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January 6, 2012 , 104 Comments

[thrive_text_block color=’note’ headline=”]NOTE: In case you are finding this post now, be aware that link networks like BuildMyRank have been rendered ineffective as a link building method. All the data and results in this review come from testing done long before Google “slapped” this link building method. While this review is positive, because BMR was great at the time, it has now unfortunately become obsolete.[/thrive_text_block]

BuildMyRank is what might be described as a “high-PR blog network” in the style of LinkVana. What you get with “usual” blog networks is the ability to post spun articles to potentially hundreds of (mostly low-quality) blogs. With BuildMyRank, you write unique posts with your links inside them and each post gets submitted to only one single blog.

This may seem like a really bad deal, at first glance, but the key is that a system like BuildMyRank puts the emphasis on quality rather than quantity: BMR only has blogs with pagerank (ranging from PR1 to PR6) in their network and they make an effort to get every single post indexed.

Is it worth the trouble writing unique posts (or outsourcing the task) or should you stick to more automated link-building solutions? Read on to find out.


The BuildMyRank service has unfortunately closed it’s doors and will probably not be reopening anytime in the near future.

BuildMyRank Overview

Name: BuildMyRank
Medium: Blog Network
Price: $59/month


Once you’ve subscribed to the BuildMyRank service, you can log in and access their online dashboard. Your link-building campaigns can be organized by domains and projects and you can save specific link and anchor-text combinations for each domain you are promoting.

Check out the following video to get a quick look at what the BuildMyRank user interface looks like:

BuildMyRank Video

Results With BuildMyRank

As I think is apparent from the video, BMR has a very nice and user-friendly interface. What’s far more important however, is whether or not this service is actually useful and there’s only one measure of that: the Google rankings of sites being promoted with BMR.

I picked one of the pages I am running an SEO campaign for and paused all link-building to it. I waited for the rankings of that page to settle and it did so in position number 12. Then, over the course of a few days I built 8 BuildMyRank links to this page (no other link-building was done). The page started moving in the ranking results, then disappeared completely for two days, only to re-emerge in position number 2.

After some more movement, it settled down to position number 4.

So, overall, in this test, a page went from position 12 to position 4 with just 8 links built. Pretty impressive, as this is for a keyword with some SEO savvy competition fighting for the top spot.

I invited my subscribers to test BMR (they offer a free test-run of ten links to their system) and got feedback from a few of them. Here are their results:

One member built 10 BMR links to a page and it moved from position 72 to position 9.

Another member built 9 BMR links to a page and saw it move from position 235 to position 16.

A third member saw no movement (position number 6), even with 10 links built.

Of course, I did not ask anyone to reveal their keywords, so I don’t know about competition strength for the examples above. What’s clear, however, is that BMR does move rank, at least in most cases.

I’ve also tested BMR in conjunction with other link-building methods like blog networks, article submissions etc. The results are positive across the board and every single terms I’ve been using BMR to promote is moving upwards in the SERP. On that note: The page I did my initial experiment on is now in position number 1 for it’s target keyword.

PageRank Distribution

Here’s a screenshot so you can take a closer look at the PR distribution I’ve been getting, so far:

BuildMyRank PageRank DistributionHere’s my only small gripe with BMR: Too many PageRank 1’s and 2’s. The fact that the distribution is random, makes it a bit of a crapshoot. Believe me, on the rare occasion that your post goes to a PR6 blog, you’ll notice! A link from a PR6 blog is probably about 100x more valuable than one from a PR1 blog, so it’s always slightly disappointing when your posts go out to the lower-quality blogs.

Having said that, it’s clear from the outset that the range is PR1 to PR6, so it’s not like anything deceptive is going on here. And even the worst BMR link is still far better than the best links you can get out of many other link-building services, so don’t take this little complaint of mine the wrong way. As you may know, I always have something to nag about.

It’s also important to note that the posts go out to domains with PageRank. The posts themselves won’t have PageRank, of course. But they’ll be getting link-juice from the homepage and they will appear among the new posts on the homepage for a while. On that note:

BuildMyRank Tip:

Always place your link in the first line or two of your posts. Why? Because on some of the BMR blogs, only short post snippets are displayed on the homepage, with a “read more” link. If your backlink is placed towards the end of the post, it won’t appear in that snippet and therefore won’t appear on the PR homepage.


