Should You Publish (or Even Sell) Something When It’s Just Not Good Enough?

This is a further video in my series about why publishing lots of stuff is more important than publishing great stuff.

One of the things that holds entrepreneurs back from publishing content and launching products is this creeping feeling of "it's just not good enough".

Is this a justification for not publishing? Isn't it better to spend more time working on your content or product, so that what you will eventually release will actually be good?

The answer depends on why you hesitate to publish in the first place, as you'll see in today's video.


If you watch this and you still feel unsure, keep in mind that I'm making these posts and videos as an example of what I'm talking about. Ask yourself: would prefer these simple, short, unpolished videos not to exist? They aren't my best work, but if I'm right about my quantity over quality theory, then they're still valuable. Valuable enough to publish, even if they aren't perfect.

And if you happen to agree that these not-so-great videos are worth publishing, then I urge you to apply the same reasoning to your own content.

Let me know what you think, by leaving a comment below!

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