Been Craving More ActiveGrowth Content? Well You’re in Luck Because We Have an Announcement…

April 13, 2017 , 30 Comments

If you’ve been following the Active Growth blog (formerly im impact) for a while now, you might’ve noticed that the site hasn’t been publishing a steady stream of content for the past year or so.

That’s because, ever since Thrive Themes launched as a product to support the online marketing needs of the ActiveGrowth audience, it quickly grew to dominate Shane’s time and business focus.

But because the success of Thrive Themes is such a great example of what can materialize from a value focused website like ActiveGrowth, we decided that it’s high time to direct some attention back to our blogging roots.


Recently, the ActiveGrowth team has grown to include more people than just Shane. This means that we now have the staff and resources to once again deliver valuable content to you on a consistent basis.

ActiveGrowth’s mission has always been geared towards identifying, experimenting with and solving big problems that internet marketers and solo-preneurs commonly face. And now that ActiveGrowth is a team effort, we’re primed and ready to shoulder that mission in order to continue and grow what Shane started.

With that said, we’re proud to pull the trigger and announce the launch of what we’re calling The Silver Bulletin.

What’s The Silver Bulletin?

It’s ActiveGrowth’s new, weekly newsletter aimed at providing you with a little dose of entrepreneurship and internet marketing mojo every week.

Each installment will provide you with a useful tip, trick or tool to support your journey to become an entrepreneurial badass. Our aim is to present you with practical ideas and tools in a way that allows you to instantly apply them to your own business.

Look, we know that another lame newsletter isn’t what you want added to your already crowded inbox so that’s why we want to reiterate our key-words: useful, practical and actionable. Instead of an email you skip or delete, we want The Silver Bulletin to actually be a valuable post you look forward to opening and reading each week.

Whether it’s about a technical tool or a practical tip you can apply on straight after reading, we’re going to be shipping a weekly dose of value that we hope will help you start, grow or manage your online business going forward.

What’s in a Name, Romeo?

When it comes to naming newsletters, we wanted to find a title that was clever and catchy. The Silver Bulletin emerged as a playful attempt to mix multiple concepts together that you’ve probably already picked up on:

The Silver Bulletin Breakdown:

  1. In chemistry, our ActiveGrowth initials (AG) match the elemental symbol for Silver (Ag).
  2. A Silver Bullet is a simple solution to a complex problem. Of course, Shane will be the first to tell you that there’s no such thing as magic pill for your online business! What you really need is grind, grit and hustle so this is us being tongue-in-cheeky!
  3. Bulletin sounds like bullet. You know that works because...well...we’re talking about a weekly newsletter here after all.​

No matter the name, we’re hoping that The Silver Bulletin becomes your weekly dose of online business insight to help BLOW...YOUR...MIND! And sorry if that metaphorical bullet innuendo was a bit over the top, but we wouldn’t be ActiveGrowth if we didn’t push ourselves to create useful content every time we post!

We’re All Ears

Since the aim of The Silver Bulletin is to deliver useful content to you on a weekly basis, we’d love to know what problems you’re currently facing in your online business. Also, if there’s an app or tool you’d like us to pick apart for you, let us know in the comments below and we’ll consider testing it!

If we find something useful or practical, we’ll create share it with you and the rest of the ActiveGrowth audience through new Silver Bulletin content.

And finally, if you have any thoughts, ideas or questions you’d like us to address in future Silver Bulletin posts or emails, please comment below to join the conversation!

About ​Matt Totten

Matt's a geologist turned online marketer and digital nomad. He's a Modern Manimal on a mission to cultivate a high-tech, hunter-gatherer lifestyle within our exceedingly domesticated world. When away from his tech, you can find him studying complex human movement through random play or practices like Aikido, AcroYoga and Barefoot Running.

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  • Great idea!

    May I suggest committing to sending out your Silver Bulletins at the same time every week.

    I try not to check emails but a few times a day. When I do, there is usually a pile to go through, and at times I have overlooked important ones. :-(

    If I KNOW you will be sending out your silver bulletins at Y time on X day, then it makes it easier for me to schedule it in to my workflow and make sure I do not overlook it.

    Not critical, but it would be a nice touch.

    Just an idea. :-)


    Trevor Mc.


    • Hi Trevor,

      Thanks for your comment and suggestion! Though we didn’t mention it in the announcement, the plan is to post The Silver Bulletin every Thursday morning (North American time zones). Thanks again and see you next Thursday!


  • What is the Bell icon bottom left… the app or plugin used to get the browser notification working on this site. Please and thanks.


    • Hi Tom,

      The bell in the bottom left hand corner is from the OneSignal push notification tool.


