Podcast Episode 5

Podcast Episode 5

In this episode of the IM Impact podcast, Shane Melaugh and Paul McCarthy discuss the importance of adding emotional appeal to blog posts and other content. We also talk about some things we want to change about this website (and why) and some things that will never change (and why not).

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Sorry about the audio quality on my end. The recording switched to the webcam mic instead of using my nice, high-quality mic and I didn’t notice.

Also, this week in “what the %&#@! did he just say?!”: my comment about art degrees came out sounding rather condescending. Since I’m a dropout myself, you can imagine that I don’t actually care about anyone’s credentials, unless they’re a doctor and I have a medical issue. I personally have no less respect for creative people than I do for anyone else. My “no one takes them seriously” comment was meant as an observation of the perceived value of different degrees. Just like if you study sociology, it’s somehow not seen as much as the real deal as, say, studying physics. So, it’s about perceptions, not about “real life” value.

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