I wouldn’t use it just on it’s own, but BuildMyRank is currently pretty much my favourite link-building tool. Something that never fails for me is building a large mount of low-quality links (think: bookmarks, blog-network submissions, article directories, profile links,…) and then adding a few high-quality links into the mix. BuildMyRank is a great source for those high-quality links. It shows that they make sure to get as many posts as possible indexed and the automatic bookmarking they do must be passing lots of link-juice into the network, because these links tend to be stronger than expected.

If you can either afford to have someone write posts and submit them to BMR for you or you can take even as little as 30 minutes a day to write a few posts yourself, I’ve no doubt you’ll see great results with BMR. Even better: They offer a free trial for 10 links to their system. So you can sign up, build those 10 links and see for yourself, what you can get out of them.


Jez from (some may remember this as being one of the very rare recommended sources mentioned in my “SEO Beyond the Basics” webinar) has also reviewed BuildMyRank. His review is being updated regularly and is growing to epic proportions. I highly recommend you check it out here: Build My Rank Review.

About ​Shane Melaugh

I'm the founder of ActiveGrowth and Thrive Themes and over the last years, I've created and marketed a dozen different software, information and SaaS products. Apart from running my business, I spend most of my time reading, learning, developing skills and helping other people develop theirs. On ActiveGrowth, I want to help you become a better entrepreneur and product creator. Read more about my story here.

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  • Hi Shane.

    BMR are now stating they have PR1-PR7 sites.

    That said, the highest PR I got was a 1 PR3. Most were PR2 and there was even a single PR0.

    I personally feel that BMR’s pricing model needs to be more flexible.

    Rather than a monthly recurring fee, I think they should have a pricing scheme based on the number of articles or links you submit.

    In general, most people aren’t writing and submitting articles regularly. It tends to be a more sporadic task, so if you are paying on a monthly basis, there are times when you may not be submitting any articles in that month and you are certainly not getting any value for money.

    • Hi Peter,
      Yes I saw the PR7 on the sales-page as well. I decided to keep the reference to PR1-PR6, because it’s already unlikely enough to even get a PR6.

      Basically, you can get PR1-PR3 links in bulk, using BMR, and from time to time you get lucky.

      I see what you mean in terms of pricing. It would horribly backfire for them, though. With no regular fee, there would be little pressure/incentive for the users to submit articles which would lead to almost no one submitting a large number of articles which would mean the guys running the network would make a lot less money. So I can see why they don’t use a pricing model like that.

      I personally like it the way it is. All you need to do is write posts on a regular basis and you can get a heck of a lot of value out of the system for what you’re paying. :)

  • Looks very very good Shane and I would probably have not investigated it simply because they do not show the cost on their site. (The price is announced in the video but frankly I avoid videos if I can.)

    I regard this as borderline scammy for any vendor and with such a good product it’s downright silly.

    Thanks for the review and for clearly showing the price! Any chance of them giving your subscribers a deal?



    • I’ll have to ask about a deal.

      Don’t get your hopes up, though. I don’t really have a list-size that gives me much leverage in such things. Not yet, anyway.

  • I joined Build my Rank about 3 weeks ago and have 35 distributed posts, the PR break down is.

    12 PR1
    13 PR2
    7 PR3
    3 PR4

    I have seen movement an all the sites I have promoted using the system and this has included some stubborn phrases that have sat on the first page but not moved up for some time.

    I have just set up my first out sourcing project with them, 35 (set to go out at 3 – 5 a day)posts for 1 key phrases that I have not worked on at all yet, cost $70 but if it gets me on to the first page for that term should repay itself in 1 – 2 months.

    Writing the posts yourself can be a pain, after the first 10 free posts went live (9 out of 10 accepted) I have had several refused for bad grammar or spelling (even though I have checked everything in word and not used spun text)

    I suspect that there is a policy of rejecting posts in an attempt to get you to use the out sourcing, but I am testing this as it could just be my paranoia.

    The system looks good and if the out sourcing has the desired effect I am happy to pay for it.

    • Thanks for sharing your own experience with BMR!

