Sunday Update Revival

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Sunday Update Archive

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  • my bet is on a visual editor / sales page builder that you built into your theme and derived a plugin version of ;o.

  • Hope I’m right in my guess, the new plugin could be just what I’m looking for if so :-)

    • I don’t know what you’re guessing, but I hope we’re making something you’ve been looking for. :)

  • Can’t wait to see the big reveal next week Shane! Sounds exciting and knowing you, this will be something that will definitely be a game changer! Thanks for the insights on success as always…this update was a great reminder to focus and vision means everything. I’m in!

  • Hi Shane,
    Awesome video!! and looking forward to WordPress plugin.

  • Shane sounds great I am new to the word press world. A year ago bought your Hybrid connect not knowing you need a theme. So I am really excited about your new them and learning from you to make it all happen.

    • Thanks for your comment, Dennis!

      For Thrive Themes, we’re planning to mix some educational content (free) together with the themes we sell. I.e. we’ll release themes plus information on how to best use them. That’s something that’s usually missing, IMO.

  • Hey Shane,

    I really like your video. It is clear that you really like what it is going to come because of this “smile” that appears when you talk about it.

    Pretty exciting!

    • Haha, you’re right. I’m really happy about this latest project and in a few days, I think you’ll see why. :)

  • carmelita says:

    Yay, Sunday updates are back!

    The way I dealt with my Sunday Updates Withdrawal Symptoms was by purchasing your course, Focus & Action, last weekend ;) I haven’t gone through all the videos yet (I’ve been taking notes and re-playing some videos), but definitely one of the best investments this year for my online business. Clear, do-able steps in every video. And it’s refreshing to have a “getting things done” course specifically for online marketers.

    I appreciate your insights, as always. Looking forward to the plug-in release. Congrats to you and your team for turning this latest project into reality!


    • Thanks, Carmelita!

      I’m very happy to hear that you are getting good value out of F&A. :)

  • Oh Shane, you’re such a tease.

    My guess on the plugin is that it’s something to do with the sales process, ie: transactions, funnels, upsells, membership etc.

    • You know me well, Peter. Those are definitely the things I’m interested in and care about improving.

      This new plugin will be a much “lower-level” and more general purpose tool, though…

  • Hi Shane, just a quick comment that I have been finding your videos really slow to download. Not sure why. I seem fine on You Tube etc so assume the problem is on your end. Not sure but I thought you might like to know.

    I would comment on the video, but I am making this comment while I wait for it to download, sorry about that.

    • Sorry about the issues you’re having with the video. I kid you not, for me it’s the other way around. The Wistia video on this page downloads in a couple of seconds, but I often have trouble with YouTube videos getting stuck or buffering etc.

      I’ll see if I can figure out what the problem might be.

  • Just wanted to say that yes! I’ve missed seeing your sweet face…I’m not flirting, just think you’re adorable! Your idea about clarity is right on the mark and it’s something I’m glad you brought up. I get sometimes a little muddled in what I’m trying to write about and forget to bring that clarity into it. It’s a word I can easily remind myself of as I’m working…thanks!

  • “Having a clear vision of what you want”…this advice alone, applied to whatever it is that you really desire to accomplish can literally change everything. Thanks Shane!

    • Thanks, Jesse. Clarity of vision is definitely something that applies to many things, business-related or not.

  • Shane, you’ve captured my interest…I’m intrigued to see what this “mystery” plugin is :-)

  • I need a plugin that will help me concentrate on one thing at a time. Do you have one for that? : )

    Seriously though, when you are trying to build a business online, it’s so easy to get caught up in everything coming through your bloody email and browser. It’s so easy to get distracted from the thing you should actually be doing.

    So I agree, clarity gives you focus and visa-versa. But attaining it can be difficult without discipline. So a clarity plugin would be nice! (wink)lol

    As Always, love your stuff Shane!

    David Christensen

    • Hey David,

      You’re so right about that. Keeping focused is often a daily struggle for me too. If only my brain supported plugins. :)

  • Will we be able to buy the new plugin as part of the Thrive Membership?

    This is assuming Thrive Themes will have a yearly or monthly subscription option to get everything you put out.

    When I buy, because I’m sure I will, the new plugin I want to be in the club.

    • The membership is not open yet. I want to wait until we have a couple of themes ready and more in the pipeline, before opening that up.

      But people who buy the plugin will get a special deal, once the membership does open. :)

  • Hi Shane,

    My biggest concern is considering any theme is whether it will be supported over the long term. WordPress itself is a never ending series of changes so themes (and plugins) need to be kept up to date. Unless I believe that the creator of these software add-ons will be around for the foreseeable future I will not get started with them. (despite the “wonderful” features it’s touting.)

    Also, I consider training relating to the specific features of a theme, or perhaps just good ways to use it, to be another important consideration. It’s always helpful to get the expertise of the designer in maximizing the potential of any theme.

    Just my thoughts. Best of luck with your rollout.


    • Thanks for your input, Barry!

      I agree with you and that’s one of the reasons I’m going for the club/membership model.

      That way we can offer a cheaper option for power-users, while also building a strong foundation for the business, so that long term support and development is possible.

  • Great Product. Just purchased the Professional Version of Content Builder. If this product is so good than I can imagine how good are your themes. Eagerly waiting for membership on Thrive Themes.

    One question. Can you tell me When you are going to re-open the membership site for Internet Marketing.


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