Review: WordPress Split Test Optimizer Plugin

In a previous post, I had reviewed a WordPress plugin for setting up easy split tests and had given it a thumbs-up. Setting up split-tests on WordPress is usually complicated or expensive… or both. The previously reviewed plugin made thing easier, but unfortunately, it’s no longer available. Now, along comes a new candidate by the name of WordPress Split Test Optimizer. Is this a better solution for running A/B tests on WordPress based sites? Does it manage to be simple and affordable at the same time?

Read on to find out.


Name: WP Split Test Optimizer
Creator: Eric Transue
Medium: WordPress Plugin
Price: $47

The first thing you need to know about this plugin is that it integrates with Google Website Optimizer and that’s a good thing. Like Analytics, Website Optimizer is a very powerful tool that you get to use for free, courtesy of Google (and their hunger for data). The thing is, GWO doesn’t usually play nice with WordPress and while there are integration options and even free plugins to help integrate the two, most of them still have some severe limitations.

So, let’s see if WP Split Test Optimizer can justify the asking price, compared to what free Optimizer plugins offer.

WP Split Test Optimizer Video

Here’s a video detailing what this plugin does and how it compares to the free ones that are available.

To recap, the WordPress Split Test Optimizer plugin has two advantages over free plugins:

  1. It’s slightly easier to set up and manage. This isn’t a huge advantage, but it’s nice to have.
  2. It allows you to very easily track clicks on particular links as conversions. This makes the plugin very useful for affiliate marketers. Unless you’re a coding Ninja, Website Optimizer is otherwise almost useless for affiliate marketing.


This plugin is being sold for $47 and while it definitely works as advertised and is a good product, I guess the main question would be: is it worth the price, compared to the free plugins available?

I’d say that depends mainly on how good you are at coding and how valuable your time is. To me, spending 50 bucks on a plugin like this is a much cheaper solution than spending hours fiddling with code (trying to get click-tracking to work, for example).

In general, if you want to start split-testing and you like to use WordPress, then this is a good solution. If you want to do more advanced, multivariate split testing and don’t mind spending more money on it, then my first recommendation is Visual Website Optimizer. For more “causal” use, WP Split Test Optimizer is the better choice, simply because it’s a solid solution and comes with a one-time price.

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  • Jeremy says:

    Thought I’d let you know I was serching around for a split testing plugin for wordpress for a while and found Zentester which seems to be lot more advanced and easier to use than this and even comes with a free version (which was perfect for me) You might like to check it out too.

    • Shane says:

      Hi Jeremy,
      Thanks for your comment! Zentester is actually already mentioned in the review. I wasn’t aware that there’s a free version, though. Isn’t it more like a free trial?
      If you truly want to make use of it, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee and that’s the only disadvantage to it (that I’ve found so far, anyway).

  • Bilal Ahmad says:

    I agree with Jeremy. Zentester is really a good one. Although Split optimizer is looking a very advance one, but i still prefer zentester.

  • Bryan says:

    Hi Shane,

    I appreciate the review, but I think the plugin is over priced for basically using the free tool GWO and helping you use it track CTR. It would be quicker to use this product, but it does bother me that he charges that much for plugin, which is very basic. GWO is the brains and it’s just putting things together.

    Zentester is not clear if it works for affiliate offers.

    I found the free GWO wp plugin and thought I could use a redirect page to put the conversion code on it, which could work.

    • Shane says:

      Yeah, it is true that this plugin is really just a facilitator.
      It’s a time vs. money question, IMO. With Zentester, I have to say that I’ve had it for a long time now and I’ve always had some issues with it. Data not showing up correctly, elements that I can’t test, errors,…
      Conceptually, it’s great, but unfortunately it just hasn’t ever truly worked for me.

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