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September 4, 2013 , 19 Comments

Some web-pages are important, pivotal points in your business. Pages like opt-in pages, post-opt-in confirmation pages and webinar registration pages, for example.

Getting a higher conversion rate on such a pivotal page has a positive effect that carries on all the way through your funnel.

LeadPages is a software-as-a-service solution that is meant to make it especially easy to create (and improve) exactly these kinds of pivotal landing pages in your business. Check out this review to find out exactly what this software offers and whether it stands up to closer scrutiny.


Name: LeadPages
Created by: LeadBrite, Clay Collins
Medium: Landing Page SaaS
Price: $37/month or $197/year

Video Tour

Here’s a quick video tour and review of LeadPages:

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Pros and Cons

As mentioned in the video, there’s really very little I can fault with LeadPages. The thing I want to emphasize is that LeadPages has a very specific purpose and as long as you don’t expect it to do things it wasn’t built to do, you’ll love it.

Case in point: you can find a “Blog Page” template and a few sales page templates among the available templates. If you need to whip up a quick page that looks like a blog post or sales page, those templates are find. But don’t expect to build a real blog, an entire website or even an in-depth sales page with LeadPages. That’s not what this tool was built for.

Remember, with LeadPages, you get a pre-defined template and you can change the text and make a few minor tweaks to it. If you want to have the freedom to build a sales page that matches your offer optimally, you will probably find yourself severely restricted by this app. It’s not in any way comparable to something like InstaBuilder or OptimizePress 2.0, where you can freely add all kinds of elements and are almost unrestricted in how you can compose a sales page.

To my mind, the sales page templates are mostly for occasions where you quickly want to whip something up, like when you’re putting together an MVP.

The rest of the templates are brilliant. There’s a great (and growing) selection of lead generation pages and many clever pages that you can use to deliver content, host live events, advertise upsells and bonuses and much more.

The split-testing feature is also coming along very nicely. Please note that the split testing feature will come at an additional fee. I could not find any information about what the final price will be, at the time of writing.


LeadPages is an impressively well-designed tool for creating and optimizing landing pages. It has everything you need for the most critical pages in your funnels, it’s easy to use and if you use it right, it will be a valuable addition to your business.

Congratulations to the LeadBrite team for creating the “Product Shane Can Least Bitch About”.

I should have an award for that.

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  • Hey Shane,

    For me the big problem with leadpages is the inability to ask for a phone number on the opt-in.

    I use that for my team to call back some people deeper in my funnel.

    BTW, Did you run any conversion tests on the pages yet?

    • Good point. I wonder if that’s something they’ll add later on.

      I’ve started a simple A/B test on one of my pages. It’s a pretty straight-forward process and I like that you can also test between different templates.

      • LaMont Price says:

        There are several recent posts on the LeadPages Zendesk site related to this question and it appears this feature will be available in the next couple of weeks. I’m very excited.

    • The ability to collect phone numbers, addresses, zip codes, etc. was released today by LeadPages.

  • Frankly speaking, LeadPages is too inflexible for me. There are no drag and drop features. In fact it is more of a opt-in page builder than a sales page builder. Moreover I don’t like the idea of being limited by pre-built templates.

    I happily asked for a refund although I may revisit it later if they add drag and drop template builder options.

  • Steve Pots says:

    OP 2 all the way for me. I can’t see why I would ant to pay monthly to use a inflexible tool. Optimizepress you pay once and you have everything you could possibly use to build a sales page or a blog to promote your products on. Back when you did the first OP review I was sold and I have never looked back.

  • Its very good for creating an opt in page simply for FaceBook Tabs as well.Easily connects to most of the main autoresponder systems.

  • I find it very useful to have a tool that makes it quick and easy to create a great Landing page AND it loads fast.

    I’ve spent a load of time and money getting a fast server and I’d rather spend that time on creating new membership sites.

  • It is rather “inflexible” as pointed out — the other point is at $37.00 per month I would give it a miss.

  • LaMont Price says:

    Any plans for a review on Ten Minute Pages?

    • Yesid Alean says:

      Yes I would like to have a good review on that too!

    • I’ll see if I can get my hands on it. The last couple of times I checked, the product was not available publicly.

  • Hey Shane i have your hybrid connect and is working so well for me. why not compile up the 2 weakness and make a great standalone LP.People will definitely buy it i got another product from you WPsharely.


    • We’re actually working on something that goes in that direction, under the Thrive Themes brand.

  • There is a newer product out by Russell Brunson called Clickfunnels which is totally flexiable and address many of the concerns in many comments here. Shane, You guys should come up with your own funnel program using Thrive Themes. I think that would be a smash hit. I would buy in a second!!!

    • Hi John,

      Well, you can build funnels using Thrive Landing Pages, you just have to string them together manually. In the long run, we’ll probably develop a more automated funnel building solution as well, but it’s not our top priority product at the moment.

  • Yes you really need to come up with something better than clickfunnels and videopages i know your stuff because i am one of your customers thrivethemes/leads and i really like it make sure you come with the latest idea maybe to host it as a standalone or wordpress.


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