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  • Hi Shane

    Thanks for the results info.

    Yes, fast and easy is what’s in all the sales letters. Wasn’t it Malcolm Gladwell who suggested it takes 10,000 hours to get good at anything!

    I’m a – lets get more productive person… and focus is vital for me too.

    Frustrating yes, but also an education. Never give up springs to mind.

    I think there are a few good “How To” products out there. It’s taken me an age to identify the good from the not so good.

    Would love to find a good SEO solution/person. I get emails all the time from India offering services but their prices are just too expensive for the service they are offering.

    Thanks again


    • Ah, yes. In “outliers” Malcolm Gladwell talks about a series of studies where it was concluded that it takes 10000 hours to become a world-class expert at something.

      Luckily, you don’t need to be world-class at anything to make this online marketing thing work. But yes: It does take a lot of time, especially if SEO is involved. No doubt about that.

  • Hi Shane,

    Shocking outcome of your survey. I did expect most people could get some serious income from Internet Marketing.

    About focus and productivitiy; the lack of that is holding me back.
    Right after taking your survey I started to unsubscribe to most emaillists so the distraction is less.

    What does work for me: start the day with a big project and work 3 hours nonstop, without distraction on that one project.
    When you do start reading emails and checking stats, then productivity is gone.

    Uusing a timer does also work. However for big projects it doesn’t work for me.


    ps. totally offtopic:
    do you have an opinion on the linkliberation 2? And FusionHQ that is open?

    • Good one! I’d call that the principle of momentum. When you start checking stats, etc. you loose your momentum and it’s difficult to get it back.

      I’ll wite about FusionHQ and LL2 in an e-mail or post, ok? :)

  • Hi Shane,

    Thanks for the survey results, not many marketers I know actually release their survey results, so thanks again. Your video pretty much confirmed what I already suspected. More than 80% of internet marketers are very far from leaving their day jobs, and in all honesty, I’m one of them. Your results remind me of Pareto’s principles that 20 per cent of the people earn 80 per cent of the wealth.

    I genuinely believe that entrepreneurs with business and marketing knowledge will quickly do well as internet marketers as there already possess a general grounding in principles. Whereas your average joe needs a huge injection of marketing 101 and all the other online facets one must come to grips with. I also think it comes down to misinformation by some marketers that online wealth comes from a particular technology – “use Aweber!!’ or a particular push button platform – ‘Monster Affiliate Doomsday Button!’. People are not realising that internet marketing is just a different media with different opportunities and challenges. Hence the frustration as there is usually a lag until a person can be up to speed. Personally I’m seeing this year as a time of education and learning. I would not be happy with myself if another year goes past and I’m still in my present situation!

    Were you able to find out what the average earnings of people in their second year was?

    I know you are wary of jumping on the newbie internet marketing band wagon but you have a very clear and easy teaching style and I know you would put tonnes of quality into your products. I believe there’s a student for every teacher – and I’m sure lots of people will gel with you.

    Can’t wait to see what’s in my email… :)


    • Good points, there.

      Maybe I’ll cave in at some point and make a “how to make money” proudct.

      The thing is, I’d want it to be pretty darn spectacular. I feel like it would have to live up to the promises that all the other MMO products make (and can’t keep, in most cases).

      I could, of course, make a product about how I make money online, but my approach involves so much hard work that I doubt anyone would buy it. ;)

    • Hi

      Interesting that you think that entrepreneurs with business and marketing knowledge will do well as Internet Marketers.

      I have a wealth of business and marketing knowledge and have struggled with understanding what’s vital/important V’s what isn’t.

      Wouldn’t call myself an entrepreneur although some people would consider me to be an innovator.

      May be my age has made it a little difficult to understand what works etc…

      Personally I have found it hard to find out what works. 30 or so websites later I have gathered enough experience to see the woods and the trees but it took me quite a while.



  • Interesting stuff to look forward to there Shane I think. Actually, the whole survey thing is in someways a bit of a marketing 101 in itself – find out what your customer’s want or need and then give it to them! I’ve been working online off and on for a couple of years now and things are definitely looking up (had my best month ever this summer) but I am still a little way off making a regular income of your $1000 a month suggested level. I have started to ‘systemise’ what I am doing and finally think things could be coming together. I will watch with interest what you do. Thanks for the survey results, it’s good to know that there are many people out there in the same boat!

    • Well observed. Surveying people is such a powerful marketing tool. Anyone who has a list should be doing it!

  • I agree with the surveys, most of us are enjoying what we are doing, but there are individual areas where we are stuck.

    Coaching would solve that,but for most is too expensive.

    And I’m glad you are looking at some “how to” products Shane.

    Perhaps a membership program?

    3 possibles…

    (1) nicheprofitclassroom
    (2) thenicheblogger
    (3) thekeywordacademy

    Looking forward to your next steps!