  • Hi Shane,

    I tried 8 free links and got BMR’s to complete the final two for $4.

    My keyword was at number 3 for a while (i even tried throwing 1000 backlinks to it for $9.99) amongst other link building techniques. They did not work.

    It is now number 1. I also did no other backlinking whilst testing BMR’s.

    My average sales value is around £2500, so well worth me subscribing.

    Good system – i will post more findings when i ramp this up.


    • Thanks for your comment, Paul!

      Very nice. It can be tough to move up in those top spots, so I’d consider the #3 to #1 move an extremely good result. :)
      Looking forward to your further results.

      I’ll add this to the main article, if you don’t mind.

  • Hi Shane. Good review. Build my rank sounds impressive but the price is too high for me. I was wondering if you have other recommendations for people on tighter budgets. How does it compare with article marketing? Do you have a list of the current article sites to submit to as so many of them are inactive?

    • It’s not really comparable to other types of link-building.

      Article marketing and blog networks get you way more links, but at a much lower level of quality. You can still get good results with that, though.
      For example, sign up for something like Authority Link Network or ArticleRanks (in both cases, you’ll need to invest in a domain with PR), post articles and then manually find some of those articles and build more backlinks to them. That gives you a similar “link juicing” effect as you get automatically with BMR.

      The above strategy works really well, but I have to say that BMR just kicks ass and you might not be able to emulate the exact same effect.

      • Thankyou Shane. What you are saying is helpful, although I don’t quite understand it fully. Appreciate the answer and will see if I can use it in my own seo efforts.

  • BMR has just closed to new members. Hope they open soon!

    • Thanks for the heads up!

      I got an e-mail from them. All they are doing is making sure that the size of the network can keep up with the number of members, so they do plan to re-open as soon as they can.

  • Any word on the reopen?

  • I got an email from BMR 2 days ago that said they are planning on opening again in 2 weeks. Hopefully they actually do! Very eager on getting in!

    • Sounds good!
      I have to say that I’m glad to see that they are even willing to shut down their offer to new members, while expanding their network. It shows how much they care for the quality of the network.

  • Hi shane,

    I read your review of SEO blueprint, and in my two years of internet marketing, your blog is one of the few I actually believe in, is not entirely driven by profits. I was a bit surprised to see, an internet marketer who actually doesn’t recommend you buy a shitty scam product :)

    Your honest review, led me to this, and after watching your video, I feel like I have to try BMR… and now I just found out they’ve closed their subscription. Can you recommend any similair product, who is almost as good as bmr? :)

    I added this blog to my favourites. Keep up the good work :)

    • Hi Søren,

      Thanks for your comment! There’s currently no service I can recommend as a “replacement” for BMR. I am testing Blog Blueprint at the moment, to see if it comes close, but it will be another week or two before I have enough results.
      BMR will re-open once they’ve expanded their network adequatly. Hopefully, that won’t take too long.

      • I’m looking forward to hearing your results :)

  • Shane-

    If budget isn’t a huge concern would it be overkill to have BMR along with Linx Boss and Unique Article Wizard? There are literally hundreds of keyword variations in the Heating and Air Conditioning industry and we can stand to gain a lot of ground in many of them. So is building too many links a bad thing? Thanks for your time and your time and your review.

    • No, I wouldn’t consider that overkill at all. I’ve never managed to “hurt” a site by building too many backlinks. They do tend to drop in rankings and then re-appear in a higher position. That happens all the time. But I haven’t even been “sandboxed” for link-building.

      What I do recommend is that you keep it to one or two keywords per page. I.e. don’t try to rank one and the same page for dozens of keywords. That’s going to be very difficult. Better to create new pages for specific keywords.

  • BMR has just reopened again.. I have 2 live articles right now, since 3 days ago. A pr 1 and a pr 3, but none of them are indexed. It just says “indexed?”: not checked! And when I try to search for it on google, nothing comes up.

    How long should it take? Because my articles are of the highest quality, and if the index sucecess rate really is 99 as they claim, either it must be an error, or perhaps it just takes them longer than 3 days to index them?

    I’m in my trial, and as long as I have 0 indexed backlinks, I’m not really interested in buying this. I hope to see some results soon.

