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Here’s the blog post mentioned in the video: One-Sentence Solution to Almost All Procrastination

Question of the Week

Do you have a mantra or motto that helps you get motivated and/or helps you get to doing what needs doing?

Let me know your thoughts and comments!

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  • J Wilson says:

    hey Shane, my problem is not procrastination, it is taking on too much, my solution is the same, to schedule work for specific times. I have been meaning to buy your Focus and action there on the right, I guess I am a bit of a tight wad! Hey did you drop the price? I am sure it was more before.

    Now on the hosting I can see that you are on Hostgator and my suggestion would be to get one of their reseller accounts, these WHM accounts allow you to allocate as much or little as you like. One thing I don’t like is that Hostgator do not carry on their special offer pricing so when they run out I switch mine to Hostmonster who also use cpanel albeit not as busy as Hostgators.

    The other thing you can do with Hostgator is use a special offer code, they had one on Black Monday and for the whole of January, if not then I use “Remember25” which at least gets you 25% off.

    For my own sites I still prefer multiple small accounts, it keeps your sites hidden in plain sight without having to go to the trouble of messing with nameservers and SEO hosting which does not work anyway.

    Thanks for your sunday post, now I must go buy your Focus and Action product, I just need to make the time to run it!

  • Hi Shane,

    This is an evergreen topic – procrastination!
    I guess everyone at some point did it and can honestly say (at least to himself) that he is guilty including me (of cause!:-)

    How you deal with it will shape your success in your business and life. This is what I firmly believe in.


    P.S. Hope you adaptation in new country is going well… I know it is always hard to do – except when you have a $1,000,000 in your bank account :)…

  • Phil says:

    Here’s my mantra, Shane:

    “If it’s to be, it’s up to me!”

  • Charles says:

    Hello Shane,
    My mantra that always get me moving when faced with doing something I don’t feel like doing “at the moment” is “Thank you for this opportunity to serve- Thank you”. By taking the focus off of myself and concentrating on gratitude for all that I have and how this action might help others I instantly gain motivation. Now this might seem impossible as how is exercising going to help others. But my thinking is, the better health I have the more I can do for others as I will have better health and energy. This really works for me. To focus on serving others and not myself.

    Also wanted to let you know that with my six-month purchase of SE cockpit last night that I now have purchased ALL of your “Awesome” products.(which they are by the way)

    I can’t believe how much the SE cockpit has improved with features since you and Sam first brought it on the market and I expect it will pay for itself many times over. It is now a simply amazing service and well worth the price.

    I am doing very well in the internet business – thank you – and the Focus and Action course which helped ME take massive action really turned things around. My income catapulted in the weeks and months after I purchased that course by simply changing some long time habits and beginning and focus and take action.

  • Phil says:

    Shane, for those like yourself currently exploring hosting options, the author of many excellent WordPress plugins, Joost de Valk, discusses the reasoning behind his choices in web hosts here:

  • carmelita says:

    Hiya Shane,

    It’s not so much of a mantra as it is a tactic (learned it from T.Sago):

    When I don’t feel up to starting something, I’ll negotiate w/ myself:

    “Okay, I don’t feel like writing this article. Fine. How about I just pull out my notes and review the topic?

    Now that I have my notes out, how about I just write a headline or two?

    Well, now that I have these headlines written out, how about I just write a couple of sentences for the opening paragraph?”

    Before you know it, I’ve tricked myself into writing the darn article!


  • Sam Sinopoli says:

    My mantra is focus on one thing at a time and have speed of implementation.

  • Gregg says:

    Hi Shane,

    The timing of your post is so serendipitous for me because today is the first day of a new procrastination tactic for me!

    I’m sure it’s been around forever but I just recently heard about it and it really appeals to me.

    Set aside X hours each day for work. These hours that you have ‘set aside’ only allow you two choices: work or do NOTHING. You can choose the later completely guilt free day after day but you can’t do ANYTHING during those hours.

    The theory of course is that doing nothing is BORING and gets OLD rather quickly.

  • J Wilson says:

    I forgot my mantra, it is


    Just do it!

  • Ken says:

    Hey Shane,

    Mine is:

    Set a goal, make and implement a plan, adapt to changes, achieve your goal

  • Jon says:

    I read the Bible, and do what it says.

  • You never know how strong you are . . .Unitl Being strong is the only choice you have.

