The One Thing You Must Do to Get Your Business Off the Ground

As an entrepreneur, you're attempting to do something almost magical: you're conjuring up a business out of nothing.

Unfortunately, there's a lot of inertia you will have to overcome before your new business takes off and this post is about the one thing you MUST do to make that happen...​


Hustle Mode

If you've been following my content for a while, this message is probably not the most surprising thing you've found on the blog. Yes, the idea of Hustle Mode relates to the concept of The Grind and it also relates to Rapid Implementation.

But it's not just the same thing put into different words. In fact, if you are in the starting phase of your entrepreneurial journey or if you've never quite managed to make a business take off, Hustle Mode might be more important than either of those other principles.​

Let me know your thoughts and share your experiences with Hustle Mode in the comments below!​

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P.S.: Yes, I'm using a YouTube video for the first time in a long time. Wonder why I haven't used them for so long? Read this. Wonder why I'm using one now? It's a marketing experiment.

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