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Click here to see the awesome backlink indexation service review that I mentioned in the video! (but not before answering the QotW below)

Question of the week:

What is your favourite marketing related blog/website/news source?


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  • What is your favourite marketing related blog/website/news source?
    -Warrior Forum
    -Maybe IM Impact



    • I’m a big SEOmoz fan as well. Love their content and also admire/envy their business model.


  • “What is your favourite marketing related blog/website/news source?”

    IM Impact of course … When that guy sends an email about new info I always check it out ;)


    • Someday I’ll wait until the end of the video before answering the question … :)

      Seriously, the one constant source I use is here; the second is Tiffany Dow’s blog posts; third Warrior Forum and Pat Flynn …


      • Thanks, Jim!
        Tiffany is another straight shooter and Pat Flynn has been quite impressive from the moment he started with his blog. :)

  • Beyond this website and your helpful reviews, I like SEOmoz for general white hat tips and SEO news. SEObook is also great for news in the SEO world and a few tips from time to time that more or less apply to what I’m doing but that spark ideas for other things.


    • SEOmoz and SEObook are both great, IMO. SEOmoz tends to be positive and very white-hat, while SEObook doesn’t shy away from murkier water, although they don’t really go into spammy or black-hat stuff either.


    • Haven’t kept up with hubspot a lot. Probably a mistake. And the second one I’ve never heard of. Off to take a look! :)


  • this may be my second/first visit this site.
    So, I’ve no idea about this. I’m a regular
    customer at WF.


  • Hi Shane,

    My favourite marketing related news sources are:

    Dr. Andy Williams,
    Martin Avis.

    Kind regards,



  • Hi Shane. I really appreciate all your reviews of what to buy and more so… what NOT to buy. I am a real estate investor in Los Angeles, and have recently started looking into internet marketing. I had some build a website for me: just to get my feet wet. I haven’t done a thing with it!

    I was hoping to get your review of something I saw last week which was “100 sites build for you” as the proclamation in the sales page. Apparently supposedly all ready to go and automated. Can you tell me what you think about this before I drop some cash into this guru’s lap? here is the website:

    Also, do you have any suggestions on Mobile Marketing? I did buy a guy’s course called Mobile Monopoly. Has some good info, but you have to buy his mobile optimizing squeeze page maker for it to work properly. I signed up for Aweber, but don’t think they have anything for mobile. I would love to hear your take on the mobile market and what you this is legit as far as “how to” courses go. I want to market for home sellers with mobile and expand to market other items as well when I know more about what I am doing.

    Thanks for all the helpful info!

    Dujuana Brossman


  • is a reliable source of what works with the search engines.

    Obviously people like OZ and Dr Andy Williams plus your good self :).

    I just read the WF post about backlink indexation services – I guess it’s not just about getting links indexed but also about reinforcing those links so that they count for something on Google.

    In my experience forum profile links are quite hard to get indexed. So for the winning software to index 374/384 is quite impressive. It’s a shame though that Forum profile links don’t actually count for much these days.

    I am also a little uncomfortable about the fact that the person writing the comparison is actually the developer of the winning software! Just don’t seem right to me!



  • Like others, I read SEOMoz, WF, IM Impact.

    One site I quite like is
    It’s not strictly limited to IM, but generally have some very good articles and insights to a whole range of things web and technology related.


  • Thank you for another interesting video Shane. My favorite marketing related blogs are in order of length of subscription Dr.Andy Williams, Seomoz, Tiffany Dow, ImImpact and Pat Murphy.

    I visit many others and I’m constantly trying to cut down on subscriptions for the sake of saving time!




  • Hey Shane, I also saw the WF post on the comparison indexing services. As a result I’m definitely gonna check out the Backlinks Indexer service that’s ‘promoted’. I’ve just recently signed up for “Backlink Booster” ( not an affiliate link) and would like to have seen this service thrown into the comparison mix. Backlink Booster is in the midst of a major overhaul so it’s impossible for me to predict how effective it is, but I have high hopes.

    As many with many of us, I’m big big fan of Warrior Forum, but I also like IM Talk which has a few useful resources:

    Cheers, Neil


    • I tried using Backlink Booster about 9 months ago, but it was woefully in need of updates as various tools didn’t work very well.

      Might have to revisit to see what improvements (if any) they have made.


  • Hello Shane,
    Looks like I have to check out some new places from the info here. Thanks to everyone. In the meantime, I vote:

    Dr. Andy
    Warrior Forum (MUST have to get the nitty on the latest scams.)

