Seth Godin and the Google Panda Update

What do Seth Godin (author, marketing cult-figure and notorious bald guy) and the Google Panda update (change in Google algorithm that left a lot of sites in the dust) have to do with each other? Watch the video below to find out:



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Note that what I’m talking about aims to go beyond the niche marketing grind. That grind being: you pay someone to create mediocre content based around a set of keywords, throw that content on a site, then pay someone to create some junky spun content and use that to build tons of backlinks from wherever you can. The grind still works, but if you’re looking to go further than that and looking to get more traffic, traffic that sticks and returns and looking to “future proof” your sites, then I think what I talk about in the above video is highly relevant.

I think that especially in the IM niche, there’s too much emphasis on the “factory produced” type of 800-word-keyword-rich-article content and there may just be huge potential for traffic and profit if you consider some alternatives.

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