Been Craving More ActiveGrowth Content? Well You’re in Luck Because We Have an Announcement…

If you’ve been following the Active Growth blog (formerly im impact) for a while now, you might’ve noticed that the site hasn’t been publishing a steady stream of content for the past year or so.

That’s because, ever since Thrive Themes launched as a product to support the online marketing needs of the ActiveGrowth audience, it quickly grew to dominate Shane’s time and business focus.

But because the success of Thrive Themes is such a great example of what can materialize from a value focused website like ActiveGrowth, we decided that it’s high time to direct some attention back to our blogging roots.


Recently, the ActiveGrowth team has grown to include more people than just Shane. This means that we now have the staff and resources to once again deliver valuable content to you on a consistent basis.

ActiveGrowth’s mission has always been geared towards identifying, experimenting with and solving big problems that internet marketers and solo-preneurs commonly face. And now that ActiveGrowth is a team effort, we’re primed and ready to shoulder that mission in order to continue and grow what Shane started.

With that said, we’re proud to pull the trigger and announce the launch of what we’re calling The Silver Bulletin.

What’s The Silver Bulletin?

It’s ActiveGrowth’s new, weekly newsletter aimed at providing you with a little dose of entrepreneurship and internet marketing mojo every week.

Each installment will provide you with a useful tip, trick or tool to support your journey to become an entrepreneurial badass. Our aim is to present you with practical ideas and tools in a way that allows you to instantly apply them to your own business.

Look, we know that another lame newsletter isn’t what you want added to your already crowded inbox so that’s why we want to reiterate our key-words: useful, practical and actionable. Instead of an email you skip or delete, we want The Silver Bulletin to actually be a valuable post you look forward to opening and reading each week.

Whether it’s about a technical tool or a practical tip you can apply on straight after reading, we’re going to be shipping a weekly dose of value that we hope will help you start, grow or manage your online business going forward.

What’s in a Name, Romeo?

When it comes to naming newsletters, we wanted to find a title that was clever and catchy. The Silver Bulletin emerged as a playful attempt to mix multiple concepts together that you’ve probably already picked up on:

The Silver Bulletin Breakdown:

  1. In chemistry, our ActiveGrowth initials (AG) match the elemental symbol for Silver (Ag).
  2. A Silver Bullet is a simple solution to a complex problem. Of course, Shane will be the first to tell you that there’s no such thing as magic pill for your online business! What you really need is grind, grit and hustle so this is us being tongue-in-cheeky!
  3. Bulletin sounds like bullet. You know that works because...well...we’re talking about a weekly newsletter here after all.​

No matter the name, we’re hoping that The Silver Bulletin becomes your weekly dose of online business insight to help BLOW...YOUR...MIND! And sorry if that metaphorical bullet innuendo was a bit over the top, but we wouldn’t be ActiveGrowth if we didn’t push ourselves to create useful content every time we post!

We’re All Ears

Since the aim of The Silver Bulletin is to deliver useful content to you on a weekly basis, we’d love to know what problems you’re currently facing in your online business. Also, if there’s an app or tool you’d like us to pick apart for you, let us know in the comments below and we’ll consider testing it!

If we find something useful or practical, we’ll create share it with you and the rest of the ActiveGrowth audience through new Silver Bulletin content.

And finally, if you have any thoughts, ideas or questions you’d like us to address in future Silver Bulletin posts or emails, please comment below to join the conversation!

About the Author Matt Totten

Matt's a geologist turned online marketer and digital nomad. He's a Modern Manimal on a mission to create a hunter-gatherer lifestyle in a high-tech world. When away from his tech, you can find him at the park training AcroYoga.