  • Allen says:

    Hi Shane,

    Great update from you as always.

    This mantra has worked for me: “if you do for a year what others will not do, then you can do for a lifetime what others cannot do”.

    I am paraphrasing this of course, but that is the essence of it.

    Side note: my year is almost up and it’s working!!!

  • Bob Marconi says:

    I’ll check out it later – oh, wait that defeates the process…

    Thank you sir for the info!

  • Peter says:

    Hi Shane

    Simple – ” Need to pay the bills”.

    Do the work.

  • Hey Shane – try this one, “What will not happen if I don’t do this?”

    This creates a powerfully compelling negative vision of the catastrophe that potentially awaits me if I don’t take action. The natural tendency is then to move away from this vision towards a more positive one.

    Hope this helps someone.

    with kindness,


  • Nicole says:

    Hi Shane,

    It’s not so much of a mantra for me it is more keeping the GOAL in focus. When I make a make new years resolutions what I do is every month I ask myself how am I doing reaching this goal? Did I work on it this month? What step(s) do I need to take next to get me to that goal? Then I do the next step. Sometimes it can get overwhelming to look at the big picture but if you break it down into bite size tasks (eating the elephant one bite at a time) then it makes it that much easier.

    IF you use this principle with weight loss then you don’t look at I need to lose 25 pounds this year, what you look at is – I need to lose 5 pounds this month and so every Monday you need to be at least 1 pound lighter. Obviously there are more weeks than pounds to be lost so if I fall off the wagon it’s quite easy to get back up because I don’t have some ridiculous goal that I can’t meet.

    This same principle works with business. I need 25,000 backlinks by the end of this year, how many am I going to build this week? It works every time for me! I actually go over my goal when I look at it this way.

    The other thing is that I also don’t sign on to do anything that I don’t feel passionate about.

    I have to stay true to myself.

  • Kim says:

    I had a real problem with procrastination, but found it was really because –
    . my goals were big, abstract and involved lots of moving parts
    . so, I never felt like I was achieving anything
    . it is darn difficult to maintain focus on something that will probably take a year, without any sense of progress.

    So now I make sure I have small concrete goals that I can see and get enthusiastic about, but also have a sense of completion and therefore progress.

    I totally agree with Shane’s video that you don’t have to feel like doing something to do it. Developing a habit is always a good strategy for something that is never really complete (rather than a project)

    And having negative scenarios to motivate only works while the problem is big/bad – you have to keep upping the ante, and eventually it just isn’t believable.

  • Khoren says:

    I have these quotes hung up just above my laptop so every time when I sit for working; I automatically get reminded for taking action.

    “What have I done to get myself closer to my goals today?”

    “The longer you are not taking action, the more money you are losing.”

  • Michael says:

    I have found that my perfectionism was one of the biggest generators of my procrastination, so I now have a note stuck to my computer screen:

    “Imperfect Action is better than Perfect Procrastination.
    Optimisation is Improvement, NOT Perfection.”

    I also bough and consumed Brian Tracy’s book – “Eat That Frog” – 21 Great Ways to stop procrastinating and get more done in less time.

    Finally I found myself an ‘Accountability Partner’. We talk for 15 minutes at 8 am every workday morning via Skype. We type up and send each other our VICTORIES for the previous day, and our INTENTIONS for the coming day (which become our Victories on the next day.)

    By celebrating small victories every day with someone else – and celebrating theirs, and by making ‘public’ our intentions for the current day, we help each other to keep on track – and give each other advice and support along the way.

    Thanks Shane for giving us the opportunity to learn and share, it’s really appreciated.


  • Benedict says:

    Yes, I have a mantra! I have ‘You will die’ written in large letters on the back of my bedroom door, so every morning when I get up I’m reminded of how fleeting life is. It really inspires me to make the most of every day :)

    • Hey Benedict – I love the principle of your affirmation. Yet is it really true?

      These bodies will die, yes of course. To live otherwise is not to be truly alive. I think it was Castaneda who advocated to “live with death on your left shoulder”.

      But will You die? My experience – and I emphasise my experience, not a belief, idea, or philosophy – suggests not. You, me, all of us, are immortal spirits having a human experience.

      The living truth of this takes away all fear of death and is the only true security available to us. It also takes away all fear of being alive and living life to the fullest …

      with kindness,


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