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June 2, 2013 , 41 Comments

The harsh reality is that among millions of people who try to and would like to create a successful online business, only very few ever succeed.

Most of us never really get off the blocks or maybe get to some level of success, only to get stuck again.

In this webinar replay, you’ll learn about a unique system, created to deal specifically with the challenges that face online entrepreneurs. If you want to make faster progress in your business and eliminate confusion, overwhelm and information overload, this one is for you.

Webinar Video

Listen, this is not the shortest piece of content that you’ve ever come across. Let me be frank with you: most people’s attention for a video runs out after about 1-2 minutes.

This video is longer than that. And it’s worth your time, if you choose to invest it. Don’t take my word for it, though:

This was some of the most effective training I’ve seen from anyone, at any price.

- Matthew

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Note: full-screen mode is recommended.

Some more comments:

Thank you, Shane – this was one of the most valuable webinars I’ve been on in years!

- Andy

You’ve explained this better than anybody else I’ve come across!

- Malcolm

Links & Resources

Q&A Session

As is becoming typical for my webinars, we had a very active Q&A session and more than 100 people were still on the live session, 2.5 hours in!

Usually, I cut this out of the replay, but people have been complaining about that. If you want to get the full Q&A content as well, here it is (audio-only, since the slides were mostly unchanged, during the session):


Click here to download the Q&A audio file.

Here’s a comment from one of the attendees who stayed on for the whole length of the live webinar:

It was a game changer for me. The best 3 and a half hours I have spent on a webinar.

- Stephen

Q&A Links

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About ​Shane Melaugh

I'm the founder of ActiveGrowth and Thrive Themes and over the last years, I've created and marketed a dozen different software, information and SaaS products. Apart from running my business, I spend most of my time reading, learning, developing skills and helping other people develop theirs. On ActiveGrowth, I want to help you become a better entrepreneur and product creator. Read more about my story here.

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  • carmelita says:

    Shane, Thank you so much for posting the replay! My ol’ Mac just doesn’t work with the new version of GoToWebinar.

    Going to watch now.

    All the best to you,

    • I agree. I’m very thankful for the replay. I wasn’t able to attend the live recording.

      The information you included here was fantastic Shane. I really liked the example with weight lifting. It made a lot of sense to me.

      I actually wrote something about your webinar because it struck a cord with me.

      I look forward to future webinar with this type of impact.

      High five 0/

  • Shane has outdone himself this time. I would have paid dearly for last nights webinar but Shane provided 3.5 hours of pure genius material including the Q&A session.

    I already implemented some action steps and so far have made more progress in 1/2 day than all of this year combined.

    Something clicked in my brain with his information and I look forward to starting Monday with a fresh new outlook on my career and business – thank you !!!

    Let’s just say you are my new hero.

    Juan M. Colome, CEO
    Infoseek Technologies

    • Thank you very much for this comment! And I’m glad to see that you took things into your own hands right away and got something done. :)

  • Hi Shane,

    Thank you for posting the replay.Unfortunately I did not have the possibility to participate yesterday. Thanks also for all these useful resources.


  • Thanks Shane.

    Thnaks to the recording I will soon discover what you shared here.

  • Appreciate your posting the recorded presentation here. I am a Seventh-day Adventist Christian so I was in church all day on Saturday and could not attend your webinar! I have implemented some of the previous suggestions you make on other posts and am starting to track the results of making those changes now!

  • I think I have read more books on Positive Thinking than most people. Having listened to this super webinar, they are now all in the bin. I have also just unsubscribed from all “Guru” lists to avoid distractions.

    I have now written my goal, set my 30 day challenge skill sets, set up my “NO” filter set and I have even managed to figure out the obstacles that I will meet and how to get around them.

    Thank you Shane.

    Most of what you said is pure common sense but the way you presented this made it real for me.

    I was that boat for certain and now I have a route and a plan. Thank You so much

    • Thank you very much, Enda!

      And congratulations on implementing some of what you learnt right away!

  • I was referred to Shane Melaugh by Mark Thompson ( for one of his premiere products Hybrid Connect but while I was here I also bought WP Sharely, & Viral Quiz Builder.

    Shortly after that Shane invited me to attend this Webinar which I did and I have to say it was life changing for me.

    Within hours of attending I registered two domains, unsubscribed from all but three mail lists, and started working on an information product I’ve been procrastinating on for over a month.

