SEO Blueprint Review

SEO Blueprint is a collection of link-building tools that I already briefly mentioned in my IM-Advantage review, as they are part of that membership. SEO Blueprint consist of three tools: Blog Blueprint, Article Blueprint and Link Blueprint. All of them offer different ways to build backlinks to sites you want to promote. The question is: Are those backlinks any good and are these tools worth the investment?

Read on to find out.

SEO Blueprint Overview

Name: SEO Blueprint
Creator: Steve Clayton & Tim Godfrey
Medium: Link Building Software
Price: $67/month

Without any further ado, let’s go into some detail on each of the three tools in SEO Blueprint:

Link BlueprintLink Blueprint

Link Blueprint is a fairly simple link-exchange system. You can add sites of your own to the system and request links to those sites. This will cost you credits. Other Link Blueprint members will link to your site and you will link to their sites, which earns you credits.

The system makes sure that there is no reciprocal linking going on. Link exchanges like this can work, but Link Blueprint doesn’t offer anything that sets it apart from other, similar systems.

It should also be noted that Link Blueprint requires quite a bit of manual work. For me personally, it’s too time-intensive and too fickle to bother with, but if you invest the time and effort necessary, you can make Link Blueprint work for you.

Article BlueprintArticle Blueprint

Using Article Blueprint, you can submit spun articles (using an interface where you spin articles paragraph-by-paragraph, very similar to the Unique Article Wizard system) to a network of websites. Every article you enter gets posted on 470 sites, which looks great at first glance, but doesn’t hold up very well under close scrutiny. The problem is that the articles you submit are buried away somewhere in the background on 470 sites that aren’t article directories or blogs. The sites are on all kinds of topics and all they do is feature an inconspicuous “Articles” link, which leads to a completely non-optimized back-end with piles of articles from all the Article Blueprint members.

It’s disappointing to see that there is literally zero on-page optimization going on in these “article dumps”. It would not take much to set the system up to add proper tags, format the pages a bit less hideously and do some good interlinking. From what I found, looking at the articles, it doesn’t seem like providing valuable backlinks to the Article Blueprint customers is a major concern for the network owners…

Up until recently, Article Blueprint also posted to a series of regular article directories, in addition to the network of 470 sites owned by the creators. If this feature were still part of the package and the network was better optimized, Article Blueprint would be a very useful tool. In it’s current state, it’s not really worth an investment, unfortunately.

In an isolated test, I did not see any significant rank movements for a long-tail keyword, building Article Blueprint links only.

Blog BlueprintBlog Blueprint

Blog Blueprint is a high-PR blog network which works in the same way as LinkVana or BuildMyRank. You submit short, 100 word article snippets and include one link. Each of those snippets goes out to one single blog in a network of blogs that all have PageRank. As demonstrated by BuildMyRank, this is a method that can work extremely well, if the network is really a high-quality network and it’s ensured that the links get indexed and all that.

Unfortunately, Blog Blueprint is a far less groomed network than BMR. There is no additional work done to ensure indexation of your posts and from what I’ve seen, the blogs seem to get flooded with spammy posts, for the most part. I did see some rank improvements from posting to Blog Blueprint, but since I was an IM-Advantage member and the URLs of your Blog Blueprint posts show up in the Bookmarking tool available only inside IM-Advantage, I could help them along a little and make sure they got indexed. As an SEO Blueprint member, you won’t know the URLs of your blog posts, so results may vary.


SEO Blueprint initially looked like an awesome deal: 3 different link-building tools at a very reasonable price of $67/month. Unfortunately, the tools are all okay, but not great. And in the case of Article Blueprint, I’m afraid calling it “okay” is actually an overstatement.

Here’s the problem: $67/month is not terribly expensive, but two out of the three tools aren’t much worth having, so I can’t recommend SEO Blueprint. Blog Blueprint, the most effective tool of the three, is available separately for $59/month. But instead of getting that, get BuildMyRank, which is essentially the same thing, at the same price, but way better.

SEO Blueprint looked promising, but after closer consideration, I have to put it on my “Don’t Buy” List.

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  • Rajiv says:

    I’ve started with BMR last week based on lots of good reviews at the Backlinks Forum.

    I’ve been using the usual litany of tools like SENuke, SERPAssist but the work involved gets tiring after a point for someone like me who loves the techy side of WordPress, creating sites, and creating content so BMR seems like a good deal for me… I can write a 300 word article in 10 mins and it gives me 2 links.

    I’ve also tried UAW in the past but did not have good results with it.

    Now I’m working on your Link Control and on building a high PR network.

    • Shane says:

      Yeah, BMR is easily the best among these types of blog networks. I’m also getting great results with it.

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