The Link Juicer Review

September 30, 2010 , 26 Comments

The Link Juicer is a link-building service that promises to deliver lots of backlinks from a variety of sources in a highly automated fashion. Getting your sites backlinked automatically without you having to do anything is always an attractive premise and as the name of the product implies, if it works, it can be a nice tap of “link-juice” that you can add to your arsenal of backlinking tools.

The only question is: Does it work well enough to justify a purchase?

Read on to learn how the Link Juicer works and what kind of results I got with it.

The Link Juicer Overview

Name: The Link Juicer
Creator: Peter Adamson
Medium: Link-Building Service
Price: $47/month

Even though the Link Juicer is highly automated, it is still based on content and some fairly well know link sources. The standard account for $47 per month will get you 50 links per day to as few or as many URLs as you choose.


To set up a new campaign, you basically dump a lot of highly spun content into the Link Juicer (article, titles, tags/keywords, descriptions) and set a target URL or several target URLs. There are recommended levels of uniqueness for each of the content types and it’s advisable to use highly spun content. The longer you want a campaign to run un-touched, the better spun your content should be.

Here’s a video detailing the campaign setup in the Link Juicer:

Backlinks/Link Sources

The Link Juicer will take the content in your campaign(s) and create the following kinds of content:
  • Bookmarks on social bookmarking sites
  • Posts on free Web2.0 blogs (livejournal, multiply etc.)
  • Articles on article directories
  • Articles on WPmu sites
That's a fairly good mix of link sources, in itself. Although I did see some repetition of link-sources across a few hundred links, so I guess the network could be bigger. A very cool feature of the Link Juicer is the fact that it automatically does link reinforcement, in other words: it builds links to the articles and posts it creates. This happens automatically and some of the articles and blog posts TLJ creates will also get bookmarked or be linked to from other articles and posts, over time. This creates a multi-tier backlink network, passing along more link-juice and making sure a greater percentage of the links get indexed.


There's no doubt that the Link Juicer provides a solid benefit to SEO campaigns when it's used in combination with other link-building tools. You can use it to create a nice and steady drip of (mostly low-quality) links to any site and you can use it to really push some significant link-juice to link-hubs (i.e. high-value sites with a backlink to your money-site). To give it a tougher test, I also had TLJ run on it's own, with no further link-building, for two test-pages, with each having 10 links per day assigned to it. Test number one was an indexation test: I created a bunch of Web2.0 blogs, put minimal content on them and then ran the Link Juicer, rotating through all of the URLs. The test-blogs did all get indexed, eventually. It was not an overnight-miracle, but it did work. Considering that I was spreading 10 links a day to five different properties (i.e. only 2 links a day for each site), the results weren't bad. For the second test, I created a hubpage for a long-tail keyword and backlinked it using only TLJ. The question was: Would it be able to pull rank all on it's own? Answer: Yes, but just barely. Out of 240 links built, Yahoo reports only 5 (interesting: all on WPmu blogs). In terms of ranking, the page went from position 11 to position 7 during the course of 10 days and then gradually dropped back down to position 10. I'm now going to change the content in that campaign and see what happens (will update this post when results are in).


The Link Juicer works very much as advertised. It's supposed to be a tool for increasing the link-juice within backlinking campaigns, not a standalone tool. For keywords with virtually no competition, it may do the trick, but for most purposes, it's best use as a "link-bolstering" tool and I recommend using it on link-hubs as well as your money-site directly. It doesn't perform miracles, but it does work and at 50 bucks a month it comes with a reasonable price-tag. The fact that it requires almost no maintenance (switch up the content every three to four weeks and you're good) is this tool's greatest feature. But don't listen to my ramblings: Get a completely free 30-day trial and see what TLJ can do for you in practice.

Click here to get the free trial of the Link Juicer.


[note title="UPDATE"]Ben Dixon made a very good point in the comments, which is that for the price of Link Juicer, you can find link-building services offered in various forums that are likely to produce better results. I have to agree with that. Of course, you have to find and test these services first, but it could be worth it.

Since there's a free trial, I still recommend that you give TLJ a try (especially if you focus on long-tail keywords) and see what it does for you. But looking at my results, it's probably not the most effective way to put $50/month to work.[/note]

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  • This sounds really easy to use – unlike some.

    For the price Shane, is this the best you know of?


    • Hey Alex,

      That’s such a tough question…
      I think it depends on what you’re looking for. If saving time, having a highly automated solution is a priority, then I can’t think of anything better for the price.

      EDIT: Actually, the best answer is: Get the 30-day trial and see what it does for you. I’m serious about this and not just writing it as a promotional thing. I think it’s awesome that you can get the trial. If you like the results, keep it. If you don’t, don’t. I wish more products had an arrangement like that.


      • Yeah I DO ask good questions eh?

        But it got a good answer and a new month starting tomorrow is almost begging for a 30 day trial.

        Thanks Shane!

  • How does this product compare with another program you were reviewing not too long ago called SerpAssist?

    I was just about to try out SerpAssist when I found this page of your with the reviews of all these other programs.

    Have you any different opinion on SerpAssist now that some time has passed since your first review?



