Guru Popcorn: Link Liberation 2.0

November 7, 2010 , 27 Comments

Lately, there have been tons of big launches. And many of them have not been nearly interesting enough, from a marketing perspective, to be worthy of a Guru Popcorn episode. In today’s episode I have a look at Link Liberation 2.0. On the one hand, there is some interesting marketing stuff going on there and on the other hand, it’s about backlinks and since backlinks are kind of my thing, I almost have to comment on this product (or, as the case may be, the marketing of this product).

Check out the video below.

Update: Link Liberation 2.0 is being relaunched, currently (August 2011) and a new series of videos are being released. In the video above I shared my thoughts on the <em>previous</em> Link Liberation 2.0 launch. Because of the new launch, this post is getting some traffic again, so I wanted to clarify the situation.

I am not a Link Liberation customer and this time around, I won’t be taking the time to take a closer look at the launch itself. My opinion in a nutshell: I don’t have an opinion about the product (because I haven’t seen it), but if they are charging $2,500+ for it again (which they probably will), I can say with confidence that it’s overpriced.

That is all.

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  • Hi Shane,
    After listening to this issue of Guru Popcorn I revisited the three Link Liberation videos released so far.
    After listening (again) to something like 40 minutes of talking, I ended up with very little real information.
    The supplementary videos are more convincing, with what looks like quite robust data, but they certainly have not hit the “buy” button with me.
    Let’s see what video 4 brings.

  • Afternoon Shane,

    First off thanks for taking the time to give us your comments on Link Liberation 2.0.

    I actually had been watching the videos during the launch sequence and one thing that really became apparent in a business fact that there was a bunch of jargon of a lot of buzz but not a whole lot of real content delivered to this point. I also watched the last of the videos last night and looked over some of the supporting documentation, reviewed some of the comments and seems as if there is a mixture of reviews and attitudes towards the product.

    One of things that really got my attention was the fact that most of what back link that battle plan teaches was labeled as useless by Dan and Leslie. I know from our experience using the methods taught via BLBP on several of my sites; rankings improved as did traffic from search engines. It appears that the price point for this product will be several hundred dollars so the cost for me at this point in building my business would best be used in other ways (so I probably won’t be buying unless the price is significantly lower).

    If you do purchase it all look forward to hearing your formal review in the future.

    Thanks as always for everything,


    • I actually wonder if they are deliberately trying to get only newbies to buy their product, with this approach.

      It seems to be an angle many of these big products take.

      • I was a member of course for TOO long (lol, I had too much income those months!!) overall: waste of money!

        basically the focus is on ways to do god link baiting, generating buzz with good content and a few good article marketing strategies (admittedly I got some great new ideas out of here like bridging topics in an article to expand its reach) but not work the $250 or whatever I was paying monthly…

        the software they were developing is actually a very cool and good idea and process, but it is something you could figure a way to implement yourself – basically a version of content curating with rss feeds – taking bits of the feeds and quoting some, the rewriting or commenting on it with short original unique content….

        anyway, some good ideas but for the price, you could REALLY invest somewhere better – and I agree that they too easily shoot down methods (like private blog networks) that when used correctly are very powerful….

      • Thanks for this comment, Ollie!
        It’s good to hear an insider’s perspective.

  • Shane,

    You mentioned that because you are in the back link
    business that you are kind of obligated to buy this.

    I think all of us that follow you will give you a pass.
    Spend the $2,497.00 to develop your own products. I got
    that price from their affiliate sigh up page.

    • Yeah, it’s a bloody stupid price. Let’s just say: I’d be very surprised if that thing is worth the price they’re asking for it…

      And there’s no doubt in the world that if I invest a sum like that into developing my own products, the ROI is going to be astronomically better. :D

      Still, I do want to keep up with the link-building scene, so to speak.

      We’ll see.

  • After watching the first LL video, I still had no real idea of what their “revolutionary” back link method was.

    Reading through the comments under the video, I certainly wasn’t the only one.

    I wonder if that was a deliberate ploy to get people to watch the other videos in the hope that things would become clearer or whether they didn’t have the ability to explain things clearly.

  • Interesting comments above. Did you really expect them to ‘give’ away their best secret or secrets to a $2,000+ (as reported above) product?

    I’m actually acquainted with these (very smart) marketers through StomperNet. I’ve listened to a moderate amount of their material from Link Lib 1.0 and – let me tell you – it is COMPREHENSIVE.

    The spin they’re putting on this 2.0 edition is that they are choosing to emphasize a more ‘white hat’ approach with the perspective that it will be a more-effective and long-term solution. BUT, it will often be of slower onset.

    Personally, I’m hoping for a BIG discount or better rate than the $2,497 cited above…as Dan Thies said terms would be “pretty good” just last week. That could mean $500 a month, for 6 months, which is NOT so good to my mind. Depends how good their tool is.

    LL 2.0 will have 2 dozen or so strategies, which will be pretty in-depth. I know someone who’s implemented just 2 – and co-ordinated them.

    With his approach, he gets about 1,500 good (unique, specific to your niche, deep linked) backlinks within 10-12 days. (PR 1-4) After 3 months site rankings are reportedly pretty good if I have him keep at it. We’re starting with Market Samurai analyzed Keywords that are one-step DOWN from the most-competitive in my niche and easier to rank for. I hope to be Page One within 2-3 months for them.

