Why You Should Publish Crappy Landing Pages

On the Thrive Themes webiste, I recently published some sales pages and landing pages that… well, let’s just say they aren’t ideal. They may not be catastrophically bad, but if I look at the best sales pages I’ve ever created and compare that to these new pages, a huge difference in quality is apparent.

So, why did I publish these pages? And why am I recommend you do the same? Watch this video to find out if there’s a good reason or if I’ve just gone mad:


So, a Funny Thing Happened…

I made this video, wrote this quick post and I was ready to publish it right away. But then I didn’t.

Not because of undue perfectionism (for once), but because it dawned on me that what I was talking about in this video was really, really important. And it was missing a practical part. It was all about what to do but not about how to do it.

So I decided to put together a simple example of this principle in action… and I admit that I got a bit carried away with that.

The result is an entire mini-course that I created, with practical examples of how to rapidly build “crappy” (actually quite decent) landing pages. Get it here:

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