    • Hi Todd,

      SERPAssist is just a completely different beast from this, because of the way it build links and the kinds of links it builds.
      Basically, with SERPAssist, you have a lot of control over what links are built when and where. It also requires more input from the user’s part.
      LinkJuicer does everything on autopilot, once you’ve added the content, but you also have no control over the link-building process.


  • Another tool….. good job with reviewing it Shane. I’m using UAW right now and not getting much results. I’m testing it this month the best I can so I can review it.


    • Hi Moon!

      Would love to hear how your UAW test goes. I assume you’ll have an update on your blog?


  • Wow! thanks you for the review of the product. I think everyone who is interested in link building need to know what products actually works. Again keep up the reviews I have bookmarked your blog.


  • Great review and insightful results! There are so many of those “xxx sucks”, “Don’t buy xxx!” pseudo reviews that one can spot easily these people have never used the product before :(

    A friend recommended Link Juicer too, so it should be decent especially if it’s so hands-free. What other automation backlinking tools would you recommend to go with Link Juicer?


    • Thanks!

      What other automation backlinking tools would you recommend…?

      Jeez, I’ve been getting that question a lot, lately. :)
      I guess I’ll have to make a “recommended products” page, next to my “don’t buy” page. I’ll work something out and compile all the really good stuff on that page, ok?



  • That will be so darn cool! I can’t wait to see your “Must buys” and “Don’t buys”!


  • Shane I’m David from ilcantone.

    How are you buddy. I’ve found you in a video on youtube. That’s awesome man, I didn’t know about your new website. I’m glad to see you doing well and receiving a lot of traffic.

    ¿Which is your top 1 referral site? Youtube I guess. Man I have to put more effort on mi youtube channel :)

    I’ve also build a new blog and I’m receiving some great traffic and feedback. But as you may know, my english is not so goo as your and I finally decided to be known first on my own country and language.

    Great work Shane,

    By the way, don’t you have a contat form. Let me know how can I contact you.

    Best regards,



    • Hi David! What’s up?

      I think it’s a smart move to “go local” with your site (although I’m not doing it myself, either). Good to hear that you’re making an impression already! :)

      My top referrer is Google, by the way. YouTube is not bad either, in terms of traffic.


      P.S.: I’ll contact you.


  • Good review Shane and it looks like a great product but the price range and given that it is a subscription per month makes it out of my reach. I definitely need to build backlinks but am on a tight budget and am always looking for free and low cost ways to do so. If it was cheap and was a one off price I might have considered it.


    • Yeah, monthly costs are always a bit of an issue. At least here, it makes sense for it to be a monthly service.

      The thing is, services like this are great for leverage: Once you have a site that makes $100 or so per month, you can invest that profit into some tools and services and increase your revenue more quickly, then get more tools and outsourcers etc.


  • Hmmm. There are many forums out there where you can pay people to perform services like this. Many of whom will provide unique articles in with the service. For this monthly price you can get a lot more links too and most will provide a report on where the links are etc. Think I’d prefer to do this each time I wanted a fresh batch of links rather than have a monthly subscription.

    All are low quality backlinks as you rightly say.


    • Hi Ben,

      That’s a good point. You might really be able to get better and more links from services offered in forums etc.
      There’s it’s just a bit more difficult to find ones that are actually reliable and useful.


    • Could you please post some links to services you’re talking about?


  • Hi Shane,
    Well I finally made it to your comments box, good video on utube, still no one is showing a video step by step on how to fill in “The Link Juicer” this is not as straightforward as I first thought,I have spent 4 days trying to fill in the boxes for one campaign, my campaigns keep being disabled by the link juicer, can you help me PLEASE!!
    I am getting more and more frustrated with this program, I just want to make it work,

    Kind Regards

    David McCall


  • One method that works well that is free is to submit the rss feed ofa blog to a directorysite,then ping it if you wish.


  • Hey Shane,

    Great review about The Link Juicer, I’ve been using this service for almost two months now and have seen all 3 of my targeted keywords go up in rankings.

    I have to agree and disagree with Ben. In my opinion the service is worth the money simply because time is also a factor in this business. I’d rather pay for results than do the work myself and TLJ works on autopilot its own.

    Not only is it getting my sites ranked higher but it’s paying for itself every month in terms of rankings and affiliate commissions. I’ve decided to stick with The Link Juicer for a very long time or until the owner shuts it down (hopefully not anytime soon) ;)


  • Hey Shane,

    Any updates on TLJ post-penguin? I was thinking of trying their 30 day trial but I’d like to know if it’s worth the time. Thanks


    • Well, it wasn’t great at the time of the review and I doubt it’s improved since. In short: not recommended.


  • Shane,

    I have heard that automated link building is black hat tactics. Can you explain why this product is any different from other things out there? Also, will Google slap someone with this tool?

    What is the amount of links you should add per day before it starts to look artificial? I heard you say this tools gives you like 250 back links per day. From what I heard, Google will come down on you for to many back links at one time.

    I am new to this, and just asking and being curious. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts?



    • Hey John,

      The answer is simple: this review is very old (in Internet time, anyway). Back when I tested this product, this kind of link building was still very effective. These days, I don’t recommend it anymore.


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