    Thank you Shane for what you do. I love your App of the week reviews and I look forward to your next email.

    • That’s great to hear! Thank you for leaving this feedback, Fred!

  • Dustin Mattison says:

    I really got a lot from this webinar video. This is helpful for myself and also for my students. I am a teacher at a university in China. I am teaching them how to start online businesses. I need to continue to develop my own skills as a teacher and online entrepreneur and at the same time I can help my students learn from my mistakes and experience.

    I would find it very useful if you taught a course or know of a course that teachers how to make presentations like the one you did here. How to do the graphics? How do you lay it out? How do you plan and execute your presentation?


    • Hello Dustin,

      Since this was a webinar, the closest and most detailed course on how I created the presentation can be found in my product Webinar Eclipse.

  • Hi Shane;
    I really like the way you cut out the crap, and bring such clarity and common sense to your presentations. Add to that your down-to-earth humility and humour.

    I agree with virtually everthing you’ve presented on this webinar. I think what I’ve lacked is a singular focus. I’m not short on skills, just narrowing down the list of those I’m best at. I’m getting there..slowly but surely.

    • Hey Tim,

      I totally agree. I’ve been on too many webinars that are full of crap. I’m so happy that Shane is so straight forward.

      What single skill are you going to work on now Tim?

  • Hi Shane

    An excellent logical presentation. Well done.

    A small typo –
    in the me as a kid slide you put ect for etc.

    Not actually important except that ect is the abbreviation for Electro Convulsive Therapy that is sometimes given by psychiatrists to very depressed people so you may want to change it.

    • oops… thanks for pointing it out, Paul! I’ve fixed it on the slide, for future presentations. :)

  • Hi Shane:
    Thanks for doing this webinar. I feel very fortunate. I found out about it just 15 minutes before you started. I’m glad I was able to hop on in time.

    I really like your concept of the Personal Information Filter. I’ve already started work on implementing it in my life and business by creating my list of essential skills to master.

    BTW, thanks for including the audio of the Q&A. I wasn’t able to stick around for that portion, so I look forward to getting a chance to listen.

    • Thanks for leaving a comment, Mark! Very happy to know that you got good use out of the information in the webinar. :)

  • Christopher Bird says:

    Thank you for writing and presenting a well reached article. Articles that are factual supported by independent verifiable evidence with actionable solutions are rare. Brilliant.

  • Mary Eason says:

    All I can say is WOW. This is the best information I’ve ever received. And it was free??? Amazing and you hit the nail right on the head with the sailing ship in the ocean and losing focus with all the information overload. That is exactly where I have been, just spinning my wheels and never making any progress.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • Thank you, Mary. I’m glad the message resonated with you and I hope it will make a real difference, for a long time to come.

  • Hello Shane,

    Making money online is easy. Isn’t it?

    Well, perhaps it gets easier after many years of hard work including studying and practicing marketing, accountancy, law and a few other things. Even then it is not what can really be considered “easy”. Every day there are new challenges otherwise known as marketing problems.

    Perhaps that gives a clue as to why so many new businesses fail. Only hard work, studying and actually doing business in a totally dedicated way is the route to success; in any business, online or offline.

    Ben Karr.

    • Exactly so, Ben. Making money is easy like bench pressing 150kg is easy… in that it becomes easy for someone who’s dedicated all the time and effort necessary to become strong enough for it.

  • Thanks so much Shane for this action provoking webinar.
    And an extra thank you for making the Q and A available
    to us. Your genuine generosity puts you in an elite group
    of internet marketers. Although these compliments don’t need explaining, I can’t help but think about the “guys” who put together a dozen out-dated ebooks to give away as bonus gifts for their latest, greatest product (only to be given away in 4 months with another amazing product).

    I would never discard your emails into a “guru bucket”.

    –Jeff B.

  • Good stuff Shane!

    Had to pause 3 times for a cuppa, lunch and another cuppa so spent over six hours in total from start to end.

    I could off course have had my tea and lunch while watching/listening in but that would have been multi-tasking and we all know that’s not good :-)

    Anyway, just thought I’d chime in and say EXCELLENT! Keep up the good work!

  • Shane,
    You rock! You’ve woven an awesome tapestry of all the “serious” motivational/productivity thought leaders. Jim Rohn, Darren Hardy etc, and your own success and wisdom. An excellent hour spent with you buddy. Thanks for setting the record straight on finding focus amid the noise. Much appreciated.

