No-Hands SEO Review

January 8, 2012 , 31 Comments

No-Hands SEO is a desktop-based Windows program that promises to take all of the work out of search engine optimization. It’s supposed to do so by automating the backlink building or “off-page” part of SEO. Beyond that, it’s not all that clear what exactly the software does, if the sales-page is all you have to go by.

Read this review to see what this product is all about and to learn whether or not it’s worth investing in.



Name: No-Hands SEO
Creator: Pure Business Logic
Medium: SEO Desktop Software
Price: $97

The main selling points for No-Hands SEO are that it’s supposed to be very highly automated and extremely easy to use and that it comes at a one-time cost. Both are attractive selling points, since SEO software often comes with a considerable learning curve and most tools in a link-builder’s arsenal, such as automation tools, blog networks and private networks, come with a monthly cost.

There are many different types of SEO and link-building tasks, so let’s begin by taking a look at what exactly No-Hands SEO actually does for you.

What it Actually Does

Here’s a short list of the functions No-Hands SEO can perform, followed by some more detailed descriptions below:

  • Post your site to whois and statistics sites to get it indexed quickly.
  • Find keyword-relevant pages, where comments can be left.
  • Spam blog comments with links to your site.
  • Spam trackbacks with your link.
  • Ping pages where links were created.

You begin by starting the program and creating profiles for one or several websites. You do this by entering the URL of each site, keywords that will be used to find commentable pages on relevant sites and your desired anchor texts for the links that the software will create.

Here’s what the user interface looks like, for creating profiles:

No Hands SEO interface

No-Hands SEO then crawls your site’s pages and starts scraping for blogs and other pages where comments can be left, based on the keywords you entered.

After this simple setup step, the program is quite true to it’s “No-Hands” name, since you can now simply click the play-button and it will automatically start posting to whois-sites and attempt to leave comments and trackbacks with your links inside. It will also notify various pinging services of any successfully created links. At this point you can basically walk away and just let it do it’s thing.

If you want to, there are also more options to play with and the program does allow for a certain degree of fine-tuning. For example, you can set it to search for pages with a minimum PageRank before attempting to leave a comment or trackback. You can also add your own footprint searches for both trackbacks an comments:

No Hands SEO footprints

Since it’s a spamming tool, it’s also quite prudent of the creators to include proxy-support. With heavy use, having sets of proxies to rotate through will significantly increase your success rates, as you’ll end up “burning out” IP addresses by getting them blacklisted in anti-spam services.


No-Hands SEO really is very easy to use, at least, as long as you don’t get into all of the more advanced options. Despite this, I can’t recommend it and there are two main reasons for this:

  1. It’s a spamming tool and all of the links it can create for you are of the high-volume, high-failure-rate, low-impact variety. In fact, everything it does is high-volume and extremely low-impact.
  2. If you’re going to spam (which I don’t recommend), then you might want to consider going all-out and investing in the equally priced and much more fully-featured ScrapeBox.

Expanding on the first point, there’s also something of an issue with over-promising and under-delivering, when it comes to No-Hands SEO. The promise is that it will do all of the tedious SEO tasks for you, but the reality is that it only does tasks that are so low-yield, you probably wouldn’t do them manually, anyway. If you want to get pages ranked for anything but the lowest-competition keywords, you’ll still have to go and build some higher-quality links, using some other method.

Bottom line: I don’t recommend this product.

About ​Shane Melaugh

I'm the founder of ActiveGrowth and Thrive Themes and over the last years, I've created and marketed a dozen different software, information and SaaS products. Apart from running my business, I spend most of my time reading, learning, developing skills and helping other people develop theirs. On ActiveGrowth, I want to help you become a better entrepreneur and product creator. Read more about my story here.

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  • Hi Shane

    I think No Hands SEO is a good tool instead, it usually makes PR0 backlinks but mainly because NHSEO asks for the highest pr so after a while if you don’t use proxies you will get banned by big G…

    But making trackbacks and pinging automatically the comments too is golden =) I’ve seen an improvement in my rankings after using it, several times.

    It is the perfect tool for beginners and maybe lazy advanced users like me =)

    Unfortunately blog commenting is about spamming if you want to automate it, there’s no other way…

  • Mr. Melaugh,

    As one who is on your subscriber mailing list, and one who appreciates what you for your customers/readers, I have been contemplating the purchase of your back link program since being a complete newbie on the subject, I feel it would prove a valuable investment.

    However, as I have a couple of pre-sales questions, I have tried emailing you about this and another subject but have never received a response.

    So, just how does one go about reaching you?

    Guy C.

  • completely agreed.
    low quality links just dont work anymore these days!