  • Thanks for the review. This, along with the review you linked to helped me make my decision easy.

  • Hi Shane,

    I see on your “backlinks battleplan” you also mention UAW. If you had to choose one would you choose BMR first?


    • Hi Chris,

      Yes, I definitely prefer BMR. I’ve seen the directest results between building BMR links and increased rankings, more clearly and quickly than with other SEO tools I’ve used.

  • Hi Shane,

    I’m truly intrigued by BMR, but I am nervous about risks involved, if any. What are the chances of the BMR network getting deinexed by Google; and if so, will Google also deindex our sites as well, or terminate our AdSense accounts for having purchased links? What’s to stop Google from joining BMR and targeting its blogs which link back to our sites? I’d really appreciate your thoughts on this before I commit to using the BMR service.

    • The chances of that happening are truly minimal.

      The network could get deindexed, if the owners aren’t careful about it. But for site that were linked to, to be deindexed as well, would be the most extreme measure Google has ever taken. Extremely unlikely.

      You have to keep two things in mind, here:
      1) BMR would be the last network of it’s kind to fall, because of the high standards they have. All of the sites are filled with legible, 100% unique articles that make sense (not spun garbage) and are nicely categorized etc.

      2) Don’t let fears of the future prevent you from doing what works now. Things will always be changing and nothing will last forever. But you can get a niche site ranked in a few weeks and start making money, so get to work and worry about deindexation when it happens. That’s my approach anyway.

      • Thanks Shane. As always, sound advice.

  • yea that’s very good services many of people advise to get it ..

  • Shane – has the new google slap at sites that receive backlinks from content farms like BMR change you mind about this? I am in my first month with BMR and have not noticed much of a change in my ranking. Could it be that I chose exactly the wrong time to use the service?

  • thank you the extensive review. i just came across this but wasnt sure how legit it might be. you post is very helpful. i think i’ll give the trial a shot.

  • I joined BMR.

    Wanted to know if I should approve the pingbacks from the articles being posted – or not?

    Andrew Murray

    • Good question!
      Don’t approve them, becase that creates a link back from your post to the BMR post, making the link reciprocal. You really want to keep the links one-way.

      I do use pingbacks to keep track of my backlinks, though, so you can copy the URLs of the pingbacks into a backlinks list.

  • Nice review. I’m in searching for link building method that works. I currently using UAW but there is no improvement yet in my website position. It’s looks like I need to try the Buildmyrank.

  • Hi Shane

    You offer some great info here on your blog. As a newbie I am learning more and more evry day from sites like yours. I am looking into using BMR starting next week and have just started using UAW. Currently have a linkwheel set-up as described by Joseph Archbald on WF but elected to go with BMR as opposed to Blog Blueprint for that particular strategy (outlined breifly on Pat flynn’s blog).

    Shane, thanks!


    • Hi Dave,

      Oh yes, I definitely recommend BMR over Blog Blueprint. I never got decent results with Blog Blueprint. If you stick to the outlined strategy, I’m sure you’ll see some great results!

  • Hi Shane,
    halfway through my trial on BMR. Impressive so far, after 7/8 days two sites ( I used 5 links to each) have finally moved from pos 9 & 8 upto 5 & 3 respectively.
    The blogs my articles were admitted to included 1 pr6, 2 pr4, 3 pr3,3 pr2 & 1 pr1. All were indexed within three days.

    Keep you posted

    • Nice!
      You got at least a little bit lucky with a PR6 and two PR4s. :)

      I’d love to know about further progress, if you stick with BMR.

  • Shane,

    I am looking at adding a high authority blog network to my overall link building plan. This will be in addition to high PR forum profiles, low PR blog network or articles submissions, a posterous network, RSS, some manual article submissions, and social bookmarking (for which I’ve not devised a plan yet, LOL), and possibly some blog commenting.

    I’m debating between BMR and ALN. Given that you wanted to use it on several sites (niche affiliate marketing), with all things considered (ALN gets more publishes, ALN is free after submitting a domain, BMR costs $59/month per 5 domains, BMR can link to higher PR sites, etc), which would you recommend?

    I know that both are good in their own way, but if you had to pick one for best results – ALN or BMR?


