Seeing the Big Picture

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  • Hey Shane,

    A great “Sunday Update”! I’m a big believer in ‘visualization’ – the only way I’ll get to my ‘dream’ ideals is if I know what they are. Then I can consider how to get there, what steps to take, choices to make, etc.

    In February, I turned 50. Not sure how that happened; it pretty much snuck up on me. One day I’m 14, and then suddenly I turn 50. I still think & feel much as I did at 20, 25, 30, even in my 40’s. But at 50, it’s hard not to recognize that time is going by, sometimes very fast.

    The time to consider what we want to be when we grow up, where we want to be, what we’d like our lives to have been like, is now. Otherwise, we might wake up one day and find it’s our last day, and there is no more time to see, or do, or build, or experience, or accomplish.


  • Tom says:

    Hi Shane,

    it’s excellent you are feeling better and I am sure visiting your family was great! Great post and I will have to try the “lying on my deathbed” scenario.

    I belong to Mike and Adams forum and I find myself being pulled in too many directions at once. Luckily I attended your webinar on focusing yourself on one single aspect of Internet marketing and becoming excellent at this one thing. I have narrowed it down to one of two possibilities. I will choose one today. This way I can concentrate on learning one aspect of Internet marketing and really master it. That webinar has always stuck with me.

    You are always talking about creating a product on mindset. Did you ever do that? I know at the time it was the only webinar you were not offering a replay for. I do still post links back to IM Impact but Lately others on the forum have linked to your posts before me which is a good thing.

  • Reto Stuber says:

    Thanks Shane, that “simple” excercise is a tough one and I am glad you brought it up. I try to live by the saying “Carpe diem, seize the day” with no regrets.

    It doesn’t work like that all the time, but eliminating time wasters is a big deal on the way.

    Glad you’re back, there is some work to be done :-).

  • Jermaine says:

    Hey Shane,
    I’m glad you’re feeling better and eveything but the whole “deathbed” thing is kind of morbid; isn’t it?

    • Shane says:

      It is quite literally morbid, yes. But then, so is life.

      In my opinion, there’s nothing sacred or special about death. It’s scary, yes, but it’s also part of life. If we can get a benefit out of imagining a morbid scenario, then we should go for it.

      • Tracey says:

        I wouldn’t necessarily agree that life is morbid but I do agree that shock tactics can get you thinking so imagining extreme scenarios that make you think, what would I have done differently have their time and place among the more joyous scenarios that make up life :)

  • Excellent Sunday Update, Shane! I’m in the process of reframing the purpose of my business, so your points are really hitting home for me.

    I’ve been realizing that if I can just nail the big picture, I’ll be clear on the daily decisions. In other words, if I see where I’m going, I’ll know whether I need a certain new shiny tool, or if I need to spend time on a certain task, or if I should hire help.

    You just showed me a direct route to the big picture. Thank you! From there, I trust that the best way to handle the daily details will become more clear.

  • Tracey says:

    Hi Shane,

    Time is a weird thing. It settles you into habits and almost without recognizing it those habits become ‘the way you do things’. Sometimes we need a jolt to get us thinking, hey, I could be doing things differently, and better!

    I’m aware that some part of me has been shouting a wake up recently but it’s been falling on deaf ears. I still work habitually (and so inefficiently a lot of the time!) but that death bead scenario is a pretty scary one and may be just enough to get me to take some action and make some much needed changes to my work pattern (which also effects my family life!).

  • art says:

    Hi Shane,
    Great post..I was reviewing my goals that I had written 5 years ago. They were written in future tense which kept them out of front of me and unfortuately not current goals are written as if they have already been achieved and I work each day to achieve one piece of the has worked much better.

  • Karen Wiskin says:

    Hi Shane,

    Your video reminded me of an interview with the CEO of Lego. He proposes that your whole business should be designed around the question “why do you actually exist”. I loved this existentialist approach lego! But of course applies to all businesses.
    I also struggle with being trapped working on parts of my business that don’t best match my skill set. For me asking these questions, alleviate frustrations and are an opportunity to re-focus on what all of this work and responsibility is for!!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  • Hi Shane,

    your definitly right when saying that it’s so easy to waste time and not concentrating on the things which are important. One way to be focused I discribed in an article on

    Lars from Bangkok

  • Peter says:

    Sounds like you have been thinking long and deep while you have been unable to work Shane. Find I do my best thinking when the body is less active as well. Sleeping can be a challenge….ha ha.

    The big picture perspective is always something I revisit from time to time but for me at the moment the “Nitty Gitty” stuff is my biggest challenge. I would love to outsource more of the SEO side of my business but when I do, people disappoint. Trust, is like a diamond…..hard to find and priceless when you do. [Shane Diamond has a bit of a ring to it.]

    Many ideas in my head but as a one man operation it takes time to implement.

