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In this episode of the IM Impact podcast, Paul McCarthy and Shane Melaugh discuss a few marketing topics (which is the point of the podcast). Among them: when to publish your content as a video, a blog post, a webinar or, indeed, a podcast. Plus, insights into our planning of an upcoming case study, where we may or may not tackle a very tricky new market and how to stand out from the crowd, in a highly competitive niche.

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About the Author Shane Melaugh

I'm the founder of ActiveGrowth and Thrive Themes and over the last years, I've created and marketed a dozen different software, information and SaaS products. Apart from running my business, I spend most of my time reading, learning, developing skills and helping other people develop theirs. On ActiveGrowth, I want to help you become a better entrepreneur and product creator. Read more about my story here.

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  • Artur says:

    First: Is a site with 100 or so, useful, articles about a specific field, say diesel mechanic a niche or authority site? I alway have a hard time distinguishing.

    Second: I like how you’re approaching personal development and the discussion was good to listed to. Very few do it, personal development, in a way that is practical, actionable and not so ‘wishy washy’. One guy is: Tripp Lanier at thenewmanpodcast dot com.

    Third: ‘Serious’ is good, too.

  • Stanley says:

    Thanks for the Sunday Update.
    Good luck in your new case study. As always I find your Sunday Updates informative. Your new side kick Paul adds to the quality of your broadcast.


  • Oran says:

    Hi Shane,

    Any chance of a transcript of the podcasts?


  • Tom says:

    Shane and Paul, I really like the idea of delving into the personal development niche. Shane, I attended your webinar on increasing productivity way back when and still use a lot of what I learned there. I enjoyed this very much.

    I guess all of us who wanted the “niche site” model where depending on you guys to show us a secret way to maintain rankings in Google. It’s hard sometimes when it took so long to make my first dollar online and now find out I have to completely shift my mindset.

    Keep up the podcasts! I really enjoyed this one even though it was “very serious”.

  • PV says:

    Part 1

    I enjoyed the natural pacing, easy on the ears….intro comments re mixing and matching online communication tools to amplify one’s reach/effectiveness via integrating podcasts, webinars and video to best portray one’s online story line/persona by using each tool the right way, which one to use for what effect, how to use and so forth….very practical.

    I’d like to see this as part of the course as I always enjoy Shane’s webinars whether I buy or not. The thing is: I don’t always want to be the buyer!>>>> must make the transition to seller

    Part 2 Self Improvement Beyond The Grind

    There’s a book out there somewhere about Performatics and Street Magicians in Ireland/busker type stuff ..worth a read- if you are thinking of conveying how to be “in the now”. My key take away from it was “you” need to have a signature trick in your back pocket for emergency use.

    Also, “you” must “pre-know” how to use your props but be able to interact
    spontaneously with the crowd seamlessly.

    I guess this is not too far away from comedy improv. Personally, I hate improv and magic and all that folderol but I know I’m in the minority.

    On the other hand, it is obvious that the “in the moment conversational self” is most likely to produce high trust persuasive conversations….

    Yes, I take your point, evolving into someone that can impact persuade beyond “paint by the numbers” is a key component to success online today and tomorow in an ever more competitive online playing field.

    Aren’t we a skirting the edge of psychology of leadership mindset?

    This leads into Rich Schrefren’s Assessment of Personal Persuasive Strengths…How are we supposed to grasp/analyze, evaluate and nurture our PPS exactly and to what end?

    Let’s examine this algorithmically:

    Personal Persuasion Strength Algorithm = some combination of:

    Physical Dominance e.g. Tony Robbins or name your sports star
    Mental Dominance: % of Serotonin In The Brain
    Voice Sound Theatrics e.g. mellifluous voice of Frank Kern
    Naturalness of Body Command: Oprah
    Intrinsic/Extrinsic Harmony: Buddhist Monk
    Ability To Convey Empathy i.e. to make me feel that you are walking in my shoes and be helpful (Check Vick Strizheus new videos on CPA PPC they are excellent in the moment style)
    Perception of How Easy It Is to Achieve The Persuader’s Recommendation and how this impacts the persuadee’s self worth reputation clock.
    Vocab Fit: Churchillian or Sydney Poitier
    Tricks: Adroit Use of Pauses, Rhetorical Qs and so on…..

    How does all this Square with Marketing Communication Skills, Self Improvement and Online Marketing Success?

    While I agree with your criticism of “American” repackaging/popularization mystical of spiritual it has sold a lot of books and tapes and in a world where the market is King what do you expect?

    The Swiss do it too they just try to make a virtue or understatement.

    Anyway, I resent Shane’s comment.

    Final thoughts, it seems to me that the self improvement/development field can be separated into at least two ways:

    the relatively easy:

    for example: do more push ups and your arms will get stronger or practice x,y,z on the guitar for x hours a day and you will play better.

    the relatively hard:

    Bearing in mind, that there is a persuasiveness migration effect across domains e.g. The Arnold S effect, it is more difficult to consistently influence minds unless “you” Seth Godinize by affiliating with an online

    The problem then becomes which tribe and Why: a) identifying which tribe suits, b) self sculpting your core communication competency within your chosen tribe and c) maintaining authenticity.

    With these parts of the puzzle in place + a focus of expertise (as Shane has harped on in the past) there is no reason why new stars in the online
    niche marketing universe can not be born.

    As an aside, I’m not sure that Brendon Burchard’s Expert focus is the real key but he can surely educate you about info funneling. Frank Kern is it in the tribal personality department but can’t teach/train it.

    Brute Dominance a la Yul Brenner in The King and I is not the recipe for online alchemy either.

    I think what is needed is an assessment tool. Make us make a video of ourselves, make us work through the embarrassment, do it like they do
    at Agassi’s tennis school but give us a grounded path to find our best tribe.

    Looking forward to the next podcast on this topic.



  • PV says:

    Just a couple of more things:

    1) here’s something interesting with a “positive” spin on self improvement/development (never sure what the right term should be) from Abhishek Agarwal ….suggest watching the cartoon.

    And 2)



  • John.N says:

    Shane and Paul — Oh no, personal development => mind control.. are you headed down this road…?

    Shane, how come you know of Neil deGrasse Tyson… are you into Astrophysics?


    • Paul says:

      Haha, that kind of exposure challenges the “all publicity is good publicity” mantra!

  • Adrian says:

    Excellent podcast guys. I reckon once you introduce some humour you’ll be on to a winner! Cheers. :-)

    • Paul says:

      Our last attempt at podcasting ended up being 90% about RedTube (NSFW!) and 10% internet marketing. We’re trying to go down a better path this time ;)

      • Adrian says:

        LOL, I can only imagine how that Podcast went. Possibly a conversation best kept to yourselves! I never take a recording unit in to a pub for much the same reason ;-)

  • Sandra says:

    Hey guys

    I’ll keep it short & sweet:

    Really enjoyed the format of your podcast – entertaining, informative, authentic…

    Re niche/ authority site: personal development is fine with me – it’s a topic I’m personally interested in – so go for it :-)

  • Leo says:

    Hi guys

    Just a quick Yes to the personal development project.

    Much of what you say is true regarding the nonesense that is being punted out there.

    And there is much truth to be found from the relatively few authentic people.

    I would avidly follow your progress if you choose this niche.



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