How Can I Make Money From My Blog? Discover the Unconventional Answer

It's a simple and straight forward question - and one that is asked often: how to make money from a blog?

In today's post, I give my usual style of unconventional and strategic answer to this question.

By the end of it, you may not be swimming in passive income, but you'll have a perspective that allows you to see through a lot of marketing talk around the topics of blogging and passive income.​


What No One Tells You About Blogging

Watch the video above to see "behind the curtain" of the biggest misconception about blogging.

Does that Mean Passive Income Doesn't Exist?

It may sound like I'm saying that a value based business is the only possible way to make money, but that's not what I'm getting at.​ It is possible to run a blog that generates income and it's also possible to do it through sources that are usually associated with "passive", such as affiliate marketing and advertising.

While my recommendation is that you start off by selling a simple product right away, there are other viable business models. However, the key to making them work is that you have a deeper understanding of them.

Even if you want to build an affiliate business, understanding what unique value you can offer to your audience, that will make them want to pay attention to you and trust your recommendations is crucial. And so is understanding exactly what the vendors are looking for, that you are an affiliate of. 

A mediocre affiliate just sends traffic and hopes for the best (hint: all the guys constantly flooding your inbox with affiliate offers? Mediocre affiliates.). A good affiliate has an understanding of product, marketplace and demographics that is similar to that of a product vendor.​

Over to You

The video above was one that I made off the cuff, as a response to a question that someone sent me. With it, I've touched on a subject that I want to explore in more depth, in future posts and I'd love your support in making that happen.

Please leave a comment, letting me know your thoughts and impressions of today's post. Does the concept make sense to you? Can you apply this to your own business? What questions do you have about it?

Your feedback will help me create better and more actionable content, so I really appreciate it.

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