  • Hi Shane

    Can I use BMR to republish EzineArticles that I have already posted, or would this be considered duplicate content.


    • Hi Wayne,

      Those would be considered duplicate. I think BMR uses copyscape to check for duplicates (or some similar service), so an EZA article would definitely be recognized.

  • Shane, I purchased this through your link last week, and I’m really liking it. I don’t like spinning, so I’m kind of enjoying just writing new posts/mini articles all the time.

    One question. I have a WP site I just built about a week ago. I’ve been building some links to it with SeNuke and BMR. I had my most recent post (my ‘money’ post) and the domain itself both ranked in the top ten for a few days. Now I have just the post ranked around 15. Should I continue building links to that post, to the domain, or both of them…or does it really matter? It’s a site for an affiliate product that I don’t really want to create new posts for. I want to have either that main post or the site ranked, but I’m not sure which is easier or better to choose. Hope that makes sense…

    • It depends on your internal SEO settings. If you have an SEO plugin that takes care of canonicalization, it will probably tell Google that the post itself is the URL that should be preferred, so you should build links to that.
      But it could be the other way around, also.
      I’d recommend just picking the currently ranking URL and building links to that.

  • Hi Shane,

    You said you built 8 links to one page with BMR.

    Since BMR allows 1 link per 150 words. Did you create 8 different small blog posts or did you write longer posts to include more links per post?


    • I wrote small, 150-word posts with one link each.

  • I had luck with BMR trial having my 10 posts distributed as follows: 1xPR5, 2xPR4, 4xPR2,3xPR1

    I think its the result of trial period teaser and when I extend to paid version I will get 10xPR2 :)

  • Is BMR still effective after all of the updates?

    • It’s still working for me, yeah. :)

  • Hi Shane,

    Great review. I see value in BMR but I want to take it a step closer. I want to promote all the links I get with BMR and other blog networks. Can you recommend the best free or reasonably priced tool to do the following…

    1) Scrape all my latest backlinks created by BMR and other resources.

    2) Take that list of backlinks and build second tier links to them.

    3) Rinse and repeat.

    I’m considering using Xrumer and Scrapebox to promote backlinks to my money sites. Which tool would be best to scrape a list of these links so I can promote them.


  • Hi Shane,

    Great Review of BMR!

    When you added 1 link to each of the 150 word articles you wrote in BMR, did you always use the same anchor text when linking to the one page of your website when trying to rank for a keyword? With SEO, the general rule seems to be to change up the anchor text but I was wondering what you think works best for BMR?

    • I go for a mix of about 70-80% target keyword for the anchor text, with the rest being anchor-text variations.

  • Great information on BMR. One question, for example 3 keywords on one article, do u use 3 different or same anchor text? If so, any benefit u see by applying which of them?

  • I’m wondering–looks like you wrote this review in October 2010. Here in 2012, has the quality of BMR changed? Do you still use it? Do you still recommend it? Have you run any case studies using it on your sites lately?

    I’m looking for a good blog network to add to your fantastic Backlink Battleplan and think BMR might be the one to go for. Just want to do some due diligence before jumping in. I did the 10-link free trial and couldn’t tell what impact the links I got had due to also pursuing other linking strategies…but I really liked the service, interface and format of BMR.

    Great site, thanks so much for all that you’re sharing here!

    • Hi Matt,

      Yes, I still use BMR for all of my SEO projects and I’m still seeing good results with it. I should probably update the review to reflect that. At any rate, my recommendation for this service stands. :)

      • Very good to hear, Shane.

        That leads me to my next question: do you have a recommended strategy for getting the most out of a BMR subscription? If I’m doing the $59/month plan, I have five sites I can send links to. What pace of BMR posting would you recommend if my sites are under two months old? Do you have any tricks of the trade you’ve picked up for how to get the most out of a BMR membership?

      • I’m not all that systematic about it, actually. When I was testing it, I simply set a timer for half an hour every day and that’s how long I would spend writing posts. I could usually get 6 posts done, in that time and I just evenly spread out the links between a couple of sites I was working on.

        Now, I usually order 100-200 posts at a time and I just set the scheduling for each project to 2-3 links a day. Even for a new site, I’ll just order 100+ posts, knowing that the scheduling feature will make sure the publishes are distributed over a long time to come.

