Squidoo Video Tutorials (Another Massive Video Post)

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Squidoo is a very popular article database. Actually, calling it an article database is a complete understatement. While the underlying principle is similar to that of an article database – you can register, publish your own content and also link back to your websites – Squidoo has a lot more to offer. What mainly sets it apart is that you can add a lot of multimedia and interactive elements to each of your pages (called “lenses” on Squidoo). From images and slideshows to videos, polls and digg-like voting elements, there is a huge selection of fun stuff you can add to each of your lenses.

Since Squidoo even allows affiliate links and encourages it’s users to make money (there’s a revenue sharing model), it’s a great resource for every online marketer or article marketer. I’ve put together a series of instructional videos that go into some detail on how to build a lens, how to add in multimedia elements and how to promote the lens to get more visitors and clicks.

Video 01: How to Build a Squidoo Lens

Video 02: Analysis of the Top Ranked Squidoo Lenses


(Also check out my written report on the top ranked Squidoo lenses.)

Video 03: How to Add Images and Other Modules


Video 04: Easiest Way to Use HTML for Improving Your Lenses


And here’s the link to that nifty little HTML-writer: Arachnophilia

Video 05: How to Monetize Your Squidoo Lenses


Video 06: Promoting Your Lens, Part 1


Video 07: Promoting Your Lens, Part 2 – How to Get Ranked in Google


And that’s it for my first round of Squidoo tutorials. I’ll probably revisit this subject sometime in the future, but for right now, I’m moving on to the next subject.

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