Do you have the right mindset to attract wealth and prosperity into your life?

There's no shortage of gurus out there who would have you believe that this is an important question. Who would tell you that if you're currently broke and struggling financially, it might be because of your mindset, because of limiting beliefs, perhaps because of misaligned chakras, even.

As you can imagine, I've got a slightly different take on the topic...

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As not only the year but also the decade comes to a close, I'm taking a look back at 10+ years of entrepreneurship and asking: what are the most valuable lessons I've learnt along the way?

Out of everything I've done, all the successes and failures along the way, there are 3 things that stand out to me. These are my most valuable lessons and insights from the decade.

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By now, it's common knowledge that multitasking is a myth. Multitasking makes you slower, less focused and less productive (sources).

BUT... that true for all kinds of multitasking? Is a laser sharp focus on single-tasking always good for us or can it have detrimental effects as well? Indeed, are we missing out on greater performance and productivity if we aren't practicing "multitasking in slow motion"?

Read on to find out.

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What's the best webinar software out there? This seemingly simple question can be frustratingly difficult to answer, as I found out in the course of this review project.

My goal was to field test every major platform in the webinar space to find out how they all stack up against each other and finally find something that serves my own needs for marketing and educational webinars.

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Many webinar tools have added a directory feature in the recent past. The promise is intriguing: list your webinar in a public directory and you could get more traffic and attendees!

But does it work in practice? Should you consider webinar directories for your webinar marketing?

In this post, I'll explain why these directories are (currently) pointless.

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Running an online business always involves some degree of creative work. That can be anything from graphic design and photo editing for content on your website to video and audio editing for video content and podcasts.

The default tool suite for this kind of creative work is Adobe's Creative Cloud. Many users are frustrated by the Adobe business model where you pay through your nose for software that you don't even get to own.

If you're looking for a solution to this problem, here are my recommendations for Adobe CC alternatives.

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What's the best setup & gear for hosting live webinars? What do you need, to ensure high quality audio, video and an overall positive experience for your attendees?

In this post, I'll show you a behind-the-scenes look at the webinar streaming setup that I currently use, after doing countless webinars and tweaking my setup continuously, over time.

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In my extensive testing of webinar tools, there's an issue I complained about a couple of times: limited runtimes for webinars.

For example, Crowdcast and Webinar Ninja events are limited to a maximum of 2 hours.

Now, 2 hours seems like a pretty long time... and these days, everything's instant and social and people's attention spans are dwindling away, right? Should you ever even do a webinar that lasts longer than 2 hours?

Yes. But only if you like money.

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Because webinars are a powerful marketing & engagement tool, I've been on the search for the best webinar software to use for my own businesses.

Today, we're looking at a solution that was recommended to me by several commenters on previous reviews: BigMarker.

As usual, I tested this tool thoroughly, including on a real, live webinar with over 200 attendees. And also as usual, I'm going to be brutally honest about the strengths and weaknesses of the product.

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WebinarJam is a webinar hosting platform that seems to have been conceived as a marketing tool, first and foremost.

In this WebinarJam review, we'll have a look at what it's like to both run and attend webinars on this platform and we'll examine whether it lives up to its promises.

Is this the best webinar solution for marketing & sales? Or even the best overall? Let's find out!

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Zoom is a group calling and online meeting app which can also be used to host webinars. It has a free plan as well as an attractively low priced entry-level plan. This makes it an interesting alternative to the typically pricey webinar solutions like GoToWebinar, Webinar Ninja or Demio.

What's it really like to use Zoom for webinars? And how does it compare to the higher price webinar platforms? In this review, we'll find out!

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In this post, I'll show you how to use Trello for maximum productivity.

In this tutorial, I'll share 3 tools with you, that I've used for a long time to manage my projects, manage my day to day work and get more done.

The first tool is the task management app Trello (which you can use for free). The second tool is a specific Trello setup that I use for personal productivity (and I'll walk you through exactly how to set it up). Finally, the third tool is a a collection of my favorite, time-saving keyboard shortcuts.

Combine all 3 and you'll be blazing through your daily tasks like never before!

Check out the video above to see the system in action and read on for the step-by-step tutorial on how to set up you lists, boards, tasks and more!

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