    Time keeps ticking by as Michael said.

    Nice video Shane . Good to see you back on deck.

  • Srdjan says:

    Hello Shane,

    I was bit worried as I did not receive your emails for a little while, and now I am glad that you are fine. Just as a small suggestion, you may want to make little template, when you are not able to send post. At least to let us know, for some of us who care about you.

    BTW you are the #1, on my list of “influential list” in IM, the most trustworthy person, I guess that is definition of a fan!

    Good work, thanks!

    Best regards

  • Jim says:

    Hi Shane,
    once again a worthwhile idea to get yourself focusing on taking the right direction. For myself a lack of focus and allowing too much distraction have stopped forward progress. Focusing on one task at a time is something that I am now striving to master. Keep up the good advice and I may learn to make best use of it. Happy that you are getting over the man flu!

    Regards. Jim.

  • Leo says:

    Hey Shane – you must have been seriously ill to get to that death experience. You have my respect for going to that place where most fear to tread.

    I’ve used this and similar “toombstone” type decision-making strategies for many years and find the “end of life” scenario the most powerful way to get clarity and vision on any area of life, including business and relationships.

    In my experience we cannot be truly alive in the fullest sense without being willing to face the reality of death. I’ve found that death is not an enemy but a liberator; it liberates us from the fear of taking action and taking risks. And this by the way is not philosophy as my entire family I grew up are now dead. And I worked as a gravedigger for several years! So I have literally looked death in the face many times.

    One very real, as opposed to visualised, experience happened to me a few years ago in Gambia. I experienced a massive reaction to the inoculations the doctors gave me that led to some of the most intense pain I’ve ever known.

    One evening the pain became so bad I was seriously thinking I may not make it back to England. And the plane would be taking a body bag back to my loved ones.

    At that point, stripped of all the petty concerns of the world, the one concern I was left with, my one desire, was to let my family and friends know how much I cared for them. Nothing else other than this expression of love was important. I actually got my friend I was traveling with to promise to do this if he was the only one to get home.

    Although I did survive, obviously (!), that event radically changed my perspective on the way I approach everything. It was not morbid, nor a terrible event, but a truly life-enhancing experience that informs all my decisions to this day.

    Thank you for sharing your experience and thus allowing me the indulgence of this little trip down memory lane …

    with kindness,


  • reed says:

    where would we be without our focus?..Thanks for Healthy reminder SHane. Keep with the healthy, healing, good vibe prosperous sculpting of our business. Good to see you back from the cyrpt.. enjoy and prosper

  • Bev says:

    Hi Shane,
    I agree that it is usually a serious event in our lives that makes us take stock.

    Like you I have just done a complete reassessment of my IM business and have found that I too have been busy being busy – keeping all the ducks in line etc. But this is activity without financial result. I too have had to make sure that each task is going to prove productive to the end result.

    Writing content, developing list material, doing proper keyword research etc is far more productive than continually learning and listening to others success. There are thousands of over educated and under achieving IMarketers around! Me being one – but it has taken a lot of soul searching to get this point and now to take action.
    Thanks for the reminder to stay focused until the job is done.
    BTW I just love the secockpit software – save immense amount of time.
    Stay well

  • Norm says:

    Hello Shane,

    That must have been a very bad cold for you to have your e-piff-a-nee moment like that.

    Mine came about, less see, 1974 + 7… 1981, I think. Exactly as we crossed a nearby bridge… (I happily remember that moment every time I cross that bridge) I decided that my evil mother-in-law was never going to like me, so why worry about it? Seven years of trying to impress the bat was enough! It was like a big weight came off and I floated up about 2 inches off the seat of that 1975 Monte Carlo. I was fantastically elated! I just banished her from my thoughts. Poof!

    With years wisdom will come if you’re capable of learning from life’s lessons.

    The challenge, however, is after you have learned a thing, is to do a thing. So often (even knowing the best path) we do the thing which we *do not* wish to do, and *do not* the thing that we know we should do.

    So, learning a thing is good. The next chore comes later when you come to the crossroad again. Do you practice your new wisdom…or do you backslide?

    Me? Ever after it was….Mother-in-law who? Neat!


  • Kevin W. says:

    I document all the work that I do. Every forum post, classified ad, article, video, ect. It gives me the instant gratification that is hard to get with IM.

    Also having some ideas on what to spend money on for sure helps with making it.

  • Shane,

    I don’t have to be on my deathbed to think about all the things I wish I’d have done differently If I’d had my time over again.

    I think like this most days. So much wasted time, doing silly little things that really do take me away from my main objectives for the day.

    Like today for instance. I should have really made better of my day off from the daily grind by carrying out and completing tasks which I’d predefined just yesterday (my “TO DO” list).

    Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

    Thanks for the insight.

    Yours in health, happiness and success.

    – Alan H
    (Procrastinator, extraordinaire)

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