  • I wondered if they used a lot of shared ip addresses so I checked a few.
    one site had 3 others with same ip.
    1 site had 2 others
    1 site had 1 other.
    Not too bad, I think
    All Domains by Proxy, too

  • “but the key is that a System like BuildMyRank puts the emphasis on qality rather than quality:”

    I think you meant “quality rather than quatity”.


    • haha

      I meant “quality rather than quantity”


      Sorry. It is so easy to goofup.


  • Hi

    Have you used this service to link directly to your money site or do you create a ring of web2 or similar sites and promote those.

    Nice site BTW!

    • This one I mostly use for direct links to the main sites.

  • Shane, you introduced me to bmr in backlink battleplan and i do have to say it is one of the best sources to find some decent links. article ranks is also good which is another network you introduced me to.

    • Thanks, Shawn! Glad it’s been working out for you. :)

  • Hi Shane,

    I have started BMR last month and have build 100 links spread among 4 keywords.

    Kw1 and kw2: 30
    kw3 and kw4: 20

    Those links are schedule at 7-10 /day. It is about a month but I don’t get good results rather the ranking of 3 keywords goes down 5-9 position to page 2 and page 3. Only 1 keyword manage to climb up to page 1, position 9th from 18th.

    What do you about Linkvana comparing to BMR? My opinion they are the similar grade of links, just that BMR is a lot cheaper and will be able to distribute more links. Love to hear your thoughts.


    • It’s not unusual to see rankings drop first, then climb back up again, when you build links. Don’t worry about it, unless the sites don’t start moving up again within the next few weeks.

      I have not tested Linkvana, myself, so I can’t make that comparison.

  • You know, the “downside” you mention about too many PR1s and PR2s, I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all. First of all, because if the majority of them were of greater PR, mane people would abuse the network, and probably Google will see it as spammy, and bam. Loss of credibility and reliability.

    And the fact that it’s chosen randomly is a good thing too, because obviously everyone wants domains with the highest PR as possible. And A TON of people would abuse it.

    This really is a great system.

    Shane, one question, and I don’t know if you know the answer to this question, but anyway. Would they accept PLR, but like rewritten sentence by sentence? This would “increase the level of originality” of the article, don’t you think? Or you think they would notice, or do something about it?

    Great review, and when I buy this, I’m gonna use your link =)

    • Thanks for your comment!
      Yes, you have a point about the PageRank distribution. Still, it would have been nice to perhaps see a few more PR3 sites in the network. But it works well the way it is, so I guess I shouldn’t be complaining. :)

      As for your question: if you totally rewrite each sentence, I think that should work fine. They do automatically copyscape check all the articles that are submitted, so you really have to rewrite everything.

  • Hi Shane,

    Just wanted to say I really appreciate the reviews you have done, really makes things a lot more clear for me! I had one question I wanted to run by you, I have notice a few new competitors in my market spring out of no where and its a very competitive niche, after doing some research on there sites I found they have quite a few contextual links then some of the old schoolers who held the top rankings for years, do you find google gives more credit for “contextual links” then say an anchor text in the “resource box” of an article directly since the panda update? I just noticed that is the main difference with the older sites vs the new ones that are started to out rank them.

    • Thanks for your comment!
      It’s possible that Google has started to pay more attention to this, and weighing this in the way they rank pages. I haven’t done any testing myself, that could confirm or deny it, though.

  • I use BMR, but I have a question. Assuming a basic budget of $100 per month. Would I be better off putting up 20 Build My Rank posts per month or say, buying 2-3 Page Rank 3-4 Domains on which I would put up one link each to the same site ala ‘link control’?

    • That’s a good question!
      I think in the long run, your own link network will be more valuable. However, it also requires a lot more work to create your own network, even with the budgets being equal in both cases.

  • I have used buildmyrank for just over a month now , with amazing results , but this last week my site has been loosing position on google for the keywords ive used in buildmyrank. The first couple of weeks I was on pages 1 and 2 for the keywords I wanted , pretty amazing.. but now all of the sudden im falling to pages 5 and 6 , every week the keywords are falling and falling ,,
    Any thoughts about this?? Is google taking away the link juice from the buildmyrank links?? I have continued the linkbuilding with buildmyrank every week so this seems strange , that first google takes into account the links from buildmyrank but now google is taking it away ,,,,???

