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June 18, 2010 , 17 Comments

Note: SEOLinkVine has now re-opened. The stats in the post have been updated to what they were on June 18, 2010.

SEOLinkVine is a recently launched, new article network run by Brad Callen. I have been testing this network since shortly before the official launch and by now, I have gathered enough data and gotten a good enough impression of the system for an initial review.

I am not going to go into great detail about what an article network is, if you want to know more about the basics of that, please check my blog networks post.

Alright, now let’s find out whether SEOLinkVine is worth it or not…

SEOLinkVine – Overview:

Name: SEOLinkVine
Creator: Brad Callen
Medium: Article Network/Blog Network
Price: $67/month*

SEOLinkVine is an article network where you can submit articles including your keyword targeted backlinks to many blogs in the network. All of your articles get posted to blogs relevant to your niche and since you can choose the anchor text of the links, that should ensure that all the links you get from the system are high-quality and valuable.

SEOLinkVine Features

First, let’s cover the two most basic features for any blog network: Submitting and receiving articles.

Submitting Articles

SEOLinkVine has an editor very similar to the one you might be familiar with from a WordPress blog, where you can enter and edit your articles. Since the article will be submitted to blogs and not article directories, you can include links directly in the body text and you can even include pictures and embed video (although in my experience, the video usually remains unpublished).

You are encouraged to spin and rewrite your articles, to make sure that each published post is at least somewhat unique. There is a built in article spinning tool as well as a (useless) thesaurus that can make synonym suggestions for you.

Check out this video to see an overview of all the article submission features:

Receiving Articles

Of course, you can also “plug in” your own blogs into the network and start receiving content from SEOLinkVine users. Depending on how you make use of it, getting a constant stream of fresh content can be very beneficial to your own sites – at least, if the content is any good.

In this regard, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the articles I’ve received from SEOLinkVine. Let me be realistic, here: The articles are never stellar (they are written for the links, not for Pulitzer prizes) and there are always a few bad apples in there. I have received some examples of articles that were spun to the point of illegibility. But most of the articles I’ve received were quite good.

What I really like about the “get articles” bit in SEOLV is that you can view and accept or reject articles directly from within SEOLinkVine. This means that you don’t have to log into each one of your sites to check the posts, you can conveniently do it all from one interface.


SEOLinkVine has some very interesting stats-checking features, as well. You can get an overview as well as a graphical representation of how many of your articles have been presented to site owners, how many have been accepted and rejected, how many have been published and how many are still pending.

Even more interestingly, it comes with a rank-tracking application. All you have to do is install a small program that runs in the background (Windows only, at the time of writing) and periodically checks your ranking. For this purpose it simply uses the links from your articles and check where the linked-to site ranks for the anchor-text keyword.

The program goes 500 results deep in Google and Yahoo and about 100 results deep in Bing.

As I’ve mentioned several times on this site, I believe that a good rank-tracking application is absolutely essential for SEO marketers. You have to have an easy way to track the progression of your pages in the SERP and see how your link-building is affecting them. The rank tracking tool in SEOLV is very simple and requires practically no user-input, but it’s still a solid tool that delivers clear information. Clear thumbs up from me, as this is truly an extra bonus that no one would even expect to get, bundled with a blog-network membership!

Is It Any Good?

Of course, the extra features and slick user interface are nice, but the most important question about any blog network is: Is it any good? Do my articles get published, does the system work, do I get a good amount of high-quality backlinks?

The answer is: Yes, it is good and it’s a solid system that works. There was a bit of a glitch during the first few days after launch, where they were apparently having trouble getting all the queued up articles published, however, even then I saw a steady stream of publishes and daily backlinks to all sites I  was promoting through SEOLinkVine.

Let’s look at some exact numbers:

Currently, I am averaging 55.8 publishes per article submitted. That’s pretty good, especially considering that the articles are all still being published to new blogs and the publishes per article have steadily been climbing. Also, some of the publishes are still in a “pending” status, meaning some site-owners have not taken a look at the articles yet, to decide whether to approve or reject them. If my approval-rate stays constant, this will result in about 60 publishes per article over the course of a few weeks. Not too bad.

Does it work for getting your sites ranked? Let me show you two examples, using the SEOLV rank tracker.

This first one is on a site that I’ve already done lots a fair amount of backlinking for, but the particular page I’m promoting has only been getting links from SEOLV, no other sources:

SEOLinkVine Stats 1

As you can see, there’s a distinct improvement in ranking, more or less from day one of using the system. (Update: The above page has now reached position number 3 in the SERP).

Here’s another one, which is for a brand new site that, as of yet, has absolutely no on-page optimization for the targeted keyword:

SEO Link Vine Stat 2

We’re definitely looking at some heavy Google dancing, here, but the indications are good. The dance will probably go on for a while longer, but once I actually set up the target page with on-page SEO, I’m pretty sure I’ll stick to page one. (Update: This page is now in position number 6 and has stayed there for several weeks. I haven’t done any link-building beyond submitting two articles to SEOLV, for this site).


