Podcast Episode 5

September 30


Podcast Episode 5

In this episode of the IM Impact podcast, Shane Melaugh and Paul McCarthy discuss the importance of adding emotional appeal to blog posts and other content. We also talk about some things we want to change about this website (and why) and some things that will never change (and why not).

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Sorry about the audio quality on my end. The recording switched to the webcam mic instead of using my nice, high-quality mic and I didn’t notice.

Also, this week in “what the %&#@! did he just say?!”: my comment about art degrees came out sounding rather condescending. Since I’m a dropout myself, you can imagine that I don’t actually care about anyone’s credentials, unless they’re a doctor and I have a medical issue. I personally have no less respect for creative people than I do for anyone else. My “no one takes them seriously” comment was meant as an observation of the perceived value of different degrees. Just like if you study sociology, it’s somehow not seen as much as the real deal as, say, studying physics. So, it’s about perceptions, not about “real life” value.

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About ​Shane Melaugh

I'm the founder of ActiveGrowth and Thrive Themes and over the last years, I've created and marketed a dozen different software, information and SaaS products. Apart from running my business, I spend most of my time reading, learning, developing skills and helping other people develop theirs. On ActiveGrowth, I want to help you become a better entrepreneur and product creator. Read more about my story here.

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  • I see what you mean by your comment on the idea that people don’t take some college degrees seriously.

    Some people might stress over this because they feel their paper doesn’t carry any weight in the real world like a medical doctor’s or an engineer’s does.

    It seems to me that a person with wisdom can look at the phase someone went through at 18-22 and know for a fact that this wasn’t a “serious” time in their life and that for the people who pursued a “serious” profession, it wasn’t because they wanted to, but more so because they were living up to a parent’s expectation of them.

    What I do believe people take seriously is your answer to “What do you do?”

    If you answer this powerfully and succinctly with a reply that implies you’re an important asset to some audience because you help them solve problems, then I believe the question of your schooling is irrelevant. Especially if they have the problem you solve.

    People don’t place as much importance on what you’ve done as they do on what you’re doing right now to make the world a better place.

    It comes down to the answer Tony Robbins gives if he’s ever questioned about his “psychology/therapist credentials”. He tells people, “I’ve got PHD in getting results.” And I have found this to be true in my world as well.


    • Absolutely! It’s all about results, as far as I’m concerned.


  • 1. Adding text and photos to your About Me page makes sense. You could talk about your strengths [the blog’s strengths] and where they came from, just by including more of a bio. For example, does your gift for in-depth analysis come from your folks, the school system, the culture/s you grew up in, thinking in a certain language? (For example, Eskimo languages have numerous words for snow that other languages lack.) Right now it is a bit as tho you beamed down from outer space- a tad thin about who Shane is, and why the reader should listen.

    2. Do you really think a motivational post would be a fluff post? LOL! We are only as good as our thinking, and our ability to act. Much of IM is personal mindset, and the willingness to persist in the absence of current results. :-)


    • Saying a motivational post is automatically fluff is painting with a broad brush, I agree.

      It’s true that motivation and inspiration can be really valuable, but at least for me, there are already too many blogs that are all about motivation and inspiration and not enough about actual, practical stuff.


  • Hey Shane & Paul- as someone who was expelled from school before I got to university I resonate with much of what you say.

    My lack of qualifications didn’t stop me from training managers with multi-million pound budgets or coaching millionaire businessmen. In fact because of my experience in the real world I believe I ended up better “qualified” than most who went the conventional career route.

    I also agree that multi-tasking is a total nonsense idea. With maybe a few exceptions, most everyone works more efficiently by focusing on one project at a time. I read recently that the latest brain research is showing that even women are not the great multi-taskers we were once led to believe.

    The only thing multi-tasking has been stunningly successful at is in creating massive stress for millions of people (and if anyone wants to know my qualifications for saying this, I taught stress management for best part of a decade to some of the largest organisations in the UK, as well as running a private practice in various forms of therapy for going on 20 years).

    Cheers for another authentic offering. Inspiring as usual.



    • Thanks for your reply, Leo!

      From my understanding, multi-tasking is actually task-switching, in practice (when you look at what happens in the brain of a multi-tasker). So it’s not really doing two things at the same time, it’s switching back and forth between two things.

      The problem I have is that I seem to have difficulties with multi-tasking even in a larger context. For example, when I really focus on my business, I make good progress, but my life tends to suffer in other areas (e.g. health). I struggle finding a good, sustainable balance.


  • You’ve no doubt heard this before but I feel its worth repeating to help drive the point home. People don’t want mortgage loans they want houses, if they could move into a house without getting a loan they would never visit a loan officer.

    Shane and Paul above all else people want to be entertained, that’s why athletes get millons and teachers get paltry wages…just something to keep in mind.


