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NOTE: In case you are finding this post now, be aware that link networks like BuildMyRank have been rendered ineffective as a link building method. All the data and results in this review come from testing done long before Google “slapped” this link building method. While this review is positive, because BMR was great at the time, it has now unfortunately become obsolete.

BuildMyRank is what might be described as a “high-PR blog network” in the style of LinkVana. What you get with “usual” blog networks is the ability to post spun articles to potentially hundreds of (mostly low-quality) blogs. With BuildMyRank, you write unique posts with your links inside them and each post gets submitted to only one single blog.

This may seem like a really bad deal, at first glance, but the key is that a system like BuildMyRank puts the emphasis on quality rather than quantity: BMR only has blogs with pagerank (ranging from PR1 to PR6) in their network and they make an effort to get every single post indexed.

Is it worth the trouble writing unique posts (or outsourcing the task) or should you stick to more automated link-building solutions? Read on to find out.


The BuildMyRank service has unfortunately closed it’s doors and will probably not be reopening anytime in the near future.

BuildMyRank Overview

Name: BuildMyRank
Medium: Blog Network
Price: $59/month


Once you’ve subscribed to the BuildMyRank service, you can log in and access their online dashboard. Your link-building campaigns can be organized by domains and projects and you can save specific link and anchor-text combinations for each domain you are promoting.

Check out the following video to get a quick look at what the BuildMyRank user interface looks like:

BuildMyRank Video

Results With BuildMyRank

As I think is apparent from the video, BMR has a very nice and user-friendly interface. What’s far more important however, is whether or not this service is actually useful and there’s only one measure of that: the Google rankings of sites being promoted with BMR.

I picked one of the pages I am running an SEO campaign for and paused all link-building to it. I waited for the rankings of that page to settle and it did so in position number 12. Then, over the course of a few days I built 8 BuildMyRank links to this page (no other link-building was done). The page started moving in the ranking results, then disappeared completely for two days, only to re-emerge in position number 2.

After some more movement, it settled down to position number 4.

So, overall, in this test, a page went from position 12 to position 4 with just 8 links built. Pretty impressive, as this is for a keyword with some SEO savvy competition fighting for the top spot.

I invited my subscribers to test BMR (they offer a free test-run of ten links to their system) and got feedback from a few of them. Here are their results:

One member built 10 BMR links to a page and it moved from position 72 to position 9.

Another member built 9 BMR links to a page and saw it move from position 235 to position 16.

A third member saw no movement (position number 6), even with 10 links built.

Of course, I did not ask anyone to reveal their keywords, so I don’t know about competition strength for the examples above. What’s clear, however, is that BMR does move rank, at least in most cases.

I’ve also tested BMR in conjunction with other link-building methods like blog networks, article submissions etc. The results are positive across the board and every single terms I’ve been using BMR to promote is moving upwards in the SERP. On that note: The page I did my initial experiment on is now in position number 1 for it’s target keyword.

PageRank Distribution

Here’s a screenshot so you can take a closer look at the PR distribution I’ve been getting, so far:

BuildMyRank PageRank DistributionHere’s my only small gripe with BMR: Too many PageRank 1’s and 2’s. The fact that the distribution is random, makes it a bit of a crapshoot. Believe me, on the rare occasion that your post goes to a PR6 blog, you’ll notice! A link from a PR6 blog is probably about 100x more valuable than one from a PR1 blog, so it’s always slightly disappointing when your posts go out to the lower-quality blogs.

Having said that, it’s clear from the outset that the range is PR1 to PR6, so it’s not like anything deceptive is going on here. And even the worst BMR link is still far better than the best links you can get out of many other link-building services, so don’t take this little complaint of mine the wrong way. As you may know, I always have something to nag about.

It’s also important to note that the posts go out to domains with PageRank. The posts themselves won’t have PageRank, of course. But they’ll be getting link-juice from the homepage and they will appear among the new posts on the homepage for a while. On that note:

BuildMyRank Tip:

Always place your link in the first line or two of your posts. Why? Because on some of the BMR blogs, only short post snippets are displayed on the homepage, with a “read more” link. If your backlink is placed towards the end of the post, it won’t appear in that snippet and therefore won’t appear on the PR homepage.


I wouldn’t use it just on it’s own, but BuildMyRank is currently pretty much my favourite link-building tool. Something that never fails for me is building a large mount of low-quality links (think: bookmarks, blog-network submissions, article directories, profile links,…) and then adding a few high-quality links into the mix. BuildMyRank is a great source for those high-quality links. It shows that they make sure to get as many posts as possible indexed and the automatic bookmarking they do must be passing lots of link-juice into the network, because these links tend to be stronger than expected.

If you can either afford to have someone write posts and submit them to BMR for you or you can take even as little as 30 minutes a day to write a few posts yourself, I’ve no doubt you’ll see great results with BMR. Even better: They offer a free trial for 10 links to their system. So you can sign up, build those 10 links and see for yourself, what you can get out of them.


Jez from (some may remember this as being one of the very rare recommended sources mentioned in my “SEO Beyond the Basics” webinar) has also reviewed BuildMyRank. His review is being updated regularly and is growing to epic proportions. I highly recommend you check it out here: Build My Rank Review.

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