    • Thanks for the suggestions!

      How come you suggest a membership program by default? Are they generally better than one-offs, in your experience?

      • I would say without question, Yes! I have tried many, most for a month at most, just to see what was offered. One of my finest experiences came with one of those three mentioned in particular.

        I know one requires a lot of material and puts a huge burden on those that run it. But, it has potential to be a ‘how to’ that is much more than an information vault.

        You have a track record of success and seem to love the nuts and bolts of reviewing/developing products. Perhaps with a ‘technically’ savvy partner and it could mean a steady income for more product development and a supply of tools you know give the most bang for our buck. And a proven road-map on their most effective applications, step-by-step.

        You have shared a lot with us and I have to believe there is much more you have to offer. You will of course, corner your market – us- so to speak.

  • A “how-to” guide would be fantastic. I’m not an Internet marketer but I make almost all my income from leads generated on the Internet so I’m not sure how to even get started with traditional Internet marketing. It’s something I’d love to try as the supplemental income would be nice. And if nothing else I feel there is likely to be a lot of crossover with my regular biz. Looking forward to your next installment

    • I’d actually think that for your particular situation, more specific products would be more useful than something “how to MMO” in general.
      But I may be wrong.

  • I was really interested in your results. Seems like most people love internet marketing but just can’t make the mnoney they want to. Thats me. I love it – could spend all day doing it but my sales are few and far between. I am interested in what your coaching idea will be.

    • The good thing is: When you enjoy something, you stick with it, long term.

      And sticking with it, long term just so happens to be the Nr. 1 success factor in pretty much anything.

  • Hi Shane
    Thanks for sharing the survey results. Its interesting but not really surprising that there is such a high % of <$1000.

    It took me a long time to get anywhere online and my biggest failing was the 'new shiny object' that always distracted me from completing.

    It was not the lack of information or even understanding. There are still many info products out there that are full of sound how to do it advice. It's not difficult but it does involve hard work and focus. In my experience consistent focus is the difficult part. It is easy to keep busy doing 'stuff' online but it's hard to consistently do the things that make a difference.

    My 'success' actually came from one of the projects that I had started and not completed. It sat there online for 2 years, gradually ticking up the Google rankings – because of auto content and time (seasoned websites rank easier).

    One day I noticed that I had some Adsense earnings, not much, but enough to make it stand out from the usual zero. On investigation I found that I was starting to rank for some 'high' traffic keywords and these were the keywords that I had originally targeted. I then started to promote the site and now it is a good little earner :) .

    But the lesson learned was huge – YOU HAVE TO STICK AT IT – at least until you reach high enough in the search engine rankings to confirm the traffic potential.

    I have now rekindled some of the previously discarded projects and they are gradually starting to pull in some money.

    I am one of the 14% but I took a really long route to get there.


    • Very interesting, thanks for your input, Rich!

      Especially with SEO, time really matters a lot. As you say, rankings increase gradually and aged sites are just more trusted by Google.

      I see it with this site, here. It’s only about one year old, but whenever I publish a new post, it often appears on page two for some pretty decent related keywords. And that’s with 0 promotion on my part.

      So yeah, you have to stick with it and be consistent.

  • Min Khang says:

    There are many courses online on backlinking, keyword research , bringing in traffic etc.

    However, there is no one teaching anything on blog monetization and conversion strategy, and different type of blog/site design to suite the monetization/conversion strategy.

    How about considering venture into this area?

    • That’s a really interesting suggestion.

      Paul McCarthy and myself will be creating some stuff on conversions, but it’s a very long-term project, as it requires massive amounts of testing (and massive amounts of traffic, for that matter).

      “Blog conversions” is even an example topic that I’ve used in one of my webinars, at some point. :)

  • Thanks for the evaluation of the survey!

    It’s interesting to see how many of us struggle to find the right direction in the online “jungle”. Everything you start comes with the disclaimer that you need to customize it to your own circumstances.
    This is fact, but in the beginning you need to have a base you can build upon, where you know that a certain method or way really will bring results, not only for the product vendor.

    I think your approach to find out into which direction you want to go is really interesting. You listen to your subscribers and you will create products tailored to current needs.
    This shows, how we should do that once we have got a big subscriber list.
    I am curious where this journey will lead us to.

    • Just one little correction.

      Forget about the “big” before the subscriber list.

