3 Months of Intensive Marketing and Business Building – IMP#040

What happens if you take 6 bright, creative marketers who are eager to learn, bring them together in an apartment in a vibrant European city... and make them work and learn with me for 3 months straight?

Even though that's a question no one in particular was asking, I wanted to find out. So I did this as a marketing and recruitment experiment.

In today's podcast, the guinea pigs from this experiment talk about what it was like and what the biggest marketing and business lessons were, that they took away from this experience.​


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3 Months of Marketing Craziness

Listen to the episode to discover:

  • The amazing effect that surrounding yourself with the right kind of people (and creating the right kind of culture) has on your productivity.
  • What the street-hustlers of Barcelona have in common with online marketing.
  • The "zero excuses" approach to managing tasks, goals and deadlines.
  • The one thing we focused on to make sure we delivered awesome results (almost) from day one!
  • The value of reviewing each other's work, being deeply immersed in a single topic for extended periods and paying attention to small details.
  • And much, much more...

What was your favorite part of this episode? If there was another opportunity to work in an apprenticeship like this, would you take it?

Let me know by leaving a comment below!​

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