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Update: this site has been rebranded twice. Below is the post announcing my first rebranding to “im impact” – a name that now clearly looks like a bad idea to begin with.

IM Impact is the new name, new brand and new look for my former marketing blog, RichQuickReview. In this post, I explain the reasons for the re-branding an a bit about the history of this site.

Why the Name Change?

Just about one year has passed, since I wrote the first post on RichQuickReview and launched it as a new site. Back then, the plan was to create a simple review site. As soon as I ventured into online marketing, it became clear that trying to find an honest review of a marketing-related product was like searching for a precious needle in a huge haystack made of hype and lies.

I saw an opportunity in this and started creating a few reviews that were factual, informative and straight-forward. The name RichQuickReview was supposed to be descriptive, but in a tounge-in-cheek way. The “rich quick” part in the name was never meant seriously. In terms of branding, the name was pretty stupid, but it took me a while to realize that.

At least the “review” part made sense, since that was the main purpose of the site. At the same time, I wanted to add some extra value to the site, so I wrote about some more general marketing related stuff that I had learnt or was learning myself.

Over time, the site evolved. I wrote more content and fewer reviews, I stopped reviewing “make money online” type products almost entirely (most of them are a let-down) and started testing lots of SEO tools and services instead. The name “RichQuickReview” was becoming increasingly inaccurate.

At some point in the summer of 2010, I decided to start marketing to the Internet marketing market. That was never my original intention, but it’s just something that made sense, after a while, as there was an increasing demand for the kind of content I was creating and I was enjoying the content creation for this niche very much. Since then, I’ve started to create a range of products, I’ve written more non-review content, I’ve started a newsletter and run webinars. This site has been something of a central hub for all this activity and the mismatch between the purpose and the name of the site became painfully apparent.

Why IM Impact?

There are many reasons why I chose IM Impact as the new name. In it’s simplest form “IM” simply informs about the general topic of the site (internet marketing) and “impact” describes something of an underlying principle of the direction I’ve taken my marketing efforts in. For example, I’m moving away from the mini-site concept and focusing more on larger sites that rank for several keywords, that have higher quality content and that are more likely to get repeat visitors. In short, I’m building sites that “pack some punch” and are more than just empty shells built to contain affiliate links or ads.

More importantly, I’m focusing a lot of effort on creating products (in several markets) and my goal is to create products that have a real, lasting impact on their market. I want to push and expand the boundaries instead of just being a “me-too” player in a market.

Finally, I chose this name because it’s short and not too descriptive. This way, as my approach keeps evolving, the name will still be usable and not suffer the same fate as it’s predecessor.

With that said, I hope you like the new name and the new look. I have no doubt that you’ll like some of the new content I’m working on.

Thanks for reading!

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