    • Don’t panic just yet.
      Keep watching the rankings for a while longer and keep building links.

      It could be just a random movement, it could also be an on-page/on-site thing.

  • I wonder that will Google punish this type of linking network? And agter I close the account with BMR, these links still exist there?

    • It’s very difficult for Google to detect this type of network. Not impossible, but difficult.
      If you close your account, you still keep all of the previously built backlinks, yes.

  • Although they offer an amazing quality of backlinks I strongly suggest not to fully rely only on this service as silver bullet. Everyone must build all types of links. Full Stop. Otherwise your site may be too suspicious and yes it eventually may be deindexed.

    • I agree. I’d never recommend using just one source of backlinks.

  • Hi Shane,

    For those who don’t have the time or patience to write BMR posts, it is possible to get posts done for as little as 50 cents each.

    Just go to oDesk or Elance and post a job for a BMR article writer. Make sure you give them clear instructions on what you want. You can hire several at once on a trial basis. Just let them know that if any articles are rejected, they will need to edit them until they are approved.

    I’ve hired a few writers this way. Some writers got banned by BMR because of too many rejections but you only have to pay them for the articles that get approved.

    I got this idea from the Warrior Forum. I tried to find the original forum post but that page gives me an error now.

    By the way, I have been using BMR for a couple months now. I haven’t seen the results I wanted but I think it is because I haven’t been using enough different methods for building links. I’ll try to start mixing it up more and see what that does.

  • I am currently using the free trial and I have seen my site move from the bottom of page 3 to the top of page 2 and back to page 3 in less than a week! I am keen for this to work as it makes sense that unique content is the way forward. As far as random PR, I have currently had PR1, PR2, PR3, PR4 & PR5 links! Should I expect PR6 next?!! I do hope that the free trial links are random and not made to look better to force a sale or am I just being sceptical?!!

    • Those are some good results! PR6 happens, but extremely rarely, so don’t get your hopes up.

  • I took BMR for a quick test drive earlier this month and was pretty impressed with the link submission and quality guidelines. Hard to judge the results in the short period but I have had some spectacular results with My Article Network, with a number of my niche sites hiding in the wilderness for over a month, suddenly jumping into top 10-20.

    Although, I do feel it has been due to diligent keyword research (thanks SECockpit!)

  • Steven Smores says:

    I would like to become a writer for BMR but can’t find a link to sign up. Do you know how I can go about applying as a writer?

    • I recommend sending them a support ticket about it.

    • You cannot become their writer. You can become a writer for some of their clients. You can find many requests on

  • Just an fyi – BMR seems to be closed right now.

  • Hi Shane,
    Thanks, this is interesting and you certainly have the clarity of speech that few other marketers have. Do you know of any services working in the Dutch market? (.NL & . BE)

    All I can find are .com sites that do this sort of thing, so I do it myself now and try to boost those link pages into something reasonable. It will take a while …

    • I don’t know of any non-English services that are comparable. If you think there’s a market for it, this might be an opportunity. ;)

  • Hi Shane,

    Yes non-english networks are a big challenge I would say. I don’t know anybody running this but I’m 100% sure there is huge and hungry market for it.
    Maybe you can take this challenge and build it up ? :)

  • Hi Shane

    I have been with BMR for a while, but cannot get full value out of it as I don’t have time to write too many posts in one day and can’t afford to get them written right now.
    What is your opinion or High PR Society? Have you tested it and could you please give me your opinion?

    Many thanks

    • Hi Annerly,
      I have not tested High PR Society yes, but I will try to include it in a test that I am working on right now.

  • Hi

    I see today that BMR has announced it is closing

  • Hi Shane. The news today that bmr is shutting down comes as an awful surprise. I have gots lots if great rankings due, mainly, to bmr and really don’t know which seo tool to use in future. Any advice for bmr users? Thanks

    • Hi Shane,

      Yes, as mentioned above…

      http: // www. buildmyrank .com/news / its-been-a-great-run

      Didn’t want the link to show…

      What about some of the other tools like TK or AR, etc.


