say, a US-based company, the law doesn’t apply, even if you get traffic from EU countries.
      If this is the case, then the best thing that can happen is a massive drain of business and taxes away from the EU and to non-EU countries, which would get the law dropped pretty quickly.

      As I said: that’s just my gut reaction and I’ll have to do some digging to see if it’s a viable option.


      • There has been some back-tracking on the Cookie Law for the EU. Here is the info:

        It appears that simply putting something like this on your home page will now do the trick (at least this is my wording for compliance):

        “To comply with new EU regulations, we are required to inform you that as with every other website on the planet, our site stores cookies on your computer. You can find our Cookie Policy here.”

        And the link can be to your Privacy Policy page. Here is the link to mine – which comes from the same legal centre source, and uses their wording for compliance:

        No need to spend extra on unsightly pop-ups! Just tuck the new words onto your home page somewhere reasonably prominent, and link it to your Privacy Page – job done -.

        What nonsense eh? :)

  • Hi Shane / Paul

    A great webinar so will incoporate all of these into next website – too late I think for my current one which based on this webinar is terrible.

    Paul mentioned some code that ensured that other people’s You Tube videos were not shown but I coulnt hear it properly – can you let me ( and everyone else know)



  • Your webinar is the only one I’d watch on a Saturday night – Really enjoyed it & learned a lot. Thanks Shane :)


  • Great webinar Shane.

    I took a lot of notes and will be implementing some changes to my websites immediately. Thank-you for your willingness to freely share this valuable information.

    Ian McConnell
    Western Australia


    • Hi Ian,

      Cool! Please feel free to report back if you see any improvements. Would love to know how the changes affect the site’s performance. :)


  • Hi Shane

    Just a quick response to your email re your computer crashing, and to add my voice to the host who are screaming at you “buy a Mac!” ;-)

    I ditched PCs four years ago and have never regretted that decision, not once, not for a milli-second. They are so much better engineered, the support is awesome, and the company creative ethic inspires me (and yes, I know they are not perfect but who is?).

    Just something to consider: Why is it that every single Mac user I’ve ever met loves them to bits and would never go back to a PC?

    hope you join the “club”, ;-)



    • Haha, okay. :)
      I’m still rather attached to PCs. Don’t know if I can ever be converted, but we’ll see.


  • Hello Shane,

    I transfer articles from word into WordPress. So I’m guessing that the code would made it harder for spiders to crawl the site and not help with rankings. That’s why it’s bad right?

    Do you know if another program like notepad would be better?


    • Hi Kevin,

      Yeah, I can’t imagine that it’s not a disadvantage, having all that extra “junk” in the code.
      If you look at the WP editor, there is actually a “Paste from Word” button, if you expand the editor to show all options. Even using that isn’t ideal, though.

      Personally, I compose all my posts and content right inside WP. Especially with the new fullscreen mode, it’s really no less convenient than any other text editor, IMO.


  • Thank you for your response, I just have 1 last question and I will leave u alone.

    How do you write on your videos because it looks great.


    • There’s a feature in Camtasia for adding arrows and boxes and other elements that look hand-drawn.

      The handwritten parts on the video thumbnail are made in photoshop, using a font that looks like hand-writing.


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