Premium Squeeze Page Templates

A squeeze page is a page specifically designed to achieve the highest conversion rates. If your website doesn't have squeeze pages yet, you're missing out.

Read on to find out about the best way to add conversion optimized squeeze pages to your own website and to learn when to use them and when NOT to use them.


Note: Updated Post

Originally, this article was a review of a product called "Premium Squeeze Page Templates". Unfortunately, this product doesn't exist anymore. But there's good news, too: today, there are far better alternatives to choose from and I'll introduce them below.

The Best Squeeze Page Templates for WordPress

If you build your websites using WordPress, then the best, fastest way to create squeeze pages and landing pages on your site is using the Thrive Architect plugin.

Thrive Architect is a front end, visual page builder plugin for WordPress, which can be used with any theme and on any post or page. In addition, it comes with a huge selection of landing page templates that you can load up and customize for your own needs in record time.

Now, here's an important disclaimer: I'm one of the founders of Thrive Themes, the company that makes Thrive Architect. So, clearly my recommendation of this plugin is biased.

However, I'm not simply recommending my own product with blind enthusiasm. Thrive Architect was originally created because I was creating tons of websites with landing pages, sales pages and lead generation squeeze pages for different products and businesses... and it was frustrating.

There are plenty of themes and plugins for WordPress that let you create really stylish, designer-y looking homepages and websites. And there are more "page builders" these days than you can shake a stick at. But Thrive Architect is still the only product of its kind.

It's the only page builder made specifically for creating and customizing high-converting landing pages. It always was and still is a page building plugin created by passionate marketers, for marketers.

So, if you are primarily a web designer, if you value design over conversions and if you want to create "brochure" websites that are meant to make a good impression, rather than drive a growing business, then there are probably better page builders for you out there.

But if your main focus is on conversions, I don't think you'll find anything better than Thrive Architect.

In Thrive Architect, you can rapidly customize pages thanks to the new Smart Landing Pages feature set and you can get the Thrive Optimize add-on for A/B testing functionality.

Alternatives for Building Squeeze Pages

Here's an overview of some of the most popular page building and landing page creation tools:

  • Unbounce - enteprise level solution mainly made for agencies & PPC landing pages. $79/month+
  • Instapage - highly professional solution, also aimed at agencies and large businesses. $99/month+
  • OptimizePress - used to be the leading page templates solution for WordPress. Fell out of favor recently because it became a bit outdated compared to most competitors. $97 - $297
  • LeadPages - similar to OptimizePress, LeadPages is a former market leader (for non-WordPress pages, in this case) which fell out of favor after a lot of competition arose. $37/month+
  • ClickFunnels - landing page and funnel building software that has become super popular. They have the strongest marketing machine in the industry, but not necessarily the strongest product. $97/month - $297/month
  • Elementor, Brizy, Beaver Builder, Divi - page builder tools for WordPress with a focus on design and creating "normal" web pages. No strong focus on landing pages or conversions, but they can be used to create squeeze pages, with a bit of creativity and integrations with lead generation plugins.

Are Squeeze Pages Still Relevant?

The term "squeeze page" comes from the idea of creating a page that "squeezes" the visitor for their email address. It's a bit of an unpleasant connotation and perhaps you have visions of in-your-face, salesy pages when you hear the term.

In fact, some of the templates in the original review in this article have that over the top, in your face style to them:

Premium Squeeze Templates

Some old-school squeeze pages on display.

Bold, red headlines and arrows pointing at buttons and opt-in forms aren't very charming. But keep in mind: these templates are from a product that is many years old and a modern squeeze page doesn't have to look like this.

It's about the principle. And the principle in this case is: less distraction.

A typical homepage, web page or blog post usually gives a visitor many options. The idea is that the visitor can engage with the content or click on one of many navigation links to browse the website further. A squeeze page aims to boil everything down to just one choice: take the desired action or leave the website.

This makes sense and is as relevant now as it has always been, primarily because of what's usually called the paradox of choice: the more options someone is presented with, the less likely they are to take any action at all.

A squeeze page is a highly focused page. It's about one thing and one thing only, without the distraction of navigation menus, ads, pop-up notifications and outbound links. That's what makes it a conversion focused page.

And according to Hubspot, businesses that use more landing pages get 55% more leads than businesses that use fewer or no landing pages. So on the whole, using this type of page seems to work favorably for businesses.

Squeeze Page Template Examples

With that said, let's take a look at some example templates that break the "big, red headline" mold and demonstrate that a well designed, modern squeeze page is possible.

Stylish Fashion Squeeze Page

Chic fashion squeeze page

This is a typical, minimal lead generation page. Visitors can sign up to the newsletter and receive a free PDF.

Apart from the footer links, there are no navigation links or outbound links on the page. The message and design are simple and elegant. The page is made to be visually appealing.

The Most Common Type of Squeeze Page

Coming soon page template example

Probably the most common use for a pure, minimal and highly focused squeeze page is the "coming soon" page. If you're working on a new project or giving your site a full overhaul, why not use a stylish squeeze page to announce the launch date and get some initial email leads?

Minimal & Branded

Fitness themes email lead generation page

A classic squeeze page doesn't include your website's header and footer. 

Why not?

Because the header and footer usually contain not just your logo and branding elements, but also navigation links, links to social profiles, etc. Adding these elements re-introduces too much choice back to the squeeze page.

But that doesn't mean a squeeze page can't fit your brand and style. As you can see from the example above, even a sleek, minimal template can be highly brand-recognizable, through the use of colors, fonts and images.

Squeeze Page for a Webinar

Webinar registration page

Want to get people to sign up to your next live webinar? This too, is best done using a squeeze page. Although a page like this contains more content and information, it's still a squeeze page. It still reduces everything to one simple choice: register, or don't.

For webinars, having good squeeze page templates can be crucial because many webinar platforms such as GoToWebinar or Zoom are hopelessly inadequate from a conversion standpoint. Using their default registration pages is not recommended.

The Bottom Line: Use Squeeze Pages... and Test Them!

The bottom line is: whatever your online business is about, you could probably get results by implementing some highly focused landing pages. And you don't have to settle: even a page that is completely focused on conversions can be well designed and customized to match your brand.

As a final note, one of the greatest benefits of squeeze pages is that they can be rapidly deployed - and tested.

I highly recommend that you get into the habit of A/B testing your landing pages, especially if you're driving paid traffic. It can make the difference between a loss or a profitable campaign. But more than that, A/B testing and seeing the results can teach you more about marketing and copywriting than any blog, book or course can!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to leave a comment below!

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      Squeeze pages are generally promoted “directly”, as they are very difficult to rank in Google (Google likes to see lots of related content…). In other words, people find squeeze pages through direct links in articles, e-mails etc.

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      Optimize Press is a very good, WordPress based solution.

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