Why You Need to Create More Stuff: Ideas Expire

If you're a creator (whether you're creating written content, videos or anything else), you need to focus on creating a lot and publishing fast.

In this previous post, I've laid out why you should focus on quantity instead of quality for your content marketing and here's a mental reframe you can use if you're stuck in the perfectionist mindset.

Today's video adds another reason why publishing often and fast is so important.


As with the last video on this topic, I'm trying to demonstrate the point I'm making. Yes, it's a crappy phone video, but if I had planned to make a highly produced, studio quality video on this topic, this video simply wouldn't exist. My time is limited and sometimes, getting the message out is much more important than the production quality of said message.

What's your take on this? Do you enjoy these off-the-cuff videos? Do they inspire you to make more content yourself? Or are you still skeptical?

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