  • Hi Shane, about Scrapebox, you can actually get a cheaper price ($57) if you will be using the following link:

    That is not my affiliate link as Scrapebox doesn’t have an affiliate program (no idea why…). Just thought you and other readers should know as they can save $40 :)


    • Cool, thanks! I wasn’t aware of this special offer. Well, with scrapebox being cheaper than No-Hands SEO, I really don’t see any reason for anyone to buy the latter.

  • I agree with your points Shane completely – i think i might have heard of this software, but am experienced enough at this point that I know the only kind of ‘no-hands’ systems that are effective out there require complete and involved work (as well as strategic and creative thinking) upfront…

    I’m referring to complex stuff like rss manipulation, setting up systems like ‘traffic buddy’ which i am still having trouble with the whole WPMU way to do that… I have a pretty big seo network setup of my own across many hosts and 350+ c classes and some pr domains – i’m experimenting with using autoblogging software on sites set as completely private (not indexed themselves) to take feeds from other sites and … do interesting things … these kinds of complicated advanced seo methods or customized automatic through bots all can work – but there is, well, WORK involved….

    and this product seems super aimed at the newbie who isn’t at this stage, and would be better off probably buying 4 gigs on fiverr for seo than this software may provide!

    as to blog comments, profiles and the like – do I engage in this behavior, well, frankly yes i do – but i do it how you should do it – i run scrapebox on VPS with private proxies and blast my web2s, articles, DOC sharing etc… occasionally a little to deeper pages, but not as a primary means of ranking my site. Same with xrumer, i run it on a vps and use it for wiki and profile blast TO MY LINKS not my site… as is pretty accepted knowledge and best practices if you are going to do this kind of thing.

    Lastly – 10 posts on buildmyrank will do more for a site i am willing to practically guarantee than this app would ever accomplish.

    stay away, waste of $, seo takes work – automate what you can but work nevertheless, whether you are doing it or can afford to outsource it to VAs

    • Yes, very well said. I agree that a couple of BMR posts will do a lot more for your rankings than having this thing run for a whole week.
      I’m actually surprised to hear that second-tier blasting with xrumer is still working for you. I had a subscription to DripFeedBlasts that I canceled a while back because the effectiveness just dropped down to zero, over time. Perhaps their lists of targets wasn’t that great, or something.

      • Actually funny you say that as I gave them a try to – even with four “units” but frankly a couple thousands profiles even in the ‘good old days’ of xrumer (ie. the summer before last for me) to rank a site entirely for like 6 top keywords and basically guarantee #1 i at the time ordered 150k profile blasts and a week later poof there i was… damn it was easy, but yes it is worthless clutter on the net – and filling up servers you dont own (nature of spam in every form i guess)… call it what it is!

        but yeah I saw VERY little from DFB (and there you could at least place context ‘text’ around you anchor, so i dont think their lists are bad) – so I totally bailed too.

        BUT as i have my own XRUMER and modded one – and collect lists from cleaning those i get from fiverr orders etc… I can get a list together that consistently his say 25k profiles – and that will usually do some damage… more on some things than others, it recently was still popping my scribd or slideshare or usfreeads, stuff like that up in the listings (as well as some video sites like dailymotion) but i honestly am using more in the place of profiles mass bookmarks (ie. pligg and related) and mass wikis… i have a few ways to do the wikis one involving xrumer and a custom script which is web-based… but slow.

        other is new tool I can’t comment on as i just got it but if it works i’ll be VERY happy…. Extreme WIKI Poster… has some need for improvements but looks like it will be very good for this… then there are other xrumer mods for moodle and other platforms, drupal and such…

        yes I’m sure everyone things I’m a blackhat devil here now – i have a streak of it for sure, but everything in its place…
        its not ALL what I am about. I gain an education in SEO/SEM/IM several times over a few times a year, and one was first encountering

        (though out of date, really got my creative juices going and i know that Eli’s old blog has been a huge inspiration to many ‘ballers’ – ha – to use wicked fire lingo, amongst my – which would be yours too roughly – generation having a go at this game ;)

        (my first company in high school was called ‘Yellow Hat’ Media – yes nod to the manin the yellow hat but i like to parallel between that and bluehat and how people misunderstand in many ways white/blackhat – and the most successful use each kind of technique for what it is good for… talking to more people who service the big big companies for seo most dont know it but a few layers outsourced out everyone ranking has an ugly underbelly of that stuff propping them up…. at least those ranking and earning for page 1 competition.) keep up good stuff Shane…

  • Yeah I just ran across that tool recently and had to laugh. If it sounds too good to be true….it prolly is. :D

    You mention DFB, though, linking to your links…I used BackBlasts and did the same thing – worked like a charm. Had to dial it back, though – was worried it would build too many links. :)

    Anyway, the thing about tools like No Hands SEO is that they’re relying on trackback spam and comment spam, as if that hasn’t been done (TrackBack Spider, anyone? Scrapebox?) – it’s been done and good riddance.

