Is “Bright-Shiny-Object Syndrome” Keeping You from Growing Your Business?

Do you think coming up with a good idea for a product or learning the skills to build it is hard? If you've tried launching your own product or service before, you know that there's one thing that's even harder: shipping it! 

We're here with a brand new podcast series that we named "Your Job Is To Ship".

As the title says, in this series we're discussing why shipping is the most important part of your business, why so many of us fail to do so and leave projects unfinished, and, most importantly: what you can do to get better at shipping quicker. 

It's time to take that unfinished book out of your drawer and stop abandoning projects that you've been meaning to finish. 


In the first episode of this series, Shane and Hanne are talking about how you can stop always going for the newest, most attractive tools, products, information products that keep distracting you from focusing on your goal.

Listen to this episode to get our six, tested and highly practical action steps.

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Episode Transcript 

Bonus Content

We're putting together a course with all the action steps from this podcast series. You can register here to access the first part of the course right away.

This will also give you access to all the future parts of the course, which will be added as the new episodes are released. In the first part of the course, you will also find the example spreadsheet Hanne mentioned in this episode.

In This Episode, You Discover:

    • How PayPal can make you purchase more stuff online
    • Why you shouldn't read the latest marketing blog posts all the time
    • Why you shouldn't focus on publishing a book to actually publish it
    • How your business will benefit from you shipping more 
    • Six practical action steps you can take today that will help you be more focused on your project and stop you from getting distracted
    • Why building your mailing list is sometimes quicker if you don't set up a website and an opt-in form.


    Watch the full Seth Godin talk, from which we played a clip in the intro (and which, in part, inspired this entire series):

    Speaking of creativity and resourcefulness, here's a video that is both inspiring and entertaining. An example of what being resourceful can mean, even relating to very simple things:

    What Distracts You?

    Do you also suffer from the bright shiny object syndrome that prevents you from focusing on your goal? Which of our tips are you going to implement and why?

    Let us know in the comments below!

    See you next week with another episode!

    About the Author Alexandra Kozma

    Alexandra is a traveling marketer. When she is not editing podcast calls or writing blog posts, she's out there exploring a new city. She helps Hungarians become digital nomads.