  • Randy Cavanaugh says:

    Look fwd to your content, thanks for sharing!
    Selfish desires for your future posts include:

    1. Featured links to real-world sites using Thrive templates.
    2. Best LMS (online courses) plugins for Thrive Themes, and/or how best to protect/deliver paid course content without the hassle of an LMS plugin.
    3. How to market a “directory” website.
    4. How to start/grow a “guest author” blog.

    Thanks again!


    • I’m extremely interested in the “best LMS plugins to deliver online courses as well as the best membership site plugin for Thrive Themes. Or perhaps you guys are working on your own plugins for these two items.


      • Hi Mike,

        Thrive Themes is working on a new release of Thrive Apprentice for the near future.

        Also, Shane has a somewhat outdated post about membership and product delivery solutions that we’re planning to update sometime soon.

        Thanks for your comment and suggestions!

  • Silver Bulletin?, cool name and one I’m sure you’ll live up to. This is one email I’ll look forward to.


    • Thanks so much Joan! We’re getting locked and loaded as we speak for next week’s installment! ;)


  • Great news that Active Growth will become “active”!

    You could help me by giving me tips on how I can be more productive with producing content. At the moment I’m grinding and grinding every day, but unfortunately I find it very hard to produce enough content. It feels like a struggle while it should be fun!



    • Thanks for sharing Harry! Producing consistent content is definitely an important discipline you have to cultivate that takes a bit of grit, grind and self-accountability to make sure you ship on schedule.

      Hmmm…that sounds similar to a weekly blog newsletter announcement I remember hearing about today. ;P

      I think it’s a very good topic that lots of us struggle with so we should definitely address it in The Silver Bulletin one of these weeks.


  • I’ll second Randy’s questions-they sound great! Looking forward to next Thursday now!!


  • Love the name. Bulletin also means a little more urgent or relevant than newsletter and I have always felt the information Thrive has produced is just that. Looking forward to reading The Silver Bulletin.


    • Thanks Bill! I like that extra layer of meaning you pulled from the name. We’re looking forward to shooting some great content your way each Thursday!


  • Can’t wait for my weekly dose of a certain “silver bulletin”

    Next Thursday will surely come.

    Selfishly second Randy’s claims, though.


  • Colin Glover says:

    Hi Matt look forward to seeing what comes. How about aiming some systems for older people who don’t necessarily want to build a large business and all the commitment that goes with it. Lots of us in that position I sure. While your at it there a few posts on the right that go to closed opportunities. Maybe they could be removed?

    Best of luck with the venture


    • Thanks for your comment Colin!

      Your suggestion about creating some content to serve a more passive income focused demographic is a good one. We’ll see what sort of tools we can identify for more effective automation.

      Also, nice catch on many of the closed offers that the sidebar is still linking to. Another one of our goals for ActiveGrowth is to update the course and product content so that they’re both current and highly effective for 2017. Stay tuned!


  • I have been thrilled with the material Shane and the rest of the Thrive Themes team put out so I’m delighted to see The Silver Bulletin, Matt.


  • Matt, I really like Shane’s welcome video on the “4 STEPS TO BETTER CONTENT, HIGHER CONVERSIONS & MORE TRAFFIC,”
    A completely free mini-course that kicks almost too much ass… Nevertheless, since you seem to be rebranding IM Impact, you might want to change the portion of the video that show IM Impact over to Active Growth also.


    • Thanks for catching that for us John!

      We’ll definitely need to be doing some rebranding going forward, but this is also a good 80/20 rule exercise in deciding where our time and efforts are best served going forward.

      For kickass older products that are still current, spending the time to update the videos is probably a good idea. Otherwise, spending our efforts on creating super-relevant, new content will be more beneficial for everyone.


  • Justin Shane Ritter says:

    Hello from Texas…

    Would you consider sharing info around “Affiliate Marketing Best Practices”?
    Best Thrive Theme for Affiliate Marketing.
    List building in Affiliate Marketing, etc…

    Thanks in advance…Carry on with the good work and great content!


    • Howdy Justin!

      Thanks for your affiliate marketing content suggestions…good ideas!


  • It sounds like it’s going to be a great read looking forward to it. We have a product called dijest that is great for building curated emails, it might not be the perfect fit for what you are trying to do here, but I suspect it would be a good for a fair chunk of your readers. Please pick it apart for us :-)


  • Graeme Austin says:

    I’m keen to see what ‘lingers’ in my inbox relating to ‘The Silver Bulletin’ as it sounds very interesting… just on a side note Matt, how are things progressing with the post regarding “Which High-Performance Host is Right for Your WordPress Website”? I haven’t seen any further update since early March and wondered if it just got too hard [haha]


    • Hey Graeme,

      The WP Hosting Review is still in progress…it’s a pretty massive project so Part 2 is just taking me a while to complete.

      Thanks for your continued interest and patience with it and I’m hoping to deliver that monster soon! ;)


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