    I can take a look at my competitors’ top PR links and in an afternoon do more damage than several days worth of these spammy tools. It’s incredible how these things are still selling, IMHO.

    A little SEO education and experimentation is all it would take to cure folks of wasting their money on these SEO trinkets (wondering why they don’t make money online…it’s because of the gaping hole in your wallet with all these silly toys…just sayin’).

  • Agreed, I dropped these linking methods a while ago now, back in jan/feb 2011 actually when panda first reared its head. I believe it may still work in certain situations, but that’s no longer the direction I want to be taking my business…good to hear you’re encouraging your readers to go the same way Shane. Appreciate hearing your perspective.

  • I have forgone the website link in the hopes that this at least gets read. I am the creator of No Hands SEO and feel that there are lots of information that has either been looked over or not considered when talking about the effectiveness of these links in todays landscape of SEO.

    The inference about all of the links being so low quality that they are useless for ranking flies in the face of real world examples that can be found on most popular SEO/IM forums. You can google the term “#1 in google with No Hands SEO Alone” to see how a user was able to get a website ranked at #1 in google using just NHSEO, if the links created were only low quality then this would not be possible. Also bear in mind this was back in August when the tool was not half the tool it is today. I have had claims by users of them receiving links upto PR5 and with OBLs of less than 10 on many occasions.

    People look at NHSEO and think “Ah its just another crappy comment spammer”, while it is true NHSEO will employ blog commenting it is not the same as other simple comment spammers. There are some key features that are not even implemented in the copycat softwares that are being released, for example the crawling feature of NHSEO.

    The crawling feature sounds like a small feature and most ignore the uses of this when comparing against other tools. With other tools you will be posting a page or a group of pages to as many targets as you have a list for which creates a boost for these few pages but completely ignores the rest of your website. NHSEO will promote the whole website gradually which will provide a much more natural linking platform and show that you have relevant backlinks throughout your website, this cannot be overstated how important the linking profile is for a website.

    When users use Scrapebox (a fine product) they tend to get lost in the see of buttons and go straight for spamming their pages to a huge list of AA targets they downloaded as the act of scraping proxies, searching relevant keywords, harvesting based on the keywords then setting up the comments run for their new targets is too advanced for lots of users and the scope for making errors is quite high. With NHSEO you can target fresh targets with low OBL, PR, don’t have links to adult sites etc so there is less chance of simply using the tool to just spam out links to heavily spammed sites.

    Another point to take note of is the comment platforms being targeted:
    CommentLuv – Higher chance for dofollow
    TopComments – Chance of site-wide links
    NoFollow Free – More likely to be dofollow
    Generic WordPress
    Generic Movable Type

    Instead of just targetting generic wordpress or movable type blogs it is important to note that the comment platforms being used do generally have much more of an impact on ranking due to the higher chance of the comments being dofollow than your generic wordpress /movable type installs.

    You touched on the features of NHSEO and the fact it is very true to its set and forget nature and that you can change some settings but I feel the wording made it sound like the only options available for running were PR and OBL limit when in fact there are many options available that if given a few minutes can make the tool run much more efficiently. For example the following can transform the usefullness of NHSEO as a whole or individual profiles:
    1) Relevant comments for each profile – you can set your own spinnable comments for posting so each profile has its own relevant comments being left to go with the relevant comments
    2) Anchor texts per page – It is possible to add in your own anchor texts for every page of every profile if you wish so you can have a whole website being promoted with different incoming link text to get every page of a website ranking for its own set of keywords
    3) Domain specific searching without having to touch footprints – you can choose to search only for a given domain for those users that wish to get only local domains or .edu/.gov for example.
    4) Searching for targets from a specific region – For retrieving targets that are in a specific region from a simple drop down box
    5) Different PR/OBL limits per profile
    6) Captcha Sniper Support – post to blogs with the most common captcha types installed

    The above is just some of the options available to the user that can totally transform how the tool works. I realise I have totally waffled here and I don’t want you to think that I am trying to cast any aspersions on you or anything like that, I realise you review tools how you see them. I am simply trying to point out that the idea of NHSEO being just another comment spammer is quite off the mark and there are many reasons why lots of users are seeing major improvements in their SERPs using NHSEO compared to other tools.

    I understand lots of SEOs prefer to do things the hard way and while there are definitely pro’s to doing things this way it is very short sighted to claim there is no merit to others, especially a method/tool that requires as little effort to use and has delivered results many times over.

    If you wish to chat about this or anything else I would be more than happy to receive an email from you.