      I started surveying and interacting with a tiny list and I managed to make a ton of money as a result, so never mind about the size. ;)

  • Shane, that was fascinating! It confirmed as I suspect many of us newbie online marketers have found that if any of these get rich quick schemes actually worked, there would be a lot more than 14% making over $1000 each month.
    I have set myself a target of $500 per month in twelve months not very ambitious I know but I am six months in and a bit ahead of where I expected to be by this stage.
    There is so much to learn that I spend a lot of time trying to take in information – only to have it contradicted in many cases by the next thing I read. This is why I value your presentation style so highly. You explain things in a way I can understand and I can trust what you say so I don’t waste time trying to find out what really is accurate.
    I can’t wait for the email to drop into my inbox tomorrow!
    PS, I love Samith’s “Monster Affiliate Doomsday Button”!!

    • Excellent goal-setting, there! I bet you’ll reach it before the 12 months are up. :)

      Agree, by the way. I’m off to register ;)

  • I was beginning to think I’m just dumb! I’ve learned a lot of skills but nothing seems to work well enough to build on. so virtually all the “make money now” products are BS. But I think we knew that anyway.

  • I am very interested in your coaching with a twist. Look forward to hearing more about it.

  • Interesting survey Shane.

    I’m still working the day job and find it is often very difficult to find motivation at the end of the day to work on my business. I didn’t consider myself an advanced marketer until I took your survey.

    What I did recently was hire a full time employee and I sent her the Backlinks Battleplan material that I purchased from you and I also get her to write articles for me.

    This has helped solve two of my big problems. 1) When I’m not motivated, work is still being done. 2) Motivation, I always have to stay ahead of her so she always has work to do. I don’t want to pay her to sit around so I am forced to at least find work for her.

    It took a long time to get to $1000/month and I have set a goal to leave my day job in 3 years (hopefully sooner). That’s why I felt I had to hire some help.

    I think part of becoming successful at affiliate marketing is maturity, in the sense that you begin to recognize the things that are a waste of your time and the things that are important to your success.

    In a quest for knowledge people spend too much time on forums and signing up for every news letter. People really need to pick one or two people to learn from and ignore everyone else. I am now very selective who I allow to send emails to me and rarely visit forums anymore.

    I also rarely take the time to do surveys and comment on blogs. Great survey.

    • I agree that IM’ers and particularly beginners tend to spend too much time on forums and soaking up new info in general.
      But it’s also important to learn and get good instructions. It’s kind of a balancing act we have to do, isn’t it? Get the right kind of info, without overloading yourself…

      Congrats on hiring someone, by the way. Great way to scale your business. :)

  • Shane,

    Thanks for sharing the interesting results. Nice to be in good company so to speak.

    I think most of us have heard of the need for a written plan and still very few of us have one. I keep starting on one but then something else interesting shows up! And bang goes the plan.

    If you were to win a gold medal in the Olympic Games you have maximum 4 years to prepare. I doubt that any serious athlete go about it without an overall plan which has been broken down starting from the goal – to win a gold medal – until we reach TODAY and what I am supposed to do today. And then do it.

    Certainly we will fail just as we did when we learned to walk. Good thing we did not have the notion of failure then because we would never have learned to walk in that case.

    Then we went to school when we learned – if not before – that failing is a BAD thing. In fact it is a learning process and nothing more.

    Techniques like NLP and EFT could be used to remove these “blocks” and subconscious beliefs which probably represent a good part of the reasons that so many fail.

    Long time ago when you wanted to learn a profession you signed up as an apprentice with a master of trade. First you got to do all sorts of boring things and after some time you got more complex things to do – under the guidance of the master.

    Remember the film “The Karate Kid”? Wax on, wax off …

    Would it not be nice if something like that could be arranged again? Perhaps with a bit more love and caring than before, but still.

    The master could assign things to do like building backlinks in an orderly fashion (just for the sake of argument)thereby learning the true meaning of backlinks. The Master would get his benefit and could share a little something every now and then with his or her apprentice so he or she would stay motivated and achieve the Master degree eventually.

    It will be very interesting to see what you come up with. You mention that you are not so technically oriented. I am not a programmer if that is what you mean but I could maybe be of some administrative help in this.

    Thanks for caring about us! I really appreciate it!

    All the best

    • That would really be an interesting model for learning the trade. I believe that having a personal mentor is probably one of the best ways to get going. Except that having a personal mentor who’s any good (and therefore makes lots of money) is going to cost a fortune…

  • Just read everything here and came to the conclusion that is based on my own experience and this discussion –

    1. Be interested enough in doing this business
    2. Learn how to do ONE thing at a time
    3. Implement this ONE thing until you get real result – It makes Money or It doesn’t make money
    4. No money – Learn why & Move on / Make money – Repeat it

    All of the above come to two crucial things:
    1 – BE FOCUSED!

    I started to see the money is coming from my online marketing efforts after I realized this 2 main crucial principles.

    But it took me two years to understand this simple principles.