  • Excellent information, Shane. Your advice is very precise! Thank you for the transformational laser beam focus.

    • Thank you very much, Joseph! Glad you got good value out of the webinar. :)

  • Hi Shane

    What would the best email address be to send you 3 photos of some Swiss mountains instead of that French Matterhorn one you keep using.
    (as promised on the webinar)

    I know these are ‘safe’ photos because I took them. None of your dodgy stock photos here.

    They are fairly small files as I wanted them for pc use. I’ve also picked a couple that have suitable space for writing over when using them as backgrounds for text.

    It was a bit of a marathon on Saturday wasn’t it? Had to nip of for about 20mins during Q&A but was still there at the end. Great idea to make the Q&A into an mp3. I’m going to listen to the bit I missed now.



    • Haha, okay… sounds good! Not sure why you object to the Matterhorn, but one can never have too many mountain pictures. I’ll send you a message. :)

  • well, I can’t believe you have dashed my “fantasizing” about being wealthy and successful, in one slideshow! I thought it was a good thing!! Great presentation Shane!
    Great to see you still doing awesome things!
    btw I’m publshing a book on Amazon about list building with your information products, and your HC gets a mention or two, with a hyperlink, not aff, just becasue I care… :)

    :) Kate

  • Shane
    Thanks so much for the replay. It is even better the second time through. I guess I got distracted taking notes and missed a few of the key concepts. The interview link with Angela Lee Duckworth is great. Being able to rewind and replay is awesome and thanks for the slides. You are so right, Skills are the important key and lord knows I have managed to avoid a few of those over the years. 30 in 30 what a way to go!
    Michael Brown

  • Hi Shane!

    Someone just posted Gary’s video about “grinding it out”, which is a great message.

    This may not be the one you referred to, but I wanted to post it here just in case.

    • Yes!

      Just changed that to an embedded video, so people can watch it directly. Agree 100% with the video and I like that Gary’s message has always been about persistence and grinding it out and doing the work necessary to deliver a better product or service. Love it!

  • Hi Shane,

    Thanks very much for providing the recording of this Webinar. I will be working my way through it when I have time (ah, the irony).
    Anyway, I’m glad to have found your fantastic Blog. I’ve just purchased WP Sharely that was recommended by a lot of people – such a great concept!

    With regards to productivity, it’s probably one of the most important things in tackling projects. I’ve also discovered that most people are bad at it, and it’s certainly not easy. I’ve recently read “Getting Things Done” by David Allen and that is an in-depth study of productivity. Having said that, it really is down to the individual.

  • Another thanks for sharing this free on your blog Shane, certainly resonates with me and has helped to hear it all in such a clear and easily digestible way.

    Just a note- I used the Facebook Share button on the page but the Facebook preview shows your opt-in offer of the Guide to Building a Course. While that is also great, that’s not what I was trying to share on Facebook, so I decided to screenshot a picture of the webinar and share a picture and a link so it doesn’t show the other preview. Might help the share-ability if you override the facebook preview.

    I do have a burning question, however I haven’t yet listened to the audio Q & A so I presume it’s the first thing you address in there: “How do you decide on your original destination for your yacht!” I think that is the hardest part haha!

    Looking forward to listening to the Q&A, and no need to answer if it’s covered already in there.

    – Gun

    • Thanks for the note, Gun! Gotta check the social meta settings here.

      For figuring out your initial direction, I think there’s an unavoidable element of trial and error. To give an example from my life, I’ve invested time in skills like martial arts, presentations/speeches, teaching, rock climbing, aviation, photography, computer hardware, personal development, coaching, design, writing, marketing and many more. Ultimately, some of those things completely fell by the wayside, some of them have become a major focus and some have become like “sidekicks” to my major focus. For example, the little bit of design skill I have has helped me with some aspects of marketing.

      But I think the only way to find out is to invest at least a bit of time into many things and see what sticks.

  • Just a follow up after getting through the Q&A.

    I’ve put together my own guess from reading your other things, that you need to have enough passion in your direction that you can stick it through ‘the grind’ so make sure you somewhat enjoy it, and then focus more on building your skills as assets, and if your direction happens to change, you can still take your skills with you.

    It’s still a very difficult process to determine where to point your yacht for in the first place though!

    I suppose it’s the Greatest Question of Life isn’t it :P

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