Why You Should Sell an Ebook on a Single-Column Sales Page

November 20, 2014 ​- 18 Comments

If you want to build an amazing, huge business that will change the world, you should start by selling an ebook on a simple, single-column sales page.

That might seem like strange advice, but watch the video below to see how starting with something simple has several benefits (including ones I bet you didn’t think of) and how you can use it as a “skill builder”:

Links & Resources

  • The Impact System – everything you need to know about creating and selling your first product.
  • The Grind – the underlying principle behind all this: build your skills via real-world practice (and why this is really the only skill you need in life).
  • Why you should publish crappy landing pages – another example of how useful small, simple steps are in giving you forward momentum.

What it comes down to is that there are already many obstacles and potential excuses facing anyone who starts a business. The more complex the thing you set out to create, the more obstacles you’re placing in your own path.

I advocate this method of starting with something very simple and getting it published quickly, because it’s hard to over-state the importance of momentum. Once you get started and if you keep deliberately building your skills, the proverbial ball will keep rolling. Before you know it, you’re building that big, world-changing business and instead of a nearly impossible task, it feels like the logical next thing to do.

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  • juan Colome says:

    Any time I get an email from Shane I shake with excitement cause I now there’s always something great on other end and can apply to my business.

  • Thanks Shane! Great advice, as always.

  • Shane is brilliant and he gives great advice, Its so good to have a vendor that you can continuously learn from and one that tries hard to develop a world wide business for themselves. I learn from this company every time I take a look at what they deliver. I am not a web guy and I wish I can learn to the level to be self sufficient with Thrive. Can someone point me in the right direction as to what resources I can go to learn how to develop a WEB site from scratch using the tools Shane provides. I have subscribed to the Thrive Content builder and the Themes.

  • Thanks Shane! I love watching your videos, as they’re always very useful and loaded with good tips that are possible to apply straight away! And what better product than TCB to implement with! I was wondering if you can guide us to some good examples of landing pages selling eBooks?

    • That’s a good idea, Thor. It’s been a long time since I sold an ebook myself, so I’m afraid I don’t have any examples of my own. But I will do some research to find good examples and maybe we can also create some Thrive Landing Pages based on those.

  • Shane – great job brother. Simple, direct, keep moving the marble forward advice.

  • Paul Boyer says:

    There is now only one person in this whole industry, and I do mean the whole industry, including the supposed very “best of the best” marketers, that I religiously open emails from and read / watch the content. That is Shane.

    There is only Shane that I actually refer others to also, I resend all of his emails to my list of associates. . . That really says it all :)

    • Thank you very much, Paul. I will do my best to live up to praise like this.

  • Shane,

    The coolest thing about your emails is that they actually meet the “should be so valuable that people will drop what they are doing and go read them NOW” criterion.

    Many preach this, some strive for this, but very few actually achieve it *and* MAINTAIN it (where the real art lies).

    Unreservedly, I can say you are one of the very, very few.

    Thank you.


    • Thank you very much, Trevor! I’m still nervous about every piece of content I release, because I want it to have this effect, but I’m never sure if it’s good enough.

  • Hi Shane, Thanks for info its refreshing to get some real honest advice and keep things simple as industry overwhelmed with confusion and overcomplicate advice.

    I firmly believe in keeping life and business simple and provide a great service, like you guys do it means a lot the content you share and advice is well received – Thanks sincerely


  • I have been giving away an Ebook to people that subscribe to my blog autoresponder. Maybe I should start charging $2.99 or so and see if that increases conversions?

    • Worth trying, yes. Or, create a different ebook and offer it to all of your new subscribers. That way you still get the leads, but you can also convert some of them into buyers right away.

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