    • Hey Jim… it’s Jim… (or i can be james if you prefer, both are my ‘middle’ name and thus IM alter ego name anyway ;)

      I read through your points and see there is merit to some of what you are saying – AND i have not tried the software so I fully accept i am not in a position to judge by experience, only from educated speculation

      I agree with you about the importance of spreading links across all or most of your inner pages, but that is kinda seo 101 – i think a 50/50 split is still ok myself 50 home and 50 on inner pages but i have sites with more juice and links going to inner than than home even… (sidenote: one good reason to use a solid internal linking plugin – i go overkill be using wp link engine for this – but its only cause i already have it)…

      I dont think it is impossible to rank with just a few minor backlinks, and agreed if you have a customer scraper in there and happen on some jewels a comment on a page with low OBL can be a solid link – and for some low comp longtails that is all it takes….

      anyway – i guess my issue is more with newbie mindset and selling something that might be purchased with very false expectations… to rank in google these days means top top long form qulity on page with all the right seo factors – that done it then usually takes sold multi tiered blog network/web 2/article directory – sometimes a couple high pr blogrolls and a bunch of wikis, more articles, mass bookmarks, comment spam, etc to back them all up

      oh and throw in SYNND or something like it for social proof, has been seeming more and more essential and useful to my campaigns… and no 1000 pligg BMs are the same

  • I really love what is going on here. Thank you Shane for your candid review of this product.

    @ Jim, am also happy you stood your ground to defend your product. Now folks its up to you to make your decision.

  • I completely agree with this. If people are involved with you on an emotional level, they will be much more likely to refer friends and family to your business, as well as talk positively about your brand.

  • I dont recommend NHS either. Actually, after using NHS without proxies, I have 3 of my moneysites in Akismet and Project Honeypot.

    What I learned? Noone likes spam. I don’t like spam! Don’t spam! And never use your moneysite for SEO like this…

  • Hétszünyű Kapanyányi Monyók says:

    Have you tried GSA Search Engine Ranker?

    • No, that’s a product I’m not familiar with.

  • Thanks for your review Shane… I almost end up buying that product.. It is very nice to get a real honest review since i found page 1 of the SE full with affiliate web that aren’t neutral

  • I’m no seo expert in fact a beginner who spends wayyyyy to much time building backlinks. instead of doing what pays the bills. Now I can do both. I am not tekkie enough to understand all the features of scrapebbox….but i bought nhs and understand every bit of it. I can really target my niche sites by use of good keywords and sit and watch it do the work for me. I dont consider prO bad backlinks…what if these sites increase in page rank some day? For me if i build a few viable week its savved me a ton of time over buulding my own. I also think when u build them more slowly its better. Just my opinion….i recommend it to beginners and i have faith if you set your parameters right it will work.

  • Thanks for your honest review … I left that linking prcoess now I am working on manual link posting method only.

  • It great. A lot honest review I find here. Thanks everybody . . .

  • glad i didn’t waste the $$$ on this

  • Good Software ,, What happens if i use this software on my money website,,, have any chances to blacklist my website? please responce

  • Thanks for the review.. :) i will try this to web2.0 that point to my money site.. i also do manual bookmarking so that my serps will increase.. pr0 now pr1 within 1 to 2months..too slow but its worked! :)
    thanks again..

  • Why is it the more I read and research the more confused I become?

  • Hi! Do you know if they make any plugins to assist with SEO?
    I’m trying to get my blog to rank for some targeted keywords but I’m not seeing very good gains.
    If you know of any please share. Thanks!

  • Thanks for this review. I planned to try this software, as I started to build backlinks for my website. And I did found 20 websites that I successfully post back links to my site. This links are relevant, and probably, with this kind of software, I can make damage to my previous work.
    Again, thank You for this post.

  • I purchased No Hands SEO quite sometime ago (I think it was maybe 2 yrs ago I’m not sure) and it did what it said it would do…I let it run for 2 days and i actually forgot about it and for whatever reason I went to the home page and I re-read the claim of getting your page to the first page of goggle in an hour…I laughed at that and anxious to prove this tool wrong I searched for my keyword and to my amazement there I was number 6…and then a couple of days later I moved up to number 4…I kept waiting for the bottom to fall out and I started checking my keyword pretty daily…1st yr…still there on the first page…. 2nd yr…still there and still at number 4….. and then Panda and Penguin….that’s when I dropped out off the first page of google…as a matter of fact it wasn’t even in the top 100….unfortunately for me I didn’t know enough to take advantage of those 2 fleeting yrs to make money from the site…at the time this happened I was completely new to this game…but since then I have become more wiser and I don’t put all of my SEO eggs in one basket so to speak…I have not used No Hands SEO since then but I can honestly say it did work while it lasted….Buy if some one where to ask me would I use it now…I would only try it on a site I was doing testing on and that’s it….even if the test was successful I would probably think it was a false positive….but I just wanted to say once upon a time it did work.

  • Trying it out for one of my blogs, hope it works positively because i have been seeing lots of negative reviews.

  • nice review, helping alot for the newbis

  • I will give it a try , but I will leave it open small amount s of time everyday …

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