Conversion Focused WordPress Themes & Plugins

Our biggest project to date, the Thrive Themes brand combines a whole range of conversion focused products. Starting with the best visual editor and content builder you've ever seen - Thrive Content Builder - to a landing pages you can publish on your WordPress site, the best lead generation plugin and a series of highly optimized themes. Thrive Themes delivers everything you need to create an effective website for your business.

Note: all of my products apart from the ones under the Thrive Themes brand have been removed from the market, for the time being. Right now, the focus is 100% on Thrive Themes and concerning products like the ones below (the ones I used to sell), I'll have more news in the near future.


Hybrid Connect

Hybrid Connect Box

This product has since been replaced with a (far superior) successor: Thrive Leads.

Hybrid Connect was my most popular product for a long time. At the time of its release, it was the most advanced list-building plugin for WordPress, complete with a customizable opt-in form builder and more features than fit into this box. Hybrid Connect is no longer available because our new Thrive Leads plugin is much better.​


Viral Quiz Builder

Hybrid Connect Box

Use this WordPress plugin to create simple, highly addictive quizzes for your website.

The quizzes created by Viral Quiz Builder are specifically designed to drive visitor engagement and make it more fun for your visitors to share your content. In addition, you can use it to segment your audience and build targeted mailing lists based on your visitors' preferences and interests. From user engagement to social traffic generation, this plugin packs a punch!


WP Sharely

Hybrid Connect Box

Sharely is the easiest to use and most beautifully designed WordPress plugin for getting more social shares and social traffic to your website.

With the Sharely plugin, you can easily incentivize social sharing by allowing your visitors to unlock a certain part of your content or a downloadable bonus offer by sharing your page. The plugin comes with a strategy guide showing the different ways I've used this viral sharing mechanism in my business.


Awesome Screencast Blueprint

awesome screencast video blueprint

Online video is huge. It's huge for building brands and products, it's huge for generating traffic, it's huge for creating high-converting sales pages and landing pages.

In the Awesome Screencast Blueprint, you'll learn the easiest way to make professional looking online videos without even needing to get in front of a camera. You'll see the various hacks I've used to create great videos on a tiny budget and my exact process for creating most of my marketing videos.


Webinar Eclipse

Webinar Eclipse Box

Webinars (live online events) are one of the most powerful teaching and selling tools you can use for your business.

In the Webinar Eclipse course, you'll discover the simple and proven system for using webinars to deliver great content, drive traffic and get sky-high conversions. Webinar Eclipse is a comprehensive and actionable course on how to make webinars work for you.



SECockpit Product Image

SECockpit is a product I developed and launched in partnership with Sam Hanni from SwissMadeMarketing. I am no longer involved with the product or the company, but it deserves a mention (and I keep getting asked about it, so I might as well list it here).

Quite simply, SECockpit is keyword research and search engine analysis done right. SECockpit uses extensive, real competition data to evaluate keywords and ranking opportunities. And most importantly, SECockpit does it at blazingly fast speeds, churning through mountains of data that would make and other keyword tool choke.

Other discontinued products from even longer ago include:

  • ​Backlink Battleplan - my first information product, a course about a backlink building strategy.
  • Webinar Connect - a nifty software tool for use with GoToWebinar.
  • Focus & Action - my course on productivity for entrepreneurs.
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