Podcast, Episode 11: You Are Now Thinking in Assets

How useful would it be to you, if you could gain more monetary value from every hour you invest in your business?

In this podcast episode, you’ll discover one way of doing just that. It’s about a major shift in focus that both Paul, myself have made (and thousands of entrepreneurs made before us). After listening to this episode, you’ll see how you can make better and safer (long term) investments when working on your business.

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About the Author Shane Melaugh

I'm the founder of ActiveGrowth and Thrive Themes and over the last years, I've created and marketed a dozen different software, information and SaaS products. Apart from running my business, I spend most of my time reading, learning, developing skills and helping other people develop theirs. On ActiveGrowth, I want to help you become a better marketer and product creator. Read more about my story here.

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