    We’ll see how it goes as I’m putting him to work on it. (While I’m learning and implementing BattlePlan on my own and working on snagging some PR5-7 links)

    Personally, IF you have to do it yourself (on a budget) I find BattlePlan hard to beat for clarity and ease implementing it yourself. Taking action is the KEY to all this…

    Will let you all know how it goes.

    But, back to LL 2.0, these guys are SMART, if you had the money it would be a STEAL for anything less than 600-800 US (in my opinion).

    Dr Dan

    • Thanks for your input!

      So, there is a certain chance they’ll actually deliver something valuable? Sounds good to me. :)

    • Hey Dan,

      If they do sell it for less than $2497.00
      wouldn’t that tic off their affiliates?

      Because that is the price they are using to attract affiliates.

      I also agree with you, they are very sharp guys.

  • I liked the original link liberation, it was not cheap but it brought a lot of ideas into 1 place, if I had found Battle plan first then link liberation would not be so valuable, so before buying link liberation 2 I will be waiting to see what is covered in the Battle plan update.

    The promotion of link liberation 2 has been very good, professional but understated, the example in video 2 was very similar to nanobloggers, a $97 ebook that has made me more than I spent on it, although not strictly a link building process it is a nice way of testing new markets.

    I am interested in the software that was mentioned in the videos, if it helps keep everything on track it may be a good solution.

    All the talk I have heard around pricing for link liberation suggests it will be around the $2,000 mark.

    All in all I will not be rushing to buy this for $2,000 but at the $800 mark I would consider it, but I am still looking forward to back link battle plan more.

  • So it is officially LAUNCHED. $297 (US) per month for 12 months OR Pay-in-advance $2,497.00.

    My advice, save your shekels and implement, Implement, IMPLEMENT BackLink BattlePlan + maybe even some Hydra elements. Start with a systematic BattlePlan 1-2 hours a day. You can outsource articles, social bookmarking and get some pretty good links (and maybe a few PR4-5 domains) for $297.00 a month.


    Dr Dan

    • Yes, I agree.

      In fact, if you take 2.5K and invest that into aged domains, content and link-building services, you’ll own the SERP long before you’ve burned through your budget…

  • Hey Shane, I know in several places in your products and reviews you mention purchasing aged domains. I’m wondering if you have ever done a post/video on how you evaluate these domains before you purchase them? I’d definitely be interested in that! I think it would be a good addition to Backlink Battleplan too!
    Thanks & Keep up the awesome job you do!

    • That reminds me that I really need to update my “Free Stuff” area…

      I have a whole (free) product on buying aged domains. Get it here.

  • Thanks Shane!! Exactly what I was looking for!

    • To me that sounds a bit like they couldn’t make as many sales as they expected. But unfortunately module 1 still doesn’t convince me to throw that much money into their pockets. And the first 6 videos are basically nothing but a sales pitch for the rest of the course.

      And still, it is interesting to check out the free videos, how they built the whole thing.

  • Is it just me or does many of these Link Liberation methods revolve mainly around a “build lots of super juicy great content stuff, be an authority in your niche and the links will come” kind of approach?

    I mean – duh!

    If you have the time and means to check them out that would be great. Maybe then you can boil it down and relay the useful (and actually doable!) strategies to us – at a realistic price point ;-)

  • Hey Shane,
    I took a look at the first video and the truth is I could not get a clear understanding of their product. I know they have more videos leading up to their launch but for me personally I’m tired of the hype. Don’t get me wrong we all need tools to succeed online but as a general rule for me I don’t buy unless I clearly understand what the purchase is. Your blog was recommended and I really like your reviews.

  • And it’s interesting that these guys are branching out on their own now that Stompernet is in the toilet and bleeding members at a frightening rate.

    As for charging $2,500 for a product? Those days have come and gone guru types – get over yourselves fairly rapidly yeah?

    $2,500 will buy you a whole heap of domains, outsourcing and link building tools. I’d invest it anywhere but with anyone that was involved with Stompernet.

    Shame really I used to think quite a lot of Dan and Leslie!

  • Personally, I think it’s just way too expensive for what they are offering in their sales pitch. The product might be good, but it seems that they are hiding most of the information until you part with your money first.

    They try to make it appear complicated to building links and social marketing, but you can outsource this stuff cheaply if you know how and where.

    They only provide subscribers with 1 module at a time, so they receive your payment for the next month, then you get another module, etc, etc…

  • Shane, I tried to watch the video, but it says your youtube account is dead, and i remember they killed it a while ago.

    More link liberation emails are surfacing and i wanted to find out more about them.

    I’ll keep looking

    • Thanks for the notice! I didn’t know that the product was relaunching, before. I’ve added an upadte note to the post.

  • Jillian P says:

    Ditto, did you ever buy into LL2?

    Not that I’m considering it at that sort of price, but the info sounds interesting.
    In theory i love the idea of just generating such wonderful content that it accrues zillions of natural links, but in practical terms I think there has to be some sort of compromise.

    • I’ve added a note to the post. I won’t re-publish the video as it was about the previous launch and might not be relevant anymore.
      More importantly, I won’t be taking the time to look at the launch or the product, so I’d rather withhold my opinion (for once). :)

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