Why You Should Sell an Ebook on a Single-Column Sales Page

If you want to build an amazing, huge business that will change the world, you should start by selling an ebook on a simple, single-column sales page.

That might seem like strange advice, but watch the video below to see how starting with something simple has several benefits (including ones I bet you didn’t think of) and how you can use it as a “skill builder”:


Links & Resources

  • The Impact System – everything you need to know about creating and selling your first product.
  • The Grind – the underlying principle behind all this: build your skills via real-world practice (and why this is really the only skill you need in life).
  • Why you should publish crappy landing pages – another example of how useful small, simple steps are in giving you forward momentum.

What it comes down to is that there are already many obstacles and potential excuses facing anyone who starts a business. The more complex the thing you set out to create, the more obstacles you’re placing in your own path.

I advocate this method of starting with something very simple and getting it published quickly, because it’s hard to over-state the importance of momentum. Once you get started and if you keep deliberately building your skills, the proverbial ball will keep rolling. Before you know it, you’re building that big, world-changing business and instead of a nearly impossible task, it feels like the logical next thing to do.

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