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  • Shane, don’t stop providing information this ‘boring’ stuff.

    Key information for serious marketers.

    Super Stu

  • Another great post Shane!

    Are you trying out a new camera? This week’s update appears super clear (not that the previous videos were fuzzy at all).

    More gold from Shane’s information mine :)

    All the best,


    • Hi Graham,

      Same camera as always. The only difference is the lighting. Today, it was overcast but still kind of bright. That probably made for some crisper contrasts than usual.
      For most of my Sunday Updates, I just sit next to a large window and get natural light. That’s why they tend to look slightly different every week. Depends on the weather. :)

  • Shane, as usual you’re covering some of the essentials for success on the web that most others simply aren’t aware of or won’t talk about because it just isn’t sexy enough. I commend you on that. I was actually just reading something about this on another forum. Seems like user engagement is going to be (or perhaps already)the next mega metric, kind of like when google 1st adopted backlinks as a mega metric some eons ago. I’m very curious to see what you have in store with your new tool. I think you mentioned it’s a software not a plugin? Well either way I’m looking forward to checking it out. Chow.

  • Hi Shane,

    Thanks for sharing this ‘boring’ information, you’ve just converted me into a ‘boring’ addict.

    Chow chow,

  • Not enough swearing Shane! Just kidding. :)

    Looking forward to your software.

  • the software sounds excellent! This stuff is not boring. When I move toward “list building” I will move away from everything Google. With adsense it doesn’t matter.I will miss Google chrome.

  • Nice one Shane – I was always confused about the relationship between Bounce Rate & Time on the page – Paul’s Analytics article was a great clarification for me. Looking forwards to your ‘engagement’ software – I’m sure you have a good number of able & willing beta testers on ImImpact… Cheers, Neil

  • Shane, I always look forward to your updates and NO they are not boring. Your non-pushy stance for the latest and greatest is appreciated and I’m looking forward to seeing your new product which I’m sure will be top notch, as always!

  • Shane
    Without having read the other posts yet I will be very interested in anything that increases user engagement. I have been nothing but depressed over the stats that I receive from Google Analytics. The visitor who bounce, bounce! the ones who stay take the necessary 5 minutes that it takes to read my 1000 word posts that took me some time and should take them some time to read! Yet somehow that becomes a metric that plays into the mix of “important reasons” for ranking your site….Yawn.

    • You’ll always get more bouncers and scanners than full readers. People are very impatient and grabbing someone’s attention online is anything but easy. Even with videos, you’ll find that many people don’t have the attention span to watch more than 30 seconds or so, no matter how valuable your video is.

      The same is true for your competitors and the goal just needs to be for your site to be more engaging than your competition. The numbers in your analytics might look discouraging, but when compared to what other sites in your market get, they might not be that bad.

  • Hello Shane,

    Once again another terrific (content filled) newsletter.

    There is another new service that came out about a month or so for getting quality backlinks, and it is called ‘Content Facilitator’… Not sure if you are aware of it or heard of it. It is NOT a blog network. It Facilitates or matches web publishers with content providers. Here is their url if your interested in doing a review on it;

  • Thanks for this information. I always struggle with analytics and know I’m not using it to its full potential. I’m glad you cleared up the bounce rate issue and how to really indentify good bounces!

  • Great content.

    I personally have been using GetClicky from the start 2 years ago. Not perfect, but nothing is. Seeing “dwell time” is great.

    Since you swear like a sailor, maybe you smoke to. You can check out this page about my mother’s experience with chinese cigarettes. “beijingtravelreport dot com/ma-vs-chinese-cigarettes/”. I just did a Stumbleupon paid promotion on this and it got a score of 20. Stopped that as soon as I saw the score. One of the ways I am attempting to increase social engagement on this new site.

    Probably should write my own blog posts about my experiences with Stumbleupon’s paid promotion.

    And you were especially giddy last week. I don’t know why. We would actually sit through an 8 hour webinar with the great guests that you bring.

    Hmmm. That gives you 6 hours of swear time.

    Your reputation is high.

  • Its nice to get a post on the not so sexy side of IM for a change, we really need more. It bugs me that all the sheeple follow the “shiny marketing path down the easy road to riches”.

    When are people going to realise that its down to hard work, not cutting corners, there is no one button approach to success?

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