LeadPages or OptimizePress 2?

September 5, 2013 , 17 Comments

I’ve published a review which pitted OptimizePress 2 against all the major WordPress sales-page-building themes and plugins. I’ve also published a review of LeadPages, which is an online application made for creating landing pages of various kinds.

OptimizePress 2.0 and LeadPages can’t really be called similar products, but there is quite a bit of overlap in their purpose.

To avoid any confusion and preemptively answer a question that’s bound to be on many people’s minds, here’s my tak eon LeadPages vs. OptimizePress 2:

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As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below!

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  • Great stuff! Very timely- just going thru what to buy; differences ect…

    Now I know that Which one to buy! (Both)



    • I also own both and agree that both are good products. Find myself using LeadPages more often, though.

  • Hmmm. This is slightly confusing as Instabuilder seems to have been kicked to the curb as not being “worthy” to be included.

    I thought you were as happy with Instabuilder as you were OptimizePress. Perhaps I just misunderstood the original review of landing page competitors.


    • Hi Ken,

      I’m not discrediting Instabuilder at all. It’s still a very good product, if not as fully featured as Optimize Press 2.

      The reason for the comparison made here is that the two products are both quite “hot” right now and at the forefront of many people’s minds.

      In other words: a lot of people are wondering about the difference between OP2 and LeadPages. Not that many people are wondering about LeadPages vs. InstaBuilder. This has more to do with the launch dates and popularity of the products than the quality.

  • Hi,

    Great review, thanks Shane.

    Does optimizepress support to add multiple autoresponder code to our landing pages?
    (Eg. landing page 01 has integrated with one Aweber form code and Landing page 02 has a different Aweber code)

    Since the existing leadpages doesn’t have the feature(only support one Aweber account, it connects with our aweber account, instead of adding the Aweber form code).

    and yes is awesome and easy to use.

    • I’m afraid I can’t answer that question right now. I don’t have the latest version of OP2 yet. But I’ll make sure to test this when I next update my roundup review.

    • Rob Wilson says:

      At present with one OP2 install you can only connect to one Aweber account at a time.. you can mix lists from the one account but it is a one account deal. If you want different accounts then create a new install.

  • Thanks for the review, Shane. One major difference between the 2 not mentioned is the ability to secure product downloads with OP, something I need to do.

    But with all the other OP2 bugs people are screaming about (all over the web), I’m reluctant to go that route. Is there any software for securing downloads you recommend? Thanks!

  • Shane, great review!
    Both products are awesome. Lead pages is very fast (cloud hosting) while OP2 is complex+flexible.

    I’d like to add one more thing to your comparison: pricing => that is annual fees vs. one-time payment!
    Lead Pages: $197 / $497 (annual fees)
    OP 2.0: $97 – $297 (one-time!)

  • What is the difference between Lead Pages and your product Hybrid Connect. Correct me if I am wrong, but it appears that both products do about the same thing.

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for your comment!

      The two products are very different, actually.

      LeadPages is all about creating specific landing pages (like webinar signup pages, lead generation pages etc.) based on the LeadPages templates. They recently also introduced LeadBoxes, which allows the creation of simple pop-up optins on sites.

      HybridConnect only has a fairly basic squeeze page feature, but it’s all about adding all kinds of opt-in forms and boxes to your site. Also, the templates are 100% customizable.

      You can think of it like this: Hybrid Connect is the ultimate tool for adding lead-generation features to your website (and designing them to perfectly match your brand). The squeeze pages are also there, but not the main thing.
      LeadPages, on the other hand, is the ultimate tool for creating and quickly deploying various landing pages. The opt-in forms for your own site are also there, but not the main part.

  • This was exactly what I needed to hear! Thank you. Just saved me a lot of time figuring out which one to go with.

  • Nice review. A key feature that Leadpages touts is that their landing pages have been tested and you can choose the top-converting landing page from your category.



    • Thanks, Steve!

      As much as I like LeadPages, I have to call BS on this conversion sorting thing they have. Yes: they have some very clever templates and all that. But the idea that you can just aggregate everyone’s conversion rates and somehow get a meaningful number is just silly.

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