    And some practical stuff at the end for those who already got a lot of “education” but no results:
    – UNSUBSCRIBE from EVERYTHING! [except 1-3 max marketers whom you feel is good for you]. (This will give you time to be FOCUSED)
    – CHOOSE ONE THING TO DO and DO IT NON STOP UNTIL YOU SEE IT MAKES MONEY! [What ever you like more – affiliate marketing with Amazon or Clickbank/Own products marketing/Local business marketing/…]

    Now I have 3 marketers I get emails from and have a lot of time to focus on MY BUSINESS, because only my business will make me money…

    • Awesome, thanks a lot for sharing that!

      I really can’t add to that, it’s just right on.

  • Thanks Shane for your results,

    I agree with Alexander unsubscribe from most marketers.

    What I do to help me focus is: Make a list at night for the next day then transfer to my diary and prioritize with money making at the top of my to-do-list.

    I still get distracted, but having my list certainly helps.

  • Hi Shane

    Great survey and great comments from the other members also.

    My position is that 2 years ago I built a simple content rich niche 20 page Adsense website which created a total of $25 in 2 months which I was very pleased with, since I did not have any real clue about what I was doing.

    Then the money suddenly stopped coming, almost overnight. So I decided to find out why and 2 years down the line to the present day I have been learning the trade of “how to” earn extra “passive” income online.

    Now I have an overload of information on How to” and IM products coming out of my ears, which has resulted in a complete lack of productive action on my part and not a penny increase in my online income.

    The reason I mention my story is because I was wondering of that 67% of survey earning <$1000/month what percentage of them were only on <$500/month or <$300/month or <$100/month or <$10/month. I suspect alot would appear at the lower end with me.

    Shane, I personally do not want to see a "how to" product or an IM product from you, what I have already purchased from you was great value but there is loads of it out there.

    What I would like is not to always work on my own but to be part of a community that helps each other to succeed and acheive our personal goals. Afterall that is what we all want so that we can all continue to earn within this wonderful internet business.

    To this end I suggest you could supply an action plan and an enviourment where this could happen.

    The place could be a private forum that only the member could enter.

    The action plan could be that each member builds there own content rich simple adsense site, say to earn their first $10's online then progress to $100/month and progress to $1000+/month etc. The sites could be a product site or an affiliate site, whatever.

    Your Backlink Battleplan could come in to play with the members linking to each others sites, since they are all hosted on different ip's

    You and other members could recommend both free and paid for quality tools to do any job from building a site, blogsites etc to keyword research to hosting a site to articles etc with a revenue stream for you as the only member who can have affiliate links for the recommended software on the forum which can only be found in a special members area.

    After some time you will have members with great expertises at building money earning sites who could help your business grow and from all of this you personally will have a wealth of info that is first hand on helping people to help themselves to earn money online and uncover the truths or lies about how one can really earn money online or not!

    Indigo Jute

  • Hi Shane,

    Been waiting to see the result all week.
    I’m not that surprised though, had a feeling that this would be the outcome.

    In the “what do you feel would advance your business” question I went with more automation tools.
    I think that if you have a great automation tool, like the upcoming senuke x, you can quickly test and see which methods work and which ones simply don’t. Plus, you can get more productive cause you’ll spend a significantly less amount of time trying to succeed.

    Having said that, more “how to” guides can really help. considering all the IM myths that are all over the place.

    You know what, now that I think of it… an “SEO Myth Breaker Guide” may be a great idea.



  • Correction:
    this will make you more productive and you’ll spend a significantly less amount of time trying to succeed*

  • I too, like many in the comments above, am surprised at the small percentage of people who are making at least $1000! and in a way it is reassuring because then I can feel I am not so inept …

    I worked with young children for over forty years, going back to Early Childhood Education classes when I was past fifty yea because I was fascinated at how young children learn or rather how they could learn much better if more of the adults in charge knew what they were doing instead of being led by their emotions (anger or pleasure)!

    When I started exploring the internet I was attracted to all the available information -couldn’t get enough of it-, when I started Apprentice Marketer Gazette, I was thinking of the way apprentices used to learn a trade and thought I could share what I was learning with people who don’t have such a fascination with learning or don’t have the time … sort of like a conduit … not because I’m a Master but more like “in a land of blind people, a one-eyed woman can lead”!

    I expect to make affiliate income from recommending ‘needed’ affiliate products and writing my own. I have been discouraged by my lack of success, but I am feeling more encouraged and gaining more focus since following you Shane and eliminating a lot of my subscriptions.

    I just need to focus on a methodical approach …

    Fran :)

  • Hi Shane

    As always, you provide great content and thought provoking stimulus.

    I just wanted to let your readers know that Gary Gregory has recently released My Online Business Strategy. It is NOT a get rich quick scheme. It is a solid way to build an online business. If your readers are looking for a methodical approach… I would have to say, this is it.

    Keep up the good work Shane. Sunday’s have gotten a whole lot more interesting.

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