Should You Follow Marketing Gurus?

Today’s post is a reply to a reader question that went something like this:

“Why did you stop following the marketing gurus? And are there any you’re still following?”

How you pick your role models can have a profound effect on the development of your business (as well as your personal development), so I think this is an important question to answer. Watch the video below to see my take on this:

In this video:

  • The “Rip-Off Guru” problem.
  • Why the guru problem is often made out to be a problem specific to the seedier parts of the online marketing niche, but it’s actually a much more universal problem than that.
  • Why it’s important to have role models who aren’t only ahead of you in the game, but also match or exceed your own scope of ambition.
  • My favorite sources of inspiration.

Check out the Wistia blog here for many examples of great marketing and company culture.

What are your thoughts on marketing gurus? Do you have favorite role models (be they people or companies)? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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