Unfortunately, the syndication never really improved with SEOLinkVine – even though the network is supposed to be growing. In fact, syndication has been very erratic. I’ve been using the service almost daily for several months and I have some articles in the system that got up to 100 publishes and others that barely reached a dozen publishes…

So, while SEOLV still works as a link building tool (as you can see from the results above), it’s simply not the best choice for a blog network and not the best bang for your buck. Check out my extensive blog network roundup review, to see how SEOLinkVine stacks up against pretty much every other blog network on the market.


About ​Shane Melaugh

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  • Jason Venters says:

    I saw seolv and was somewhat interested in the product. That is great you are getting some good content out of it. I figured it would probably the spun junk that everyone uses. Also, that’s great you get more links per submission and over a good time frame. I figured most of these sites would have a low pr and there wouldn’t be many categories but I could be wrong. I did pass on signing up and do most of my link building manually. This is probably my weakest facet and something I need to improve on. I’d love to see a review of senuke, or scrapebox. I’ve used senuke a few times to automate some social links but that was for the free trial. Scrapebox seems super powerful in terms of commenting among other things. If you ever want to chat about some ideas with me send me an email and maybe we can chat on im sometime.

    • Hi Jason,
      Some people swear by manual link-building. I gotta admit, I just like gadgets and tools, so I definitely go for those when it comes to link-building. :)
      The SEOLinkVine network seems to be pretty solid and already pretty big. Sure, many sites are low PR and that’s to be expected. However, a link is a link and get enough low-PR backlinks and it will also have a clear effect on rankings.

      Review of SEnuke is coming. They’re releasing SEnuke X soon and I’ll make sure to get a hold of it so I can do a proper review for you guys. :)

      Also, in terms of getting more backlinking done (even using only free tools and methods), I’ll be publishing a guide with my own strategy on how to do that pretty soon, so keep your eyes peeled.


  • Jason Venters says:

    Sounds great! I think senuke along with a blog commenting tool would be out of this world! Thanks for your posts, help and tips.

  • I’ll buy through your link. I’ll ask you if I need assistance :)

    • Yep, looks like you just missed the window of opportunity. Thanks for posting, I’m going to edit the article right away.

  • Does SEOLinkVine vary much from the other similar systems? I can’t really see that it offers anything unique.

    • So far, it’s pretty similar to other systems out there, yes. It does look like Brad (the owner) is trying to out-do everyone else, though. First of all, he’s taking measures to make sure he gets more and higher quality blogs in the network. There will also be some features added shortly that should be quite interesting, including “articles on demand”, an elite network of high-PR blogs (at a higher price, of course) a Best Spinner style crowd-sourced thesaurus, etc.

      Right now, it’s just a good network with some neat features like the stats and rank-tracking and good functionality.

      As I stated in the article, if it hadn’t been for the time constraint, I would have waited with publishing this review until more of the features rolled out.

  • Hi Shane,

    I’ve joined SEOLinkVine before reading this post. I’ve never really kept track like of how effective the system is, because I’m also a part of various link networks, which make the tracking difficult.

    But I belive SEOLinkVine does give me some boost, as do other network sites that I’ve joined.

    Nice blog you got here Shane and thanks for the review you put up here :)

    Welly Mulia

    • Hey Welly,

      Thanks for your comment!
      I agree that it’s best to use several systems like this. Even Brad Callen himself recommends that you use his competitor’s systems as well.

      If you can afford it, it’s definitely a good thing. Create one article and feed it into all the systems plus some article directories. :D

  • Hi Shane,

    in this post you recommend SEOLinkVine, but in your “Don’t buy” section SEOLinkVine is not recommended by you. Just a little bit contradictory… ;-)

    By the way: I like your blog and your honest reviews. Really cool.


    • Thanks for your comment!
      Yes, read the description in the Don’t Buy section, please. It’s new and a work in progress. Things on the list and on the pages are currently still changing.

  • Hi, I found a system that seems to do something similar to SEOLinkVine, it’s called link racer. They only charge $17 a month and they say that you can get at least 1800 links a month, but you can upgrade your account to get more links. Do you think that this service is worth the money? I have your Backlink Battleplan course (it’s excellent btw) and am thinking that this service might be worth the money in order to build backlinks to my link hubs.

    • Hi Mike,
      I haven’t tried link racer myself. Looks like it might be worth a try, though. :)

  • Thanks for the review. I was looking for an alternative to FightBackNetworks and this looks like the closest alternative. But are you saying that with this network, you end up with duplicate articles in multiple places?

    • Hi Andre,

      Please note that this review is very, very (very) old – in Internet years, anyway. I don’t know if the service even still exists and I definitely don’t recommend using it anymore. SEO has moved on. :)

      • Oh, haha. I just realized this was from 4-5 years ago.

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