    • Too true.

      Although for readers of this site, I’d say that what they want is a result, such as a successful online business.
      If I could just make them have a successful business, they’d never read my stuff, even if it was entertaining.

      So I need to find an effective way to get them to the desired result.


  • I can’t remember how I found IMImpact – but it took me NO time at all to work out I had found something valuable. (And yes the navigation was/is a bit of a muddle, it took a while to get subscribed, and I didn’t quite work out the relationship between IM Impact and some of the products) But after 10 months I am still here!

    I had already realised that what I had learned about Keyword research was crap – and I was looking to find someone who knew what they were talking about. And it was obvious that you did. So this led me to do the keyword research training and then sign-up for SECockpit. I did the training because I really knew that I needed to understand the subject, and I signed up for the product because once I understood the subject, I immediately recognised the Product’s value.

    Then I found the Back-Link Battleplan, and that was the next thing I needed. And I know with the recent Google update, that the BattlePlan needs re-strtategising. However, from my experience, it was my NEED that brought me here, and it was the SOLUTIONS to my needs that keeps me here. And one drawback for me is that the most recent solutions have been WP based – and I don’t use WP – and maybe you have a big enough niche with WP IMers.

    Perhaps one approach would be to draw a Map of the NEEDS (Problems) to which an Internet Marketer NEEDS solutions, and link these in some sort of a logical progression, so that when someone finds the blog, they can be taken from where they ARE to where they want to BE. And this can be done at whatever level they come in at. (You could even use this thinking to re-index some of the posts.)

    You are going through the process yourselves, you know the roadblocks, and you know the solutions – and this is where what you have learn’t helps your audience.
    You have apparently hit a manpower roadblock – is there an Outsourcing solution to this? And if there is, what worked for you and what did not? (Another case-study).

    You can obviously identify Product Solutions to certain problems. This then begs the question as to whether you are building a company selling one-off bits and pieces of software, as and when you identify the product need, and can get the software launched – or whether you are a training company, that ALSO comes up with Product software solutions. In this latter model, the Product Solutions can be used to draw people into the blog – or training/teaching content. One obvious way to do that is to focus on building an affiliate data-base list.

    As Entrepreneurs, we have a tendency to have a dozen good ideas before breakfast….. it is part of our strength and part of our weakness. From the podcast, I feel that a day or two of think-tanking, and re-prioritising what you have done, and what you are doing, and what you would like to become, would be really beneficial. It would be an opportunity to allow you to tie down a Road Map, and then go on to colour in the gaps in the Map, and decide where to focus your resources. And it make take a while, but you get one thing finished, and you move onto the next. (No multi-tasking).

    I don’t think I comment on your posts because of their humour – I love the humour, and it comes out not just in the odd visual stunt, but in the presentation – however, I participate because I feel an empathy, and I feel supported, and it is both fun AND serious – with no over-hyped bullshit.

    Best – Michael


  • Just thinking about the presentation/setup of your podcast…

    I don’t know what it is.. but I just get this ‘unsettling’ feeling, knowing that Paul is in the other room, while you are in the closet!

    I keep thinking… boy, this is strange… but maybe its just me?!

    Not sure if this is any better though, but anyhow… how about you set it up like a kind of radio-show interview kind of thingy… facing each other, in the SAME room!

    Plus… was looking forward to the raining-money ending.. but, nothing.. dry :( !



    • Haha! I’d never thought this could be an issue. We might try a setup in the same room. We’ll have to test.

      As for the closet: it’s not really a closet. It’s a small room that was converted into a giant walk-in closet. And I converted it back into a small office.


  • Steven Perini says:


    Were you trying to appeal to my belief that I’m intelligent? I like your straight “advertising doesn’t work on me” I’m glad to be a part of that club, you may have my email but you will not make a living off of me (directly).


    • Steven Perini says:

      Shane, my above post reads quite harsh, but as a legitimate anticonsumer following your blog I would take it as a compliment, I do appreciate your content enough to check in once a month.


  • Wow what a great podcast…! I felt the same way in college and never completed and went back a couple times and felt the same again. It however had no impact on my success… I have always wondered why the general education system teaches in such a complicated way. Why do we put people through such brutal nonsense in learning.

    I have always laughed myself about people that have to use big words to make themselves somehow feel smart when they talk or write.

    Just say what you need to say…

    I recently bought you hybridconnect what a great product. But I been listing to some of your podcast while I work on some of my sites. Love the integrity and straight forward approach to just saying how things are.

    I really like your site and see it as a top creditable source and in fact have referred it to some of my close friends already. No get rich quick crap. I been in IM for 13 years plus full time. I know quality when I see it.

    Keep up the good work…!



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