    I looked at the page link you have up top. So, “Backlinks Indexer” seems to be a no-brainer.

    They say, “Security…
    We take every precaution to protect our network. The system is specifically built to ensure every backlink indexed is slightly different than the last to guarantee no footprint is left behind.”

    But…and I confess that I’m no expert, I worry that too many backlinks in too short of a period of time is going to turn that devil eye of “you know who” directly on the recipient. I worry about overdoing it. Sometimes a good thing might be too good of a thing.

    This is my belief…not my fact. You know, the thing about “build links slowly over time, etc…”

    BTW, using the Backlinks Battleplan strategy, that Internet marketing training thing I’m doing… I noticed tonight that is is on Page one of Yahoo and Bing. On Yahoo, it’s position 2&4 our of 71 million. It took awhile. Friend Google is being hateful, but I’m working on them. Patience pays.



  • Hi Shane

    Can I just say a big thanks for bringing this to everyone’s attention. After your last post on the subject, I was looking for a way to get more of my backlinks indexed. I use Article Marketing Robot and, while I appreciate its shortcomings, it’s great for getting lots of articles submitted that point to my backlink sources.

    I knew that many of these articles weren’t getting indexed, so I decided I was going to go with Linklicious and see if that could get more of them on Google’s radar. However, having read through the post you highlighted, I’m now going with Backlinks Indexer, and I have high hopes that I’ll soon have a lot more backlinks passing a bit more link love to my money sites.

    Thanks again



  • My favorite marketing information source is a private forum run by Dennis Becker, at — there is a fee, but I am not sure what it is as I have been a member there for 4 years and I know the price has gone up since.

    This is a great place for keeping up with what is going on and for getting help with anything to do with IM, product creation, etc. I think it could be a bit overwhelming for total newbies, but for anyone else, it is great. Lots of quite well known marketers, like James Schramko, Steven Resell, John Rhodes, and others are in and out a lot.

    In fact, just the other day, Shane, I was thinking that this would be a good place for you to join and get better known!


  • Damn, I thought this post was gonna have the seolr review…ticktoc…ticktoc.

    place for info? I confess I’m all over the place getting info, but ones I have a feed for are Dr Andy Williams, Dave @ <<need a large coffee to read his posts, they're an ebook unto themselves. Jonathan Souza @

    Then are the forums: WF, market crush, and a few paid product forums.

    And of course Here.

    seolr review..ticktoc…ticktoc…ticktoc


  • steve ekness says:

    Hi Shane i have a very very long question conscerning my backlinks effert that i need to get straitened out and help with can you email me when you get a chance to help me
    with a few question and point me in the right direction.

    thnaks Steve


  • – Shane Melaugh
    – Andy Williams
    – Tiffany Dow
    – Jan Roos
    – John Jonas
    – Matt Carter


  • I am going to check out the above sources.
    Lately I started setting up rules to throw almost every IM Guru into the “IM Advertising” folder which I read once a week at best. (Not your mails Shane that would be dump;-)

    However, I still read everything by Andy Williams and most of what Chris Rempel and Charles Kirkland have to say.

    I mostly avoid the warrior forum, especially the WSO section, as it distracts me from improving my systems. To be honest, I felt the whole forum is ok, but dangerous for newbies and has not too much to offer for advanced IMs.

    To keep myself up-to-date I read 2 German publications: (teasers and some content free) (free)

    I find these very objective and solid resources. Kind of exclusive language-wise, but hey, there has to be some advantage for German speakers, right?




  • Hi Shane,

    of course You are one of my favourites!

    If I can’t open your mails immediately, I collect them and read them later.
    This is the opportunity to say thank you for your information. Sometimes it is a bit too advanced for me (e. g. I first have to build backlinks before I could make use of one of those services mentioned…)
    I have bought your backlink battleplan and still have to follow your advice as IM is not my daily bread but more of a moonlighting experience. (My life is rather patchwork – and working as a German copywriter my customers always come first!)
    I have built a website around my E-book and I people stumbling upon it buy it, but I lack traffic.

    There is only one person whose newsletter I (almost) always open at once (even if it is 23:20) :

    Martin Avis ( I highly recommend him – for his advice and as a very nice and ethical person. I think I found you through him.

    PS: Thank you Valentin, I will go and check out the German resources!


    • Thank you, Martina! :)

      Martin Avis is a great guy. Great addition to the list.


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