  • Saw the same thing… Is this latest G-move just impacting them or other tools like KB or AR?

    Anyone have any insight?


  • I am wondering the same. I’ve tried tons of products, auto submitters and services, and BMR was always the one tried and true service that worked every time – for my site and my client sites. Is there a viable alternative?

    Also, Shane, in your opinion, will the deindexing of BMR sites have a detrimental effect on the sites that receive backlinks from them? Meaning, is there potential that my site and the sites of other BMR users will be deindexed by association?

  • It seems that the general thinking on everything out there on the closing down of BMR is that any sites associated with their network will also be affected.

    Here is a copy of an article I just read this morning:


    1. Death of the Blog Network?

    During the numerous Google updates in the last year I had two sites hit badly, dropping from page 1 for many terms, to not in the top 100 for those terms.

    I have no doubt that these 2 sites were hit by Google’s Panda because in both cases the content on those sites was poor. These were Amazon affiliate sites where all of the information on those pages was taken directly from the Amazon website. Although the content was “unique”, the information I was offering wasn’t.

    However, I have seen some of my sites affected to a lesser degree, with pages dropping from maybe page 1 to page 2 for some keyword terms.

    My line of thinking on these sites was that Google had devalued many of the poorer backlinks I had. Like everyone else, I use to work on the basis of more links the better, as long as those backlinks were diverse (in terms of IP addresses and types of sites I got them from).

    If low quality backlinks had been devalued, then I would expect a drop in rankings, since many of those rankings were obtained by getting low quality links.

    So what constitutes a low quality link?

    Well, typically a low quality link is one that is super-easy to obtain. This will include links that are obtained with any type of automated software where you can set and forget, while the software builds its links.

    Now, I know some of you may disagree with my “definition” of a low quality link, but that’s fine. I’ll agree to disagree. I suspect that if you asked Matt Cutts about poor quality backlinks, he’d be even stricter in his definition. Maybe something along the lines of any backlink that is designed to manipulate a site’s ranking.

    In the last few weeks, Google have been very active in de-indexing certain types of sites that offer these poor quality links.

    Build My Rank – one of the blog networks I used on sites that have dropped from page 1 to page 2 or 3 has seen lots of its websites de-indexed from Google. Other blog networks have seen similar de-indexing.

    I remember having an email conversation with someone about Build My Rank about a year ago. While we both agreed that it worked great for helping a web page to rank, we disagreed on one thing. I said that it left a big footprint, he disagreed.

    So what was that footprint?

    The majority of posts on each of the sites in the network had around 150 words and one link. Often the link was in the first sentence (so it appeared in the excerpts of the post on the site).

    I don’t know whether this footprint was used to find the sites in this network or not, but I have always been a little worried it might. That is why I never relied solely on Build My Rank for my backlinks. In fact, since Google Panda first came on the scene in February 2011, I have concentrated more and more on fewer high quality links.

    If you have an active subscription (and I know many of you signed up through my link), I suggest you go and cancel your subscription now to avoid being re-billed.

    I checked my account with Build My rank, and my subscriptions, plus the links I hired out to their writers, total well in excess of $2000. Now, those backlinks are no longer indexed in Google and therefore not helping my pages rank.

    I think this is a big lesson for marketers to learn. If you take on Google to try to beat the system, it may work for a while, but eventually big G will catch up on you.

    I am sure many blog networks will escape this round of de-indexing, but do you really want to build your business on a foundation you know that Google wants to destroy?


    Shane, I look forward to your take on all this.

    Graham :)

    • Graham, where did you read this article?

      • There’s an official article on Build My Rank blog announce that their service is final over!

      • I just put a link up to that article for your reference. Have a good one.

  • I just placed a link in my last comment but maybe links are not allowed as my comment has not appeared so here it is in another form:


    Hopefully that will work and you’ll understand how to use it :)

  • I guess I have the same questions as many other readers here.
    What is your suggested alternative to this?

    Thank you

  • Hi Shane,

    Any recommendations as to where I can post unique articles that allow “contextual links”?

  • Hi Shane,

    It seems now many of these public blog networks are dead.